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Nfes tours the world by mrs. waybright 2012


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Nfes tours the world by mrs. waybright 2012

  1. 1. North Fork Elementary Tours the WorldWelcome to the continents of the world and the plethora of knowledge that awaits you. Use this if you do not know what PLETHORA means.
  2. 2. You have been hired by an investment corporation and they are curious aboutwhether it is a good investment to bring their businesses to your continent.You are a world traveler and you will need to report back to NFES Inc. of yourcontinents ability to support growth and future investments. You will researchyour continent and submit a power point presentation to the investors of NFESInc. Your time is limited and you must report back to Mrs. Waybright withyour findings. Good luck and happy travels as you explore the future of yourcontinent. Make sure you visit all hyper links within this assignment andsubmit all required requests. The Management
  3. 3. You are to put together a power point presentation tosell your continent to Mrs. Waybright the EconomicAdvisor for NFES INC. Throughout this assignment,you will be asked to fulfill requirements for the NEXTGENERATION Content Standard for Social Studies.See Mrs. Waybright for a rubric on grading so you willknow what it takes to be distinguished, above masteryor mastery on this project.
  4. 4. The site on the next slide will show you a view of thecontinents. As you read through this site, answer thefollowing questions for the top 5 countries on yourcontinent. If you can not find all of these bullets, lookelsewhere and see if you can answer them.Origin of the continents of the world and their rootsThe highest populations and the capital citiesNative language and the languages spoken Examine population data from the U.S. CensusBureau and infer the reasons for changes anddifferences in various areas (for example: differencebetween rural and urban areas)Assess the economic impact technology has had onyour continent
  5. 5.
  6. 6. You will also need to include in your presentation the following :• Make sure you include the top 5 countries flags along with a map of your continent and show where the 5 top countries are located on your map. Use poster board for your map. See Mrs. Waybright for poster board.• Locate the major waterways of your continent and examine their impact on transportation and trade.• Compare and contrast historical maps and identify the changes on your continent in regard to political boundaries as a result of conflicts and war.• Identify any geographic features that have influenced the safety of the United States and those which may isolate it from conflicts aboard.• Classify and evaluate the different types of world trade organizations that are present and which could benefit the United States through trade, military and health.
  7. 7. From this site, research what is an ocean and find out as much as you can about the worlds oceans, seas, lakes and water supply to determine if these are selling features for trade/economics/tourism for your continent.
  8. 8. This site allows you access to facts about your continent and the countries of your continent. It is updated weekly so be sure to check it frequently.
  9. 9. Think outside the box!! Are there any current issues concerning climate, biomes, plants oranimals that you can conclude from your research of this site? Evaluate the effects of physicalgeography and the changing nature of the earth’s surface on transportation, culture, economicactivities.
  10. 10. The world is facing a natural resources crisisworse than a financial crisis. Why?Should NFES, INC. be worried that yourcountry will run out of fresh water?What’s going on in our world with our naturalresources? What ecological footprint impactdoes your continent have?Analyze the relationship of people with theirenvironment regarding populationdemographics, settlement and trade.
  11. 11. From the below site find out why?
  12. 12. Is there anything else you deem interesting orimportant??? ( so, go back to the previous sites you have visitedand take note of what you found interesting orimportant to know and research it further.Remember, you are trying to convince the investorsthat your continent is the one to put their moneyinto. World economics depends on you and yourability to be convincing and sell a place in our world.
  13. 13. You have the liberty to inform Mrs. Waybright ofNFES Inc. on any topic you feel would be of interestto her in helping her make the decision to invest ornot to invest in your continent. (Isn’t our world a beautiful sight?)
  14. 14. References:1. The nations online project. Klaus Kastle. One World-Nations Online. Copyright 1998- 2011 2. (n.d.) Oceans and Seas - Retrieved from: 4. Strahler, Arthur N., Strahler, Arthur H., Elements of Physical Geography. John Wiley & Sons, 1984. Juliette Jowit The Guardian, Tuesday 28 October 2008 The World Factbook is in the public domain and may be used freely by anyone atanytime without seeking permission. images provided from Clip art on Office Online.