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Battelle Memorial Institute uses Maximo 7.5 with TRM RulesManager in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment to facilitate the Contract Logistical Support (CLS) contract burden for maintaining Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear detection systems, vehicles, and personal protection/mitigation equipment; and reporting on their performance as a contractor to the U.S. Army. Battelle leverages Maximo to track equipment readiness and report on maintenance actions. We track supply processes and maintain the smallest supply footprint possible while still maintaining an increased state of military readiness. This presentation will discuss how Maximo SaaS keeps operating costs low, with minimal personnel and hardware expenses to maintain it. The discussion will also include an explanation of how RulesManager has allowed Battelle to implement its customers unique business processes while ensuring data integrity and lowering the amount of time spent in the system for field workers.

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  • due to customer restrictions on the procurement of IT assets, so a ‘lease’ was necessaryDo we want to mention TRM in the last bullet? Seems premature to put it here since we talk about not having TRM in the next slide.
  • Wanted to put a little more about us in there. I realize it’s a bit much but wanted to add more so there was something to be refined. Slogan – “If you want to execute business better, integrate better business practices, and have real-time visibility at your fingertips, we can help.”
  • Out of the Box Maximo, wanted no customization (customization wasn’t cost effective and outside local skillsets), but ended up with an unwieldy amount of configuration. Again, is talking about Rules premature here?
  • Emphasis on CBRN and how it leads multiple cloned apps, security groups, etc
  • e.g. vs. i.e.
  • Inefficient Reporting:Actuate reports would break due to large amount of groupsHad to resort to using Crystal Reports, which is not embedded into the Maximo platform nor robust enough to handle complex government readiness calculations.Hybrid of Actuate and Crystal reports, no single point of service. Different reporting format, broke certain embedded actions.Too many apps without enough controls caused inconsistencies within data sets
  • Continue to invest time and resources further configuring and creating additional workaroundsTell the customer to deal with it (always goes over well)*Search for a SaaS solution that also allows us to ensure good data is entered, reject bad data, provide better, more streamlined user experience without the need to modify or extend code.
  • Despite all this, we made it work. However, at the rate the system was growing / evolving, ……Flexible and responsible within the bounds of the contract
  • Obnoxious Celebratory Clipart
  • Only SaaS / RM solution on the marketIntegrations, training, eLearning, new implementations, upgrades, mobile, etc
  • This technology combined enabled the TRM team to deliver on Battelle’s changing requirements faster and more efficiently than any other provider, with built-in lifecycle configuration management of the Maximo system.
  • Found that they had 187 security groups. For roughly 195 users. Yes, ridiculous.They needed location level security, similar to storeroom security OOB. They ended up with a security group for EACH and EVERY location in one organization (44 locations).Excessive security group count broke reports, hence the prior need for Crystal
  • Asset, Locations, Inventory, WO, PurchasingScreenshot?
  • Client happier
  • Environment is no longer static, and can now adapt to the frequently changing set of requirements from the customerAlso can make enhancements proactively to present customer with better user experience and record better data due to higher user participation system-enforced data regulation
  • Pulse2012 Trm Battelle Final

    1. 1. EIS-1705 Maximo SaaS and RulesManagerFacilitating Logistics for Chemical, Biological & Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) Assets Jason Brock, Asset Management Lead, Battelle Adam Scharfer, Manager East Coast Ops, TRM Pulse Presentation – March 7, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• Who we are and what we do• Challenges of previous system• Vendor search and selection• TRM Maximo SaaS & RulesManager• Situation analysis• Solutions• Results• Examples
    3. 3. Battelle• Manages CBRN detection, identification, respo nse, and mitigation assets for U.S. Army on a global scale• Needed an online, real-time web based solution that could be hosted via the cloud
    4. 4. Battelle• The Asset Management Team implements and leverages Maximo – Improve logistical performance from parts to people – Integrate better business practices – Provide real-time visibility at clients fingertips• We replace the need to rely on excel files and emails (full of estimates and guess work)
    5. 5. How Things Used to Be• Needed online, real-time database to support: – Work Management – Procurement – Inventory Management – Reporting• Initial Solution: Out-of-the-Box Maximo 6 with no customizations – Limited resources to build or maintain customizations – Required an unwieldy amount of configurations because of constantly changing requirements – Configurations began to outgrow the system (before TRM was the SaaS Vendor)
    6. 6. How Things Used to Be (cont.)• Multi-Org, Multi-Site, but needed an additional level of data separation – It was cumbersome to maintain separate data and provide varying UIs• Multiple CBRN Platforms carried different requirements for tracking & reporting – Multiple cloned applications – Exorbitant amount of security groups – Multiple variations of similar reports – Conflicting requirements between bio, chemical, and radiological platforms (before TRM was the SaaS Vendor)
    7. 7. User Challenges• System users’ feedback: – Using Maximo was too complicated and time consuming – The screens were too noisy with no flexibility on presentation – We were forced to deny enhancement requests due to potential functionality conflict• Inelegant workarounds had to be put into place – E.g. Users were told NOT to use a field that was on front of them on the screen (before TRM was the SaaS Vendor)
    8. 8. Reporting Challenges• Inefficient Reporting – Actuate reports would break due to large amount of groups – Had to resort to using Crystal Reports • not embedded in the Maximo platform • not robust enough to handle complex client readiness calculations• Hybrid of Actuate and Crystal reports – No single point of service – Different reporting formats – Broke certain embedded actions• Too many apps without enough controls caused inconsistencies within data sets (before TRM was the SaaS Vendor)
    9. 9. How do we fix this?Search for a new SaaS solution that ensures• good data is entered• reject bad data• provide better, more streamlined user experience without the need to modify or extend code.
    10. 10. The Search• Multiple vendors were invited to submit proposals detailing a solution that would accomplish our requirements – Needed flexible, responsive, and dedicated trusted partner. – Looking for a company that embraces the same core values
    11. 11. The SelectionSelected TRM because of its Maximo SaaS powered by RulesManager solution
    12. 12. Introduction to TRM• TRM Overview – Premier IBM Business Partner – Focused on Maximo for 15+ years with a variety of different services – Developer of TRM RulesManager• TRM SaaS Division – The only Maximo SaaS w/ RulesManager solution on the market – Configurable Cloud solution with on-site presence – Full reachback to subject matter experts in RulesManager development, system engineering, integration specialists and industry experts
    13. 13. RulesManager OverviewConfiguration Control Center for Maximo• Enables developers to bend Maximo to meet business requirements – In a single unified environment – Never changing the Maximo base code – Faster and easier than any other alternative, even built-in Maximo tools• Intuitive, menu-driven, drag-and-drop, content-assisted configuration console driven by Java-script technology
    14. 14. AnalysisFound 187 security groups, for roughly195 users… – Needed location level security, similar to storeroom security OOB. – Ended up with a security group for EACH and EVERY location in one organization (44 locations) – Multiple cloned applications – Excessive security group count broke reports, hence the prior need for Crystal
    15. 15. Solution to too many Security Groups• Made application dynamic based on values entered• Implemented field, tab, and group level security so that one application was sufficient, – each org/site has its own set of rules about what can or cannot be seen• Result: 38 Groups for 205 users – eliminated the need for cloned apps, eliminated the redundancies within security groups
    16. 16. Report Improvements• Eliminated all Crystal Reports and converted to BIRT. – All reports worked within application – Calculate complex readiness – Less user confusion, reduces amount of end user training required
    17. 17. Day to Day improvementsDynamic Development Environment• System is no longer static• Adaptable to the frequently changing set of requirements from the customer• Ability to make enhancements proactivelyBetter User Experience• Present customer with better user experienceBetter Data for Better Decision Making• Record better data due to higher user participation• System-enforced data regulation
    18. 18. Examples
    19. 19. LRT Start / StopPM WO = Start/ Stop CM WO = LRT Start/ LRT Stop
    20. 20. Enforce labor accountability by requiring at least one labor line per WO
    21. 21. Authorized Users Tab
    22. 22. WO Rejection Process
    23. 23. WO Rejection Process
    24. 24. Reject Work Order
    25. 25. Download restriction
    26. 26. Mass Update
    27. 27. Mass Update
    28. 28. Mass Update
    29. 29. Mass Update
    30. 30. Impact = Success!!• Battelle received a Exceptional rating in ALL Contractor Performance Assessment Report categories• Increased Operational Availability – Exceeded performance metrics• Increased Logistics Response time – Consistently more than 50% below performance metrics• Reduced cost every year *Reduced cost does not include increases in scope
    31. 31. Where do we go from here?• Complete 7.5 migration• Funds In / Funds Out• Integrate other web collaboration software to deliver custom dashboards in order to provide real-time information to the client• RulesManager based Configuration Management• Expand Relationships• New Programs• Add features not currently being utilized• …To the Pub!
    32. 32. Questions?Jason W BrockCLS Asset Management LeaderBattelleCell: 540 270 8685Brockj@battelle.orgAdam J. ScharferManager of East Coast OperationsTRMOffice: 703-548-4285adam.scharfer@trmnet.com