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School Library Instruction

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School Library Instruction

  1. 1. Welcome to your library!
  2. 2. What can you find at the library? Fiction books Non-fiction books Reference Magazines Newspapers Music Movies
  3. 3. Whats the difference between fiction and non-fiction?
  4. 4. Fiction: about imaginary events and peopleNon-fiction: writing that is based on facts, realevents, and real people (also includes literature)
  5. 5. How much stuff does the library have?
  6. 6. 18,059 items!
  7. 7. How much of that is non-fiction?
  8. 8. 5015 (about 28%), not counting biographies
  9. 9. How to check out library material Books and magazines: 3 weeks, 15¢/day late fee Videos: 1 week, $1/day late fee Music: 1 week, 50¢/day late fee
  10. 10. Take care of library books!
  11. 11. Take care of library books! Keep them dry and clean Keep them away from pets Treat them gently Keep discs in their case when not in use Keep discs cool
  12. 12. Be kind! In the library
  13. 13. Be kind! In the library Use inside voices Don’t run Return or renew items on time Always be polite Ask for help if you need it!
  14. 14. Using the computers Catalog search only Patron 1 - 6
  15. 15. Finding your book SectionsE = Easy (Children’s Library)J = JuniorY = Young AdultGN = Graphic NovelR = Reference
  16. 16. Call NumbersYF JON Ent 2010Section Author Title YearJ 621.8 L283d 2011Section Dewey Cutter No. Year
  17. 17. Browsing with Dewey 000s: Computer Science, information, and general works 100s: Philosophy and Psychology 200s: Religion 300s: Social Science 400s: Language 500s: Science 600s: Technology and applied science 700s: Arts and recreation 800s: Literature 900s: History
  18. 18. Browsing with Dewey 000s
  19. 19. Browsing with Dewey 100s
  20. 20. Browsing with Dewey 200s
  21. 21. Browsing with Dewey 300s
  22. 22. Browsing with Dewey 400s
  23. 23. Browsing with Dewey 500s
  24. 24. Browsing with Dewey 600s
  25. 25. Browsing with Dewey 700s
  26. 26. Browsing with Dewey 800s
  27. 27. Browsing with Dewey 900s
  28. 28. Research BritannicaAcademic JournalsPopular magazine indexEnvironmentHealth and WellnessCitation guidelines