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BRN Symposium 03/06/16 Welcome and introduction Symposium 2016

Dr. Jordi Dorca

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BRN Symposium 03/06/16 Welcome and introduction Symposium 2016

  1. 1. Dr. Jordi Dorca www. Welcome & Presentation
  2. 2. BRN is a non profit foundation registered in September 2012 integrated by: • 7 respiratory departments belonging to the university hospitals of the Barcelona district • 11 pharmaceutical and technological companies • 5 other public and private institutions of Catalonia BRN primary aim is to foster cooperative research in respiratory health, facilitating public-private cooperation and involving the civil society About the BRN Foundation...
  3. 3. • Periodically organized research seminars aimed to: • Promote scientific debate about relevant research topics • Identify a critical mass of researchers in specific areas • Design new collaborative research projects
  4. 4. • Annual call for new collaborative research projects • International scientific evaluation of the proposals • Starting grants provided by a philanthropic institution: Fundación Privada Ramón Pla Armengol • Active implication in complementary fund rising strategies Implementation of new research projects
  5. 5. • Online, open access, quarterly journal that publishes cutting-edge, high quality, internationally authored reviews on timely topics in respiratory medicine, with a focus on their translational aspects.
  6. 6. International Workshops & Symposiums
  7. 7. Discussion! Position Paper Education Disemination
  8. 8. 8:45h Introduction
  9. 9. Important advices... • Keep your mobile phones silent during the session • Remember that this presentation is being recorded: please use the microphones to intervene • You can enjoy internet access: PRBB (pwd: darwin1809) • Certificates of assistance will be issued on demand (