@One Online Teaching Certification Program


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Presentation for my session at the 2011 Online Teaching Conference (#OTC11).

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@One Online Teaching Certification Program

  1. 1. The @One Online Teaching Certification Program:Take Your Teaching to New Heights Michelle Pacansky-Brock Micah Orloff certification@onefortraining.orghttp://www.onefortraining.org/certification
  2. 2. www.onefortraining.org
  3. 3. Enrollment• Designed for CA community college faculty• Open to all• Enrollment is Free (pay-as-you-go model) 8%1% 8% Community College 4-Year University 8% Not Currently Teaching K12 Commercial/Corporate 75%
  4. 4. Who is Enrolled? by role 5% 4% Faculty16% Staff Admin other 76%
  5. 5. Why are you enrolling? •“To be current with technology in my teaching.” •“So I can use more online teaching in the classroom.”intrinsic •“To learn best practices and increase student retention and success.” •“To be the best online instructor I can be.” •“To create a diverse learning experience for students.” •“...to excel and succeed in the digital age...and benefit my students.” •“Be certified so I can teach online.”extrinsic •“...to teach at a community college.” •“...be more marketable.” •“Career advancement”
  6. 6. Program Essentials• Enrolling is free• Requires: • Completion of five, 4-week online classes • Development of an ePortfolio, Google Site or Online Class that demonstrates proficiency of the iNACOL standards• Completion of the Online Teaching Practicum• Anticipated time of completion: 1 year (varies)• Total cost is as low as $500
  7. 7. The Goal• Demonstrate proficiency of the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching.• iNACOL: International, non-profit association for online learning http://www.inacol.org Craig Quimby on Flickr
  8. 8. iNACOL Standards• Publicly shared to support national quality in online teaching.• Quality development process: research existing standards, cross-reference, survey to iNACOL members/experts.• 13 Standards
  9. 9. Certification Program Learning Pathway• phase A: coursework• phase B: teaching practicum asma on Flickr
  10. 10. Phase A: CourseworkSuccessfully complete Five Classes: 1. Introduction to Online Teaching and LearningThen complete these four classes in any order: 2. CMS Training (select from Intro to Teaching with Blackboard 9 or Intro to Teaching with Moodle) 3. Creating Accessible Online Courses 4. Building Online Community with Social Media 5. Designing Effective Online Assessments
  11. 11. Online Course Details• Each class is 4 weeks long• Involves 10 hours of work each week• Offered three times a year: fall, spring, summer• Taught with Moodle(except for Intro to Teaching With Blackboard)• Upon enrolling in the program, certificationcandidates receive priority registration
  12. 12. Phase A: Coursework Intro to Online Teaching &1st Learning Creating Accessible Online Coursesany sequence Course Management Training Building Online Community with Social Media Designing Effective Online Assessments
  13. 13. Demonstrating Your Online Teaching Proficiencies Phase A: Coursework Intro to Online Teaching &1st Learning Creating Accessible Online Coursesany sequence Course Management Training Building Online Community with Social Media Designing Effective Online Assessments Phase B: Teaching Practicum
  14. 14. Online Teaching Practicum 12-weeks iNACOL Standards iNACOL Standards iNACOL Standards You @One Online Mentor Artifacts iNACOL Standards• Finalize teaching artifacts with guidance from an @One Online Mentor• Complete CCC Confer training• Online Teaching artifacts are reviewed by the @One Final Review Team• Final certification decision is made
  15. 15. Certification Program Fees (2010/2011) CA Public Private or non-CA Course Type Educational Other Educational Institution InstitutionOnline Class (x5) $55 $110 $220 Teaching Practicum $225 $225 $225 (x1)TOTAL $500 $775 $1,325
  16. 16. How to Enroll• Enrolling in the program is free.• After enrolling, you receive priority registration for all certification classes.• To enroll, go to: www.onefortraining.org/certification• Click “Enroll Now!”
  17. 17. For more information:email: certification@onefortraining.orgweb: www.onefortraining.org/certification
  18. 18. Evaluation SurveyHelp us improve our conference by filling out a short online evaluation survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/11OTC_0623_11am