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Presentation medoa

  1. 1. BriefTypes of TV AdvertsPrint Advertising – Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, FliersOutdoor Advertising – Billboards, Tradeshows and EventsBroadcast advertising – Television, Radio and the Internet Sponsorship Radio / Pop ups TV Advert = Car Campaign Sponsorship = New car product Pop up = Car incorporating hand cuffs.
  2. 2. • Ads audiences and purpose. Why, Differences, technology, So Far Conclusion – Non diegetic&diegetic sounds Demonstration & Narrative Pace of editing Variety of shots
  3. 3. Rethink / All adsRe think –Get a better understanding of adverts andadvertingTarget Audience and marketCodes and conventionsPractice shots
  4. 4. Research• Target Audience Questionnaire – General Advertising oriented not target audience Mismatched Not in order Lack of target market research • Industry Ad Agencies Industry Broadcasting Directors Styles
  5. 5. Motorsport Brainstorming Drifting Think Drugs and drink SpeedingEnvironmentally friendly Aftermarket parts Campaigns
  6. 6. Will I be practicing it again How good are my skills Editing Angles Transitions Is it worth while Practice ShotsWhat can I improve on Camera What has it taught me Sounds Tracks
  7. 7. New take• Viral Advertising • Short and sweet • Mediation • Catchy• Campaigns • STYLE! • Old spice