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Executive Summary


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Executive Summary

  1. 1. 1     Contact  Information   Equity  Endeavor,  Inc.   125  Western  Avenue   Harvard  Innovation  Lab   Allston,  MA  02134   Tel.  225.978.3389     Financial  Information   Company  Stage:  Beta  Launched   Previous  Capital:  $40,000   Raising  Funds:  Yes   Capital  Seeking:  $500,000     Management  Team   Co-­‐‑Founder:  Broderick  McClinton   Experience:  Institutional  Sales  at   BlackRock,  Economic  Development   at  Greater  New  Orleans  Inc.   Education:  Tulane  University,   Harvard  Business  School     Co-­‐‑Founder:  Eric  Sonnier   Experience:  Strategy  Consultant  at   Deloitte,  Account  Executive  at   MdotM   Education:  University  of  Texas  at   Austin,  Harvard  Business  School     Co-­‐‑founder  (CTO):  Matt  Christen     Experience:  8  years  programming   various  trading  strategies  into   automated  platforms.   Education:  University  of  Texas  at   Austin     Advisors   Lawyer:  Gunderson  Dettmer     Accountant:  Joe  Faris,   Accountalent   Investors:  Dorm  Room  Fund,   Rough  Draft  Ventures   Business  Advisors:   -­‐‑ Professor  Frank  Cespedes   (Harvard  Business  School)   -­‐‑ Professor  Ramana  Nanda   (Harvard  Business  School)   -­‐‑ Professor  Steven  Rogers   (Harvard  Business  School)         Company  Summary  is  a  rewards-­‐‑based  crowdfunding  platform  that  facilitates  crowd-­‐‑ funding  campaigns  for  local  small  businesses  (think  coffee  shops,  yoga  studios,  etc.)  in   search  of  funds  to  grow.  Most  of  our  campaigns  are  in  the  $3k-­‐‑$30k  range,  serving  as  a   substitute  or  supplement  to  a  small  business  loan.  We  plan  to  disrupt  the  way  local  small   businesses  acquire  funding.     The  Problem   Local  small  business  owners  often  want  to  create  a  better  experience  for  their  consumers   by  adding  new  equipment,  making  important  renovations,  and  improving  their  core   products  or  services.  We  noticed  two  major  obstacles.   1. Small  business  funding  has  seen  a  significant  decline.   2. Crowdfunding  has  become  a  revolutionary  tool  but  local  small  business  projects   have  been  ignored  by  platforms.     The  Equity  Endeavor  Solution  is  a  crowdfunding  platform  built  specifically  for  local  small  busi-­‐‑ ness  projects,  allowing  owners  to  create  campaigns  that  improve  and  grow  their  busi-­‐‑ nesses  by  tapping  into  their  networks,  customers,  and  community.  The  platform  is  built   around  localized  portals,  giving  communities  the  opportunity  to  interact  with  their  local   businesses.  In  return  for  contributions,  crowdfunders  receive  items  of  significant  value   including  pre-­‐‑sells,  discounts  on  goods/services,  and  special  experiences.  Most  important-­‐‑ ly,  they  enjoy  the  benefits  of  the  improvement  to  the  business  when  the  project  is  com-­‐‑ pleted.       Target  Market  and  Revenue  Model   5.3  million  small  businesses  in  the  U.S.  fit  our  target  criteria.  We  charge  a  7%  commission   on  each  successful  crowdfunding  campaign.  While  we  have  not  begun  charging,  we  have   seen  a  clear  willingness  to  pay.     Competitors   Our  main  competitor  is  While  Indiegogo  does  allow  small  business  pro-­‐‑ jects,  it  is  not  appropriately  built  to  take  advantage  of  this  market.       Competitive  Advantage   Small  business  owners  will  not  respond  to  just  any  crowdfunding  platform  as  they  have  a   unique  set  of  funding  needs.  Our  focus  on  small  businesses  allows  us  to  build  a  custom-­‐‑ ized  product,  which  our  competitors  cannot  do,  developing  point-­‐‑of-­‐‑sale  features  and   customized  support  and  content.  Our  distribution  strategy  relies  on  public  and  private   partnerships  and  becoming  a  thought  leader  in  “crowdfunding  for  local  business”,  which   is  again  possible  because  of  our  community  partnerships  and  focus  on  the  small  business   market.     Marketing  Strategy   We  are  building  a  partnership-­‐‑driven  outbound  strategy,  and  will  generate  inbound  leads   by  being  a  thought  leader.  We  will  be  the  primary  source  of  information  for  crowdfund-­‐‑ ing  of  local  businesses,  and  plan  to  structure  distribution  partnerships  (through  a  private   portal  arrangement)  with  governments,  chambers  of  commerce,  banks,  and  other  corpo-­‐‑ rations  that  exist  to  provide  guidance  and  financing  to  small  business  owners.     Progress   We  launched  a  beta  in  September  in  Austin  and  New  Orleans  and  have  facilitated  almost   $90k  of  raises,  have  a  Facebook  following  of  3.5k,  and  a  newsletter  that  reaches  over  1k   small  business  owners  and  residents.  This  has  all  been  done  on  a  very  limited  budget.     Fundraising   The  company  is  in  the  process  of  raising  $500,000  in  order  to  complete  the  building  of  the   product,  augment  the  team,  and  implement  our  distribution  strategy.