Finding Dead People: Genealogy and Local History Resources for the ILL Pracitioner


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Presentation given at ALA Annual 2014 Las Vegas by Cherie' Weible and Amber Case

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Finding Dead People: Genealogy and Local History Resources for the ILL Pracitioner

  1. 1. Finding Dead People Genealogy and Local History Resources for the ILL Practitioner ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  2. 2. ● The rising popularity of genealogy ● Why are genealogy ILL request so difficult? ● Indexes to Print Genealogies ● Online Resources ● Genealogy Repositories ● Difficult Requests (and how we solved them…) ● Top Tips For Filling Your Genealogy Requests ● Q & A Outline ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  3. 3. “Genealogy is hot. The same hobby that once was the preferred pastime of shutins, spinsters and confirmed bachelors has become widely popular...There's a broad, mainstream interest in family history” – ABC News “Visitors to online genealogy sites are mostly white women, 55 and older, who browse the Internet from home...It’s a demographic projected to grow 36 percent by 2020, three times as fast as any other group.” – Bloomberg Businessweek Rising Popularity ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  4. 4. Power of the Internet
  5. 5. Power of the Internet
  6. 6. Genealogy in Popular Media Popular TV Shows
  7. 7. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Why are genealogy requests so difficult? Unshelved. December 2, 2002
  8. 8. ● Material not widely published or collected ○ May only be held by small historical/genealogical societies ● Non-circulating due to age or rarity ● Difficult citations ○ Obituaries (top tips later!) ○ Newspaper articles ○ Biographical sketches in books Why so difficult? ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  9. 9. Indexes to Print Genealogies ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  10. 10. MEYERINK, K. L. (1998). Printed sources: a guide to published genealogical records. Salt Lake City, Ancestry. Print Indexes
  11. 11. American Genealogical Biographical Index • Every name index to 800 printed genealogies and other compiled sources housed at the Godfrey Memorial Library • Over 5.5 million entries • Found in print (200+ volumes) and electronically on HathiTrust (select volumes), Ancestry Library Edition, and WorldVitalRecords Print Indexes ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  12. 12. Genealogical Index of the Newberry Library • Surname index to 3,000 volumes including genealogies, local histories, and periodicals published prior to 1917 • Digital version available on HathiTrust Print Indexes ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  13. 13. Periodical Source Index PERSI ● Created by Allen County Public Library ● 2.3 million records from genealogy and local history periodicals published in U.S. and Canada back to 1800 ● Available in Allen County Public Library OR through HeritageQuest. ● Coming Soon? - working with ACPL to link index to full text of article. FindMyPast is a subscription site but does have a Pay-Per-View model. Print Indexes ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  14. 14. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  15. 15. Print Indexes ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  16. 16. Print Indexes ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  17. 17. National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) ● Operated by the Library of Congress ● Mission: “catalog describing archival and manuscript collections held by eligible repositories located throughout the United States and its territories” ● Project began in 1959 ● ‘Over 114,000 collections in nearly 1,800 repositories cataloged over the course of the program.’ Print Indexes ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  18. 18. ● Records from 1959-1985 available in print volumes; 1986-present available on OCLC WorldCat ● Index to Personal Names in the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1984 ● Index to Subjects and Corporate Names in the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1984 Print Indexes ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  19. 19. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Online Sources
  20. 20. ● 30+ million volumes ● Full View, Limited Preview, Snippet, No View ● Great for county histories, legal proceedings, state and federal government publications, and out of copyright periodicals. ● ILLiad Add-On Online Sources ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  21. 21. Full View
  22. 22. Snippet View Romelia
  23. 23. Internet Archive •Over 6 million public domain ebooks, 1.6 million videos, 2 million audio recordings, and 129,000 concerts. •Genealogy collections features texts from Allen County Public Library, University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, Brigham Young, National Library of Scotland, and Boston Public Libraries •Encourages libraries, content holders and the reading community at large, to have their printed materials non-destructively digitized and put online for the benefit of all at one of their 33 global scanning centers. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  24. 24. Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) ● Launched in April 2013 ● Mission: “to establish a national network out of the over forty state/regional digital libraries and myriad large digital libraries in the US...into a single access point for users” Online Sources
  25. 25. DPLA Partners Online Sources
  26. 26. Family History Books ● 80,000 genealogy and family history publications Online Sources
  27. 27. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Online Sources
  28. 28. HeritageQuest • Paid Subscription through Proquest • 7 million digitized page images from over 28,000 family histories, local histories, and other books • University of California – San Diego loaded 22,176 records into OCLC from items found in HeritageQuest. • OCLC symbol – HQSTO Online Sources ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  29. 29. Online Sources
  30. 30. Chronicling America – Newspaper Directory ● Includes ‘library catalog records created by state institutions during the NEH-sponsored United States Newspaper Program’ ● Covers 1690-present ● 140,000 bibliographic title entries and 900,000 separate library holdings records. Records are updated annually. Online Sources ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  31. 31. Online Sources
  32. 32. Chronicling America - Digital Newspapers Online Sources
  33. 33. Basic SearchAdvanced SearchBrowse for Titles Online Sources
  34. 34. Other Newspaper Databases Online Sources
  35. 35. Online Resource Wikipedia: List of Digital Newspaper Online Sources
  36. 36. Online Sources
  37. 37. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Genealogy Repositories
  38. 38. ● Allen County Public Library ● Mid-Continent Public Library ● National Genealogical Society’s Collection ● Family History Library ● Local collections ○ Use the geographic location of the request to identify local libraries, archives, and genealogical societies ○ Champaign County Historical Archives is housed within the Urbana Free Library Genealogy Repositories ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  39. 39. ● 350,000 printed volumes and 513,000 microfilm/microfiche representing ● 55,000 volumes of compiled genealogies ● 48,000 city directories ● 6,200 current periodical subscriptions ● Services offered include photocopies from sources including periodicals, family histories and direct records sources such as the military pension indexes: ● Does not use OCLC for genealogical requests; the OCLC symbol is for Public Library collection Genealogy Repositories ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  40. 40. Mid-Continent Public Library ● Midwest Genealogy Center (OCLC: CMI) ● Genealogy from the Heartland collection offers over 17,000 genealogy and local history books available through ILL to researchers nationwide FREE OF CHARGE Genealogy Repositories ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  41. 41. NGS Library Collection ● National Genealogical Society Book Loan Collection (OCLC: ZAE) ● Housed at St. Louis County Library (SLCL) ● More than 20,000 circulating volumes ● All items may be checked out or borrowed through ILL ● Policy restricts two books loaned at a time to a patron. ● Will copy up to 30 pages from one item Genealogy Repositories ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  42. 42. Family History Library ● Does not use traditional ILL; still a valuable resource ● ‘The collection includes over 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed genealogical records; 727,000 microfiche; 356,000 books, serials, and other formats; over 4,500 periodicals and 3,725 electronic resources.’ ● Microfilm loans to Family History Centers around the world for a nominal fee. ● Free document delivery service for individuals Genealogy Repositories ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  43. 43. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Difficult Requests And how we solved them….
  44. 44. Book Title: History of King County Washington. Volume 1. Author: Clarence B. Bagley Pub. Date: 1929 Notes: Most interested in information on Robbins family including a photo of Robbins family homestead that is supposedly featured in this book. Difficult Request 1 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  45. 45. First Step ● Submitted request to several libraries to try to borrow book ● Unfilled as non-circulating Difficult Request 1 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  46. 46. Next Step ● Submitted new request for photocopy of index. ● No entries for Robbins Difficult Request 1 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  47. 47. Additional Formats ● Is it available in other formats? ● Print OCLC record: Difficult Request 1 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  48. 48. Google Books Difficult Request 1
  49. 49. New Photocopy Request ● Submitted a request for title page and pages 288, 709, and 734. Difficult Request 1 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  50. 50. • Richard Smith • Death date unknown; suspected 1900-1910 Livingston Co., IL • Patron searched source Find-A-Grave • Located date 17 May 1902 • ILL staff used newspaper Index at ALPL (Springfield, IL) • Located Fairbury Blade nearest community Difficult Request 2 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  51. 51. • Obituary for Robinson Smith • Died in California between 1910 and 1920 • Last known residence Tulare County in 1910 • Search engine: Tulare County Obituary Index • Leads to CA Genweb and Tulare County Obituary Index • Date of obit 17 Aug 1910 in Tulare Advance Register • Librarian did additional work to provide cemetery where he was buried and also provided spouse’s name and death date Difficult Request 3 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  52. 52. Difficult Request 3
  53. 53. • Obituary for Alexander Smith • Died in Springhill Township, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania between 1910 and 1920 • Patron asked to narrow down date • Located possible cemetery listing for December 1910 • WorldCat • Keyword search Fayette and Pennsylvania and limit to serial • 147 results • Chose Daily News Standard and The Morning Herald both published in Uniontown, PA; county seat, nearest community Difficult Request 4 ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  54. 54. ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Top Tips for Filling Your Requests
  55. 55. ● Be sure the date of death is known and correct. ● Check for local obituary indexes. ● Search entire newspaper. ● Be creative with names. ● Look for variants of the name. ● Look for married woman under Mrs. [husband’s name]. ● Check newspapers for both last known residence and home town. ● Don’t forget to check ethnic or religious newspapers. Tips for Obituaries ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  56. 56. ● Ask for a loan of the newspaper film if possible; many libraries are not staffed to spend time locating obituaries. ● Although loans usually cost the patron more it allows the chance to find additional information before and after the death such as: ○ notice of illness before death ○ visits from family before death ○ time to find obituary that can be printed up to a month or more afterward in a newspaper ○ cards of thanks from family ○ notice of filing of probate or estate Tips for Obituaries ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  57. 57. Top Tips for Filling Requests ● Choose who you send requests to strategically ○ What type of library? ○ How does the material fit into the collection? ● Think outside OCLC. ● Genealogical Societies ● Historical Societies ● Museums ● Check for alternate format. ● Check for locally created indexes. ● If material is non-circulating ○ Check if photocopy if possibility ○ If too long to copy, ask for copy of index ● If needed, go back to the patron for more information! Top Tips ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  58. 58. It’s okay to cancel! ● "Interlibrary loan is the process by which a library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library.” - ALA ● If user is not looking for a specific source, evaluate if you have the staffing, time, and other resources to do beyond this. It is OKAY to cancel! ● Create a cancellation email template that helps point these patrons to reference librarians and/or other local genealogical research help. One More Tip ©2014 Amber Case & Cherie' Weible
  59. 59. Thanks! Questions? Additional resources or tips? Amber Case - Cherié Weible -