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Personnel Productivity System - Updated 6-6-2013


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Workflow Management System designed to examine work requests, measure staff workload volumes and skills, interact with Personnel Management, Automated Training System, Personnel Recruitment (Employee and Consultant), and Management Reporting to improve information sharing and employee career path and loyalty.

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Personnel Productivity System - Updated 6-6-2013

  1. 1. Personnel Productivity SystemThomas J. Bronack, presidentData Center Assistance Group, Inc.15180 20th AvenueWhitestone, New York 11357Phone: (718) 591-5553 Cell: (917) 673-6992Email: bronackt@dcag.comThis document is the property of the Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. (DCAG). Any use of the material containedwithin this document without the written permission of DCAG will be construed as an infringement on the IntellectualProperty of DCAG, resulting in appropriate actions being taken. Contact DCAG should you want to utilize any of thedata or concepts contained within this document.Origination Date: October 12, 2000New Release Date: June 6, 2013“Combining Workflow Management, Forms Management, PersonnelTraining, and Recruitment to better meet the needs of Business.”Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  2. 2. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 2Abstract The two things people will always need are: Training, and A Job. The two things most responsible for making a business successfulare: The quality of its staff, and Controlling how work flows within its organization. Now that technology enhancements to productivity are not returningthe same percentage of improvements as in the past, companiesmust look inside for performance gains. This presentations shows how you can achieve productivity gains byutilizing current technologies to optimize Workflow, PersonnelProductivity, and Business Profit Margins.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  3. 3. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 3Workflow is increasing and new technologiesrequire training Workflow is increasing as new applications and technologies are adopted into theIT Production Environment through the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). New technologies and procedures must be maintained to reflect changes and newfunctional responsibilities. Problems and Enhancements can overburden the Maintenance process, especiallysince personnel are already struggling to maintain development efforts. Version and Release Management adherence is suffering due to overworkedpersonnel, which can result in more problems due to procedure mistakes and out-of-date information causing loss of confidence in documentation. A method for matching personnel training levels and preparedness must be createdto better respond to workload and new technology demands. Employee skills levels must be documented and their career path desires listed sothat every effort can be made to assist personnel achieve their goals, therebyinsuring a happy staff and the retention of skilled personnel through companyloyalty.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  4. 4. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 4Systems Development Lifecycle Workflow overview(The many tasks performed in developing and maintaining applications and the IT Environment)Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  5. 5. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 5Request Processing Phases and StepsScheduleRequestInterfaces Between Applications, QA, and Production Groups.CreateServiceRequestPerformTechnicalAssessmentPerformBusinessAssessmentPerformRequestedWorkApplicationGroupTestingReturntoSubmitterCreate QATurnoverPackageSubmit toProductionControlSuccessfulSuccessfulNo YesNoCreateProductionControlTurnoverPackageQA ReviewAndAcceptYesError LoopErrorLoopAPPLICATIONS GROUPQA GROUPTESTING and QATurnover Package Components:_________• Service Form and results fromAssessments,• Change & Release Notes,• Test Scenarios & Scripts,• Messages & Codes, and Recoveries,• Data for Regression and Normal Testing,• Application Group Testing Results,• Documentation.PRODUCTION CONTROLTurnover Package Components:• Explanation and Narrative,• Files to be released,• Predecessor Scheduling,• Special Instructions,• Risk Analysis,• Authorizations.PerformRequestedWorkQAReviewMeetingPerformPost-MortemCP #1CP #2CP #3PerformUserAcceptanceTestingPersonnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel PerformanceCheckpoints review past accomplishment and make go / no-godecisions regarding continuing work or changing directives.
  6. 6. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 6The Problem and Your Most Valuable Resource Organizations aren’t implementing Business Imperatives efficiently, due toemployee awareness, training, and workflow deficiencies. Cost overruns inhibit organizations, delaying productivity improvements, andreducing profit margins. Personnel Productivity isn’t being measured and reported on, causingmanagement decisions to be based on reactive and not proactive directives. Workflow optimization methodologies are not being implemented, eventhough they would improve profits and enhance personnel productivity. Service Level Agreements and Service Level Reporting methodologies shouldbe expanded to include Personnel Productivity remedies that ensure optimalperformance and business profit margins, while satisfying client service andrevenue desires. Companies should concentrate on employee needs more, to improve morale,productivity, and retention. After all, your employees are your most valuableresource.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  7. 7. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 7Combining Workflow Management With Personnel andTraining Systems to Optimize ProductivityWorkflowManagementSystemAutomatedTraining SystemAutomatedPersonnel SystemForms Origination through Completion,with Analysis and Reporting. Links toPersonnel Training and Recruiting whennew tools, procedures, and/or workloadsmandate updating training or staff.Awareness, New Tools or Procedures.Provides certifications via vendor groupsand accreditations through universities.Can assist employees achieve their careergoals and improve retention and loyalty.Increased Workloads mandate staffincrease / supplementation. Automatingpersonnel requests and interfacing betweenrecruitment and hiring managers will speedprocess and reduce costs.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  8. 8. Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 8Workflow Management / Training System Interfaces & Flow(Request through fulfillment, with staffing increases and training as deemed necessary)
  9. 9. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 9Workflow Management SystemIntranet InterfaceApplid / Userid / PswdWorkflowManagement SystemLog Assign Track Measure Analyze ReportTrackingLibraryFutureCurrentPastUseridPswdResponsibilitiesRestrictionsTablesQueriesFormsReportsPrograms• Development• Maintenance(Enhancementsand Problems)• Userid• Responsibility• Routing• Origin to End• User Interface• Audit Trail• Events• Duration• Problems• Normal Process• Problems• Durations• Comparisons• Management• Technical• Checkpoint• Trending• Future AnalysisAutomated PersonnelSystemAutomated TrainingSystemUser Profiles DBMS LibraryDocumentationLibraryStandards,Procedures,Manuals, etc.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  10. 10. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 10Forms Management and Control SystemWork OrderForms Library Forms Router Personnel MatrixOn-Going,or NewSkillsTraining &SchedulingRecruitment &PlacementLearningSkillsIndex (LSI)CertificationsAccreditationsVendorsUniversities(Responsible for assigning work tasks to the right person at every project phase, whileensuring that skill requirements are met and the highest possible quality is achieved)WORK DEFINITIONS• Selection,• Form Definition,• Data Validation,• Authorization,• Assignment,• Routing (1st to Last),• Tracking & Logging,• InteractiveCommunications,• Changes & History,• Completion,• Acceptance,• Charge-Back,• Accounting,• Reporting.FORM LIFE-CYCLE(Contains all formsand their usage guidesalong with data entryvalidation for all formfields). Guarantees thatForms are completedproperly and that personnelunderstand the formsmeaning.• Job Title,• Job Description,• FunctionalResponsibilities,• Tools used andSkill Level needs,• DocumentationNeeds,• Current Skill Level,• Skill improvementneeds,• Training Needs &Scheduling, and• Career Path.PERSONNEL ENTRY(Assign Form to theperson responsible forwork task and track)(All work is groupedas Current On-Going,or New, with Skillsneeded to perform tasks).Availability& Pooling(Agreements aremade with Vendorsand Universities tosupply courses.Certification areprovided whenSuccessfully completed)User Interface is provided to assist userin selecting appropriate form neededto accomplish desired work request.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  11. 11. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 11Connecting Workflow Management with Personnel RecruitmentProject / DepartmentManagerProject / DepartmentHiring ManagerSearch, by Geography / SkillJob Fairs to Recruit PeopleRecruiting CompaniesAdvertisebyNewspapersAdvertise byInternetProjects andWork RequestsStaffingRequirementsStaffingRequirementsBusiness DepartmentFIREWALLHuman Resource ManagementPersonnel DepartmentHuman Resource ManagementPersonnel DepartmentINTRANET INTERNETCOMPANYINTERNALEXTERNALTO THECOMPANYSTAFFREQUESTSTAFFREQUESTCLIENTDCAGAREADIRECTSEARCHADsWorkflowManagementSystemAutomatedPersonnelSystemHiringBasePersonnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  12. 12. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 12Process description Planning session is conducted to define new projects, enhancements, andmaintenance requirements. Available Resources are examined to determine if the skills and availability neededto support project requirements is present. A determination is made for a consultant, permanent hire, or career path trainingis to be performed to meet resource requirements. Consultants and new hires are sent to personnel hiring system, while career pathresources are sent to the training system so that they can be trained in time to meetproject time frames. Resumes are sent to Hiring Manager, along with course completion certificationsfor personnel going through career path training, so that he can make theappropriate selection of resources needed to support project and workflow needs. Personnel are assigned to projects or work functions to meet increased workloadsor new technology requirements. Functional Responsibilities and Job Descriptions are upgraded along with allrequired documentation to support new workloads and technologies.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  13. 13. Why use this approach Product and Service growth is supported to maintain clientsatisfaction; Personnel growth is controlled in an efficient manner thatbest responds to needs while reducing the workload onexisting staff; Personnel satisfaction and loyalty is improved throughcareer path satisfaction; A happier and more loyal staff is achieved through theseprocedures, while workload and new technology demandsare met in an efficient manner. Management directives are better met and the companyreputation is enhanced by loyal staff and clients.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 13
  14. 14. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 14Benefits Derived from PPS Implementation Reduced training costs and enhanced personnel skills. Workflow Management and Control System to manage and report onWORK REQUEST FORMS from origination through completion, therebyallowing for optimization and benefiting from lessons learned. Personnel Performance Analysis and Load Balancing Reports to helpmanagement determine personnel needs, in advance, so that PROACTIVESOLUTIONS can be applied. Quicker response to Business Imperatives and a higher degree of qualityassociated with deliverables. More efficient employee performance evaluations through reports detailingskills and workflow achievements. Better employee retention, job performance, and career planning, throughsystem features and facilities that help employees achieve their career goals. Optimal business productivity and profit margins. Learning lessons from past work achievements are gained, so you canimprove work flow and procedures, thereby optimizing performance.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  15. 15. Sample Automated Personnel System6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 15Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  16. 16. Automated Personnel System Features Relational database system that ties jobs to clients to candidates, whileallowing candidates to be connected to multiple jobs. Detailed records for Clients and Candidates. Keyword Skills Search for resumes in database. Databases can be searched in order of free (submitted by candidatedirectly) or fee paid basis (submitted by other firms). Job records tie job to client and candidate, with job description andhistory notes. Revenue projections are associated with client records. Work is sorted by Next Action Date and Priority, so staff simply takestop record off of list, performs work, and documents results. Drop-down list for clients and candidates to quickly locate desiredinformation. Complete reporting system to generate revenue projections and statusreports for salesmen and recruiters. Management dashboard to monitor activity and supply assistance asneeded to speed up response to client demands.6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 16Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance
  17. 17. 6/6/2013 (c) Data Center Assistance Group, Inc. 17Goals and Objectives Conduct a NEEDS ANALYSIS to define: the organizational structure, employee jobdescriptions and workloads, employee skill requirements, and employee trainingrequirements. Compare current training to needed training to evaluate staff skilllevels. Then ensure the proper training of employees on all tools and proceduresassociated with their job tasks, define work form requirements and life cycles, and thereporting requirements needed to track workloads, skills, and training. Create a STATEMENT OF WORK to implement the Personnel ProductivitySystem (PPS) and optimize Employee Skills, Performance, and Work FlowManagement. Implement Learning Skills Index (LSI) for personnel that defines their present skillsand future training requirements, based on job definitions and workloads. Connect personnel to Computer Based Training modules needed to develop skillsassociated with their current positions and career paths. Provide Accreditation and Certifications from universities and vendors. Route Work Requests to personnel and track forms from inception to completion. Provide reports on lifecycle and personnel performance associated with tasks needed tocomplete Work Request forms.Personnel Productivity System (PPS) Thomas Bronack Optimize Personnel Performance