Using a Property Index for Chambers of Commerce


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So why does your Chamber need a Property Index? Well, site selectors bring new businesses to a community and
are new potential Chamber members, right? That means you have the opportunity to be the hyperlocal authority for site selectors.

For example, do you list available commercial real estate on your Chamber of Commerce’s website? You should! One of your most important roles is attracting new businesses to your area, and showcasing local properties with a Property Index is the best way to do it. Let us show you how.

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Using a Property Index for Chambers of Commerce

  1. 1. A 5 Star Chamber’s secret weapon. Page 1 Index Properties with a simple interface & 1-click engagement. Page 5 Generate Non-Dues Revenue with Sponsor bar integration. Page 4 No Manual Entry, simply upload a property flyer. Page 5 Fast Filters allow site selectors to find the ideal listing quickly. Page 5 Property Index for Chambers of Commerce Be a hyperlocal authority on commercial properties for your territory with an easy-to-use:
  2. 2. What people are saying about BrokerSavant Mike Woldman Principal/Managing Broker at Element Commercial Group “BrokerSavant’s interface is easier to navigate than others because it requires less clicks to pull up the property details, saving our clients time and energy when they search our inventory online..” Michael Smith Former Mayor of New Lenox, IL “I highly recommend every public agency adopt BrokerSavant into their economic development platform. BrokerSavant delivers an effective tool to enhance economic development and improve the bottom line of stretched budgets.” Forbes Magazine Technology SHOULD Give You A Strategic Advantage. 2/11/2013 “BrokerSavant operates in the arguably unsexy space of commercial real estate listings, but their use of technology has injected a high level of sizzle for their customers. BrokerSavant has been able to address some of their customers’ most fundamental pain points.” Spero P. Adamis Managing Partner of Cornerstone Commercial Partners “The fastest way to get my listings online with the the least amount of effort”. Frank Koehler Interim City Administrator for the Village of Lockport “We never had anything like this kind of exposure before. BrokerSavant doesn’t just level the playing field—they help us jump from Single A baseball all the way to the major leagues.” “Chicago-based BrokerSavant has developed a platform that helps small organizations including municipalies, chamber of commerces, small brokerage firms, and other associatins save time and money so that they can work smarter, not harder.” Meet Advisors Can a Chicago Based Startup Improve Commercial Real Estate Industry? 1/25/2013
  3. 3. 2 Why does your Chamber need a Property Index? Site selectors bring new businesses to a community and are new potential Chamber members. Be the hyperlocal authority for site selectors. Do you list available commercial real estate on your Chamber’s website? You should! One of your most important roles is attracting new businesses to your area, and showcasing local properties is the best way to do it. BrokerSavant’s property listing services make maintaining a commercial property database on your site simple and cost-effective, with a highly visible, easily searchable index. Our patent-pending Property Index integrates seamlessly with your website, and its streamlined, data-rich interface puts all the information site selectors need one mouse-click away. And all you have to do is sit back as local brokers upload their own flyers for free, populating the index. Today’s Chamber has a larger-than-ever role to play in the economic development of the community. Our cutting-edge tools allow you and your members to collaborate with property owners and brokers to showcase local commercial opportunities in a hyper-local setting. The result? A stronger Chamber of Commerce with a larger, more authoritative voice. A Chamber-driven Property Index helps your members—and your area—grow the strongest economy possible. Waukegan Illinois ‘The City of Progress’ lists their area’s available commercial properties on BrokerSavant’s simple property index solution, making it easy for site selectors to find what they need.
  4. 4. 3Survey Source Ubalde, Anatalio C & Sinundza. Eric Economic Development Marketing. 2013 The raw STATS 97% 91% Percentage of site selectors that start their search online. Are you attracting business to your community online? Percentage of site selectors that rated property information and inventory as the most important information on a chamber’s site. Site selectors search specifically for inventories of available property. 33% 65% Percentage of site selectors that are more likely to visit your website than shake your hand. If your website doesn’t meet a site selector’s needs, your community could be discounted before an introduction is even made. Percentage of site selectors that spoke to a broker about a community before contacting a Chamber or EDO. Commercial Brokers are still a huge part of the site selection process - you’ll need their cooperation to succeed.
  5. 5. Generate non-dues revenue with sponsor bar integration If there’s one thing a chamber can use more of it’s non-dues revenue. Adding a sponsor bar to your property index is a great way to earn it! At the same time your chamber is providing promotion to local business owners. Two boosts to your local economy for the price of one. Sponsor bars can even offset the entire cost of your property index. The strategically placed banner attracts visitors—and the premium location attracts sponsors. Your chamber controls sponsor messaging, frequency and price points for local business sponsors. Rotate as many sponsors as you want. Don’t just generate traffic with your Property Index. Add a sponsor bar and generate revenue, too! 4
  6. 6. 5 Your easy-to-use property indexing solution Get organized Your community’s available commercial property inventory in one place. Site selectors will love the simple search interface, ensuring repeat visits to your Chamber’s website. Upload flyers instead of filling out forms Our advanced technology pulls all of the property details from the broker’s flyer so time isn’t wasted entering anything manually. Engage Site Selectors Keep visitors engaged with your community’s available business sites by helping them filter through properties more effectively. Our size filters automatically include configurations such as combining vacant spaces so no opportunities are ever overlooked when searching. The Gold Standard The unique details that a commercial broker includes on a property flyer are the ones that are most complete and up-to-date. Instead of requiring information that doesn’t pertain to some properties, we allow their flyer to do all the talking.
  7. 7. 6 Connect site selectors with property brokers Site selectors have the ability to request additional information directly from brokers. ‘Search Property’ buttons Add a Search button. Offer site selectors the ability to search all of your city’s available properties with 1-click directly from your chamber’s homepage. Sticky Ads Creates brand awareness with a hyper targeted ad that “sticks” to a visitors web browser appearing in ad space on sites all over the web (like Amazon & the New York Times). Use for calls to action, highlighting a member, or making an announcement. Email Broadcasts BrokerSavant identifies and targets brokers in your area, then sends regular email bulletins encouraging them to list their properties on your Property Index for greater exposure. Share any listing with just a click Brokers have the ability to share and promote their property listing with the leading social media channels and through email.
  8. 8. 7 Features & Pricing Property Index • Simple search Interface • No manual data entry • Unlimited property listings $80 monthly Sponsor Bar • Sponsors offset costs • Generate revenue • You control sponsor messaging & frequency $40 monthly Email Broadcasts • Sent once a month • Customized email list • Populate your index $25 monthly Sticky Ads • Brand awareness • Retarget users • Drive traffic back to your site $400 monthly Customer Usage Conversion Pricing Schedule • Based on the number of property flyers uploaded to you Property Index per month. More information 10,000-24,999 24,000-49,999 50,000-74,999 75,000-99,999 100,000-149,999 150,000-199,999 200,000+ $2.00 $1.88 $1.78 $1.70 $1.62 $1.52 $1.44 $1.38 $1.32 $1.26 $1.18 $1.12 $1.04 $0.98 $0.94 0-149 150-349 350-599 600-899 900-1,499 1,500-2,999 3,000-4,999 5,000-9,999
  9. 9. 8 Request a product tour Meet BrokerSavant Let’s keep in touch Have more questions? We would like to offer you a 30-minute Product Tour Webinar hosted by our Founder Clay Rankin to answer all of your questions about how BrokerSavant can help your Organization. Visit BrokerSavant builds tools that help organizations and independent brokers thrive in today’s competitive commercial real estate landscape. “We believe communities and brokers are the driving force behind local economic development. That by collaborating efforts online, Web Phone 855 635 7400 Email 2506 N. Clark St. #417 Chicago, IL 60614 USA Facebook Twitter the community-at-large flourishes. Most importantly, we believe that those methods should be useful, simple, and widely accessible.” Claiborne (Clay) Rankin, Jr. Founder & CEO at BrokerSavant