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Media Evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation Brogan Wiggins
  2. 2. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Insight My product use techniques and conventions from real media texts. I did my research on types of adverts such as Presentation, Narrative and Demonstration. After doing the research I was able to apply what I had learnt to create an advert that followed the conventions of advertising in order to sell my product. However I looked more specifically at Car Adverts and how the conventions differ. As a general rule the editing of an in adverts is fast with a range of 12 to 15 shot in 30 seconds this short period of time doesn’t allow a lot of time to connote meaning. The types of cuts in advertising are also important as they generally use a straight cut, with very few dissolves or fades.
  4. 4. I chose the shots for a reason, using long shots to denote the car arriving at a destination orthe use of close ups to denote specific aspects of my product or the owners emotions. Thisis the same for the advert shown in the print screens where they have used extreme longshots to show the cars capabilities over different terrain. The use of shots also was similar inboth adverts to keep the continuity throughout my adverts but I also had to decide on theshots for my TV Sponsorship where I included some of my footage from the adverts andextra footage not used to create my TV Sponsorships that would use similar shots to showsome specific points about that car to help promote the product.
  5. 5. It is a common convention for Car Adverts to use a voiceover. However I was able to develop existing texts to createa Voice Over that suited the purpose of the product. BMW“It’s only a car” I found this voice over diminished theimportance instead of connoting the cars importance.Therefore I was able to develop the voice over to that itwould fit in the conventions of a Voice Over as it needs tograb the audiences attention as well as being upbeat. Avoice over is to connote a products desirability and purposethis has been done in the M&S advert however I needed todevelop something that was up beat and interesting. I foundmy self developing the typical conventions of a Voice Overto create something that would also work as a narrative forthe advert.These are the inspiration formy Voice Over and my ownnarrative styled Voice Over.
  6. 6. “It’s Not just a car”NarrativeMany adverts follow a very conventionalnarrative that tells a story throughout. “It’s the journey to work”However I wanted to take conventions ofboth the narrative and voice over andremix them to create a narrative that wouldwork for my product. In affect I usedbricolage to recycle old forms I did this to “It’s the weekly shop”create a narrative in which allowed medevelop typical conventions as I wascombining a voice over into a narrative. Ifound that the narrative was effective increating a list of events much like a story “It’s the time spentand paired with the voice over connoting with your kids asthe cars importance related to each event. you take them too school” “It’s Life”
  7. 7. Conventional car adverts generally denote the car in some form of situation and being able to solve the problem better than any of its rivals. This also included technology as it is a very important factor to connote in car advert. However Idecided I would keep to the more conventional car advert by introducing a range of situations that my car would be able to handle therefore connoting its versatility.Conventional FollowingScreen Shots Conventions These are some screen shots how my main texts following the traditional conventions of a car advert. By using a close or medium shot of a situation, then capturing the drivers emotions and then overall outcome of the car being capable of fulfilling the situation.
  8. 8. On one hand I was following the conventions of a traditional car advert by creating a situation or purpose that the car was able to use in connoting its capabilities. However I chose tochallenge this convention as I found in my research it was massively used therefore becomingslightly ineffective. In addition to challenging conventions traditionally found in a car advert by having a multiple of situations that the car was able achieve, for example commuting to work, on a road trip, weekly shop or a romantic date. As well as challenging the typical conventions of a car advert I found myself developing others to create my Ad. I took a typical convention from food adverts that connote a range of offers or foods throughout the advert.I was able to create an advert that was unique in its construction by challenging typical carconventions and also developing food conventions. I paired this with my narrative as I wasable to set up situations in which the car is able to exceed expectation. By adapting typicalconventions of one type of advert and challenging others I was able to produce an Ad thatconnoted all of the cars capabilities, of versatility and family orientated. My target audienceunderstood the intended purpose of the text by recognizing the fact the list method taken fromthe food adverts paired with the narrative, then challenging the conventions of creatingsituations in the advert. My target audience benefited from my combination of challenging anddeveloping conventions as they were able to recognize the adverts purpose of its versatility.
  9. 9. Conventionally car adverts use the last 5 seconds of the advert to display theirlogo and slogan therefore promoting the brands image. I looked at a range ofprevious adverts that followed the typical convention of denoting the brands logo.I found that it was ineffective and could be developed so that it related back to theproduct or what the audience had viewed. I wanted to achieve an ending thatwould ensure the viewers leave with the message imprinted in their minds. I triedto do this by dividing the screen into 4 with the three main sections of advertbeing denoted as well as the brands logo. My aim was to create a brand pagethat summed up all aspects of the advert as well as relating it back to the brandslogo and name. My interpretation denoting the brands display page.
  10. 10. An aspect of my advert was to be up beat and up lifting, I achieved this bythe use of quick paced narrative. However my advert was lackingsubstance and needed something extra, one option was to add a Non –Diegetic sound track. This is not a typical convention of Car Adverts, I felt itwould be worth while adding an up beat and happy sound track to followthe theme of the advert which will enhance the ability to keep the audiencesattention throughout the duration of the text. I found that this conventionwas worth while to challenge as it allowed for my Ad to have a rhythm thatworked in relation to my narrative. The audience feedback proved that theyalso benefited from the use of challenging the conventions as they wereable to determine the purpose and key aspects of my text and campaign.The up beat sound track worked in tandem with the quick pace narrativeand the fast pace of editing, this helped my advert to flow, more refined incomparison.
  11. 11. In my TV Sponsorship research I found that many sponsored ads will incorporateaspects are related to the channel or programme the viewers are watching.I felt thatmany of the TV Sponsors were branding their product in relation to the programmethis is a convention I wanted to challenge. TV sponsorship adapts their featured products for example Fruit Tella, and advertise it in such a way that it would create a direct relationship to the sponsored programme. Fruit Tella was able to do this by using the product to symbolizepeople in the programme.Fruit-Tella – "Odd One In"on ITVThis was a convention I wanted to challenge as I wanted to create a message thatremain constant in all my text and found keeping to the basic conventions of TVSponsorship I would be unable to do this.
  12. 12. To maintain the message of the texts I decided to create the TV Sponsorships ina way that they would denote the key aspects of the car. However I would makesure the construction of the TV Sponsorship would fit the channel I wassponsoring, I met this convention by creating a car Ad for motor based channel.Unconventional as Sponsorship Ads don’tgenerally take similar aspects ofadverts, that will connote the productsimportance.TV Sponsorship challenges conventionscarrying on to advertise the product and itscapabilities in a similar fashion to the mainadverts. Instead of following the conventions ofusing your product as a tool in relation toadvertising the program.
  13. 13. Convention of “Dave’s” TV Sponsorship Ads. Discrete placement of Sponsoring Dave Product still the focus of TV Sponsorship Large Logo denoting brand Product being centered and use of Kept to the convention of my close up connoting importance. TV Sponsorship Ad finishing Discrete with the product being the placement of primary purpose, with product Sponsoring placement and sponsoring the Dave channel in a minimal way EG Only text.
  14. 14. I have constructed a conventional Radio Ad as it explains and createsscenarios in which the product is able to excel. My research proved that manyRadio Ads do this to generate a buzz about the product as the audience isunable to see the product, it follows the form of a demonstration Ad as itshows that the product perform its given functions as described in thetext, and then how to obtain the product at the end of the Ad. I decided tofollow this convention but by using the same layout of narrative as my maintexts, this was effective as it allowed me to maintain continuity throughout allmy texts, but also meant I was able to generate situations which my productwas well suited too. I used non – deigetic sounds to create an atmosphere, sothat it would grab the attention and was more likely to engage with theaudience. I decided it could be beneficial to try and challenge the radioconventions by adding aspects of a demonstration ad which generally givedetails of the product such as deals or test drives. This kept my audienceengaged with the text right to the end. I found this was effective as 75% of theaudience was influenced enough by the radio ad to want to take the car for atest drive. I challenged the conventions and made them work in advertisingmy product.
  15. 15. How effective is thecombination of your main and ancillary texts?
  16. 16. For the combination of my main and ancillary texts to be effective I need to ensure that their was synergy throughout all media texts so that they could be viewed as a campaign and would work a more effectively together rather than signally. SynergyOne way that I was able to createsynergy throughout the texts waswith the use of shots. I tried to use arange of similar shot distances andangles. This was important, as itallows the audience to recognizeand connect the texts.These shots are similar in their construction asthey are shot from the same position creatingsimilarities throughout the texts. In addition tocreating the same mid shot in different situation Ialso included them in several of my texts, this wasto create the much needed continuity throughoutthe texts.
  17. 17. I used my knowledge of shot angles and distances to create meaning an purpose in the texts, as I needed to convey a similar meaning throughout all my texts. The first TV Sponsorship in its self denotes versatility as you are able to see a range of different people using the vehicle. I further connoted the versatility through a range of close ups, medium shots and two shots. I used the range of shots I did in both my main texts and ancillary to connote he happy emotions when driving, but also to denote the cars capabilities of having a large boot or the nice features of the car such as the wheels which will add to the USP. Used the same range ofshots to connote the same meaning and purpose through all the texts, however the TV Sponsorship also connotes the cars key features such as the versatility with a range of drivers as I have a combination of specific shots one after another that all connote the same message. Denoting the car has a large boot space Connoting the cars luxurious throughout all the texts. features, in both the main texts and ancillary texts. To connote the drivers happy emotions, with the use of a close up. In both the main text and ancillary text.
  18. 18. Pace of editing steady through all texts, this is a convention that I need to maintain throughout so that the audience would be able to associate the individual texts to my brands camping. I had challenged the pace of editing in my main texts by having around 12 shots within the 20 seconds this dramatically faster than the conventional 12 shot throughout a 30 second Ad. As the pace of editing was noticeably quicker I tried to maintain this convention throughout all of my texts I was able to do this and keep the continuity. I was challenging the conventions of a both TV sponsorship and Radio Ad as they generally use a slower pace of editing this meant my editing needed to be precise and accurate for the audience to understand the intended purpose of each text.Audience Feedback I asked a question in my audience feedback to see whether or not the audience would agree I have created a combination of effective texts. I was glad to find that 100% of my feedback agreed that I have produced the texts in a way that the audience was able to notice the continuity and synergy.
  19. 19. Mise – En – Scene was a massively important factor to maintain synergy through all5 texts. I wanted to ensure that the car was centered in the every shot as it was theprimary purpose of the texts. Although in the second advert the vehicle owner is in some ways more important to the car as it denotes the diversity of drivers. Lighting very consistent Screen shots displaying Mise – En – Scene throughout all texts I have used the screen shots as they denote how precise my use of Mise – En – Scene was in ensuring that the car was always centered or in the foreground. As well as this I needed to take lighting into account to make sure that the brightness was consistent in all texts as it was very visible on the car, even when filming in the rain to connote the cars “can do attitude” I edited and changed to brightness of the footage so that they remained consistent with the previous shots.
  20. 20. Text & LogoI had entered the logo at the end of the main texts I wanted to maintain theconsistency between the main texts and ancillaries texts. A key convention of caradverts is to add the the brands logo at the of the text I wanted to use thisconvention to my advantage as it would allow me to help continuity and havesynergy in all texts. In addition I placed the logo so that it was in a similar placethrough out all texts this was another stage of effectively combining my main andancillary texts. I used the same text style and size in all texts, this is something my audience may not pick up on. However it is the small details as using the same style fonts that ensure that my texts have exactly the same convention as well as maintaining continuity.
  21. 21. Narrative I followed the exact same style of narrative in both main texts and the Radio Ad. I did this by creating a voice over than could also be used“ It’s not just a car “ It’s not just a car to tell a story. Additionally I needed something that I could adapt It’s the journey to It’s a romantic date depending of the advert, this was a work perfect outcome as it meant it as Its getting to the able to change the situation butIt’s the weekly shop concert on time keep the structure. I was able to use the narrative in both main texts butIt’s the time spent It’s a road trip with simply changing what happened. In with your kids as your friends the case for the Radio Ad I was ableyou take them too to use the exact same narrative, this school It’s life” became symbolic of the brand with a can do attitude. The viewer would It’s life” be able to associate the narrative with the majority of the texts maintaining the viewers ability to recognize all individual texts as a campaign.
  22. 22. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  23. 23. Reaching The Audience I created the questionnaire on Google Docs as it allowed me to link the form to a large audience that consists of friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. I needed to look back on a previous questionnaire for my research on what my target market would like from the advert as well as the product to be advertised. However as this had been created at school I found it was incredibly biased and narrow minded towards a young audiences wants. I knew I wanted to create an advert about cars therefore needed to reach a wider audience, an older generation that will use a car and be my primary target market. I found that I had fallen into a similar trap when creating a questionnaire on my final texts as I was broadcasting the questionnaire to a young audience on social feeds. To resolve this I went about ensuring that I asked an older generation, preferably ones with families and adventurists. Additionally another aspect of my feedback that may hinder the accuracy of my results was the amount of responses I received. Although I had put the link on social networking sites and sent emails multiple of time I only received 4 responses. This is not an accurate representation on how a mass audience would interoperate the text and respond to my questionnaire.
  24. 24. I decided to base the questions around the aims of the text which were tocreate an advert that would invite and denote how the BW Aida is able fitany situation of the families daily life. However the second advert is toconnote the cars capabilities in fitting any drivers life style. As this was theaim of the adverts I was targeting an audience that was 17 andabove, mainly family oriented but also will be targeting a range of adults thatneed a versatile vehicle. I wanted to see whether or not I had achieved myaims of the advert and used the questionnaire to see how successful thecampaign was.
  25. 25. Would you watch the whole duration of the adverts while watching TV? I thought it was important to find out whether not my intended audience would even watch the entire advert, as if they wouldn’t it would defeat the objective of creating an advert that made the viewers want the product. I was glad to find that the majority of my target audience would watch the whole duration of adverts this meant I had successfully created my texts so that the intended audience would find them interesting. If you answered No to 1.a please expand on why ? I added a second section to the question to the question to find out why the viewers would either watch my advert or the reason why they wouldn’t. As I had used social networking sites to get my responses I had some of feedback maybe negative or inaccurate due the wrong audience viewing the texts. The feedback was very useful however as I found that many viewers whom are of a younger generation do not watch adverts at all, more so would not find a family car advert interesting to them. Therefore my product is trying to reach a more specific market than I had originally thought.
  26. 26. What was the campaign trying to connote about the car? After assuring myself that the majority of viewers would watch my texts and actually give their full attention. It is an argument that mass media audiences are passive and are easily manipulated by what they see in the media, this is a key feature but also an issue in advertising. As the advert it to sell and promote a product therefore it is to influence the audiences opinion about the product, by connoting what it is capable of. I therefore did this question as a test to see whether or not my audience would influenced by the connoted meaning of my campaign. I was happy to find that all participants had realized my product was connoting its versatility and multiple uses, as I had based the idea of one of my adverts around the cars multiple uses. However the audience was unable to pick up on the campaigns family orientation. This was a problem as it was part of the campaign as meant that the first advert was lacking meaning as the audience was not recognizing the intended message.
  27. 27. The TV Sponsorship is a way to advertise the car for a motoring audience.Have my TV sponsorships done a good job of advertising the key aspects ofthe car in the small time they are shown? This was a test of my editing skills as my Sponsorship Ad is relatively fast paced. Therefore I needed to make sure that my text was denoting all the key features to the audience. I found that all participants agreed it did a good job, however It was not enough to just say yes I wanted to know why it had worked. Therefore I added the question –Please justify why?The results confirmed what I expected from my TV Sponsorship. I was able toreceive very positive feedback in relation to how the TV Sponsorship denoted keyaspects. This was a conventional feature generally found in Sponsorship Ads asthey are not used in aid of denoting the product use. “Because they show a fewquick scenarios of what the car is capable of without giving too muchdetailed info which can become tedious” This response sums up mySponsorship as I wanted to give the audience a preview of the product using aquick pace of editing to briefly denote key aspects that have been shown in theadvert. I was glad to find that all participants were able to understand what wasintended by creating the TV Sponsorship in the way that I had.
  28. 28. After watching the Advert Campaign did you feel there was continuitythroughout? I was creating a campaign I needed to make sure that the campaign was consistent and maintained continuity throughout. Ad 1 Ad 2 TV SponsorshipMy results proved that I was able to use a range of conventional adverts andunconventional ones in a campaign and still keep the continuity. The reason for this wasdown to the same aspects being used in all adverts, which followed conventions of themain adverts but challenged and developed the ones in the TV Sponsorship. I used thesame footage throughout the campaign I feel it was this aspect that allowed theaudience to see the connection in my texts as they were able to recognize similar shotsand angles in all texts. I was happy that the campaign was able to keep continuitythroughout as it is an important aspects of producing a successful campaign.
  29. 29. Listening to the Radio Advert did it make you want to find out more about thecar or take it for a test drive?The idea of the radio advert was to entice the audience and give them a taster of the carmaking them want to find out more and possibly take one for a test drive. I was happy tofind that the audience wanted to find out more about the product and would be willing totake the car for a test drive. This meant my radio advert was meeting the demands of myaudience as they were interested enough and wanted to find out more.Do you feel my product would be suitable to sponsor a motoring channel?As I had created a motor related campaign it was vital for me to be able to advertise mybrand on specific channels that were motor related. As this was going to give me thebest chance of generating interest in my product through an audience whom isinterested in cars. Therefore it was appropriate to find out whether or not the audiencethought the TV Sponsorship Ads would be suitable to sponsor a motoring channel. Ireceived 100% positive feedback, which was encouraging as meant my adverts weremore likely to be watched and interacted with if the audience were interested in theproducts and watching a related channel.
  30. 30. Were the Ads engaging to watch? I had created the narrative so that it would be up beat and engaging to keep the audiences attention focused on the advert. Additionally I had added an lifting Non – Diegetic sound track to connote the up lifting mood, additionally my adverts use a rather unconventional fast pace to keep the audience engaged. It was beneficial to find that my results had confirmed my attempts of challenging and developing conventions to create this up lifting and engaging text. This meant the audience was more likely to watch the whole duration of the advert if they had found it engaging enough due to its construction.
  31. 31. To finish the questionnaire can you suggest any possible improvements orpossible errors not asked in the questionnaire? This was not something I had even though of but it could have been an amazing shot to finish the TV Ads with. However I could have used the idea of breaking the 180 degree rule for the TV Sponsorship as it would have been a great way of showing all the cars aspects. Also the use of a 360 degree shot would have allowed me to connote the cars importance as breaking the 180 degree rule is not a convention normally broken.“I think some of the text in the adverts could be better positioned andtransitioned, they are a good way to advertise but it could have been donebetter, overall though a very good advert, perfect continuity and well produced.”Editing is one of my main issues and is a skill that really needs improving, so I am notsurprised there is an improvement about the editing on the TV Sponsorship as I wastrying something very ambitious. I was personally happy with the out come of thetext, but have realized it could be improved with my feedback picking up on not beingas smoothing as it should be.
  32. 32. What the Feedback MeansIn the audience feedback I was glad to find that the majority of results werepositive in creating effective texts that use, challenge and develop conventionsof real media products. In certain cases I am happy with the results as my twomain Ads received very good feedback as they have connote the correctmessage, but also how I was able to develop the conventions of the TVSponsorship while still being able to denote all of the cars capabilities, whilstfitting the channel it is sponsoring in my case reaching a more specificaudience as they would be interested in most types of motoring. As well astaking into consideration the improvements to my texts, this is both in thingsthat could have been changed or improved but also to my personal skill andimproving certain aspects to ensure a high quality of work is produced.
  33. 33. How did you use newmedia technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  34. 34. Planning & Research To film the adverts I used an HD camera this allowed me to get the highest quality footage possible as I am really fortunate that my school offers such goodequipment. In addition to this I was using a trip so that I was able to get perfectly stillshots that are also level no matter the level of surface. As shown in the image thesurface is not level but I was able to set thetri pod in such a way so that the shot would Tri Pod set up to still remain level. If I was using a camera be level even on with a tripod I would have been unable to an unlevelget such a level and precise shot. All this surface good equipment has allowed me to get some good quality and level shots that I would have been un able to achieve this level by hand.
  35. 35. Adobe Premiere ProI used Adobe Premier Pro in my AS project butthis year I used Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5which is the newest software option available.There where many new options on the up todate software although I did not use the extraoptions I found this time using the software Iwas more confident and understood thesettings and variables that were part of theprogram so that it would be appropriate for my Practice Filming / Editing.adverts. I had to ensure my editing was preciseso that I would capture the correct footage as Ensuring it was fast pace editingwell as ensuring that I maintain the flow and being parallel with the Non –rhythm of the advert. For this I decided to to Diegetic sound track.practice filming and editing to ensure I wasprepared and ready when I began to edit myfinal texts.
  36. 36. Personal DevelopmentIn preparation of using new software tocreate the adverts I used Web 2.0 to getsome background information on thesoftware that I will be using. Additionally Ilooked at a few tutorials on how to usethe software, I used this to brief myselfon what I have to do when creatingadverts. I then went back to thesetutorials in the making process of theadverts so that I was refreshed and wasable to use the software correctly. Thesetutorials were mainly focused on learningto use PhotoShop and GarageBand as Ihad not previously used either of thesesoftware options.
  37. 37. The New Software I used Garage Band to keep continuity Photoshop was program that I used to create thethe teacher recorded my Voice over for logo for my product, Photoshop allowed me to all adverts. This was the best way to create the best result possible but also offers the record it also meant that I was able to most options when creating the logo. I used the edit the track so that I was happy with tutorials to help teach me the skills need to use the outcome before importing it to Photoshop, but my teacher knows a lot about the Premier. I was able to cut the recorded software and many of my class mates study PVA so track so that it would fit the my advert I was surrounded with able bodies who I could refer perfectly but also add a fade to the to when stuck. Using this software allowed me to voice over at the end of each section. create my logo on a transparent background, but Adding this fade made it sounds more also have a massive range of texts that aren’t onappropriate in my advert, allowing me to many similar software’s. Additionally I wanted to take my campaign to the next level. create a circular logo with the text centered and a These new technology options helped outline around the edge of the circle this was made get me there. possible using Photoshop having layers allowed me to have different aspects of the logo on the page.
  38. 38. To My AdvantageI found the planning of the In the research stages of my project I used thestoryboard very hard as I was Web to allow me to analyze the many existingunable to draw some of my adverts and to gain information about thepossible shots and feel happy common codes and conventions of adverts. Thiswith the details which would was something I may later decide to use, orensure that they were self challenge or develop depending on my advertexplanatory, I then took a few style and purpose. I used Youtube the majority ofstill pictures of the locations of the time to analyze the existing media texts, I wascertain shots and then drew on able to embed the videos on my Blogtop of the photos, I also used ( I then used the blog toPhotoshop to add construct lines analyze existing texts which helped me developto allow me to get my distancing my own work. Youtube allowed me to research allright. the media texts in the advert project, this ranged from 2 x 30 second advert, 2 halves of a TV Sponsorship and radio advert. I used this in my research as I searched types of adverts, narrative, presenting, viral advertising etc I was able to use this sites to aid me summarizing my research which was referred back to in my creation of the adverts.
  39. 39. EvaluationI used technology through out the project even when creating the evaluation as I wanted to reachthe broadest audience and receive the most feedback on my media texts. I then posted links toboth my questionnaire and adverts on social networking sites like Facebook& Twitter where I wasable to receive feedback from friends and family. Google Docs allowed me to create a questionnaire that I was able to link to friends and family through social networking and email. Online I was able to generate a lot of audience feedback within a short period of time. Google Docs was an excellent addition to creating the evaluation as I was able to create a questionnaire which was online therefore I was able to edit it. This was a more efficient way of getting feedback as I didn’t have to print the questionnaires out and try to get people to watch the adverts whilst filling the questionnaires out at school. The audience was able to view it in there own time and to fill out the feedback from, Google docs automatically creates a Pie Chart diagram showing the results.