What’s next?Consumer and Business TrendsChanging our Lives – and Your MarketTrend         Questions to ask                ...
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on a smartphone?                        Store or Google Play Store.                3. What entirely new product,          ...
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What's Next Worksheet from Revenue North Conference Colorado Springs 2013


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Worksheet from the April 18, 2013 Revenue North Business Growth Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Barry R McCann What's Next: Consumer and Business Trends Changing Our Lives -- and Your Market

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What's Next Worksheet from Revenue North Conference Colorado Springs 2013

  1. 1. What’s next?Consumer and Business TrendsChanging our Lives – and Your MarketTrend Questions to ask Ideas to exploreBig Data 1. What data do you collect? • Take a deep dive into Web Why? analytics – heat maps, paths to purchase, A/B multivariate 2. What would happen if you testing, etc. connected data that’s held in separate databases now? • Integrate at least one database with your core order system – 3. What data can you tie directly start easy, like, connect to customer behavior? customer service notes with order history. 4. What data could validate that a particular prospect or customer • Start collecting data on is worth spending money on? something related to operations. Get a phone app for tracking 5. Could you make micro car mileage. Analyze your improvements that add up to routes. Start planning more big money if you could analyze efficiently. more data? • Explore using an integrated Web site / ordering / marketing / social media platformPresumerism 1. What business idea could you • Fund at least one new idea each post to Kickstarter for funding quarter. Get used to the process and feedback? and interaction. 2. What would you be willing to • Have a Shark Tank party: give pre-launch adopters in pick five pitches from a return for their support? crowdfunding site, let someone pretend to be the entrepreneur 3. How could you express your and other be the investors. Pick business plan in one page? a winner. 4. What questions would you want • Develop one focused new to answer before you launched product or service – and post it your new product or service? on a crowdfunding site. 5. What difference would it make • Contact a successful if you started your first business crowdsourcer startup using crowdfunding and
  2. 2. presumer feedback? entrepreneur. Interview and learn.Gamification 1. What game have you played • Go play some games online. online that was connected to a product brand? • Ask your customers if they would play a game related to 2. Why did you enjoy it? your business. 3. In what ways could make your • Ask your customers what they product or service fun? would do to make your products and services fun, as it 4. Whom do you think a game relates to gamification. would appeal to, as it relates to your business? • Develop one simple game you could launch, end and analyze. 5. What would you want to gain from a game if you launched one for your business?Genwhat? 1. What percentage of your • Rewrite your business plan to customers fall into what target certain customers, generation category? starting with age range and related demographics. 2. If you looked at what customers spend the most with • Create a marketing plan to your business, what generation reach a specific generation you would it be? typically don’t sell to. 3. Why do think the above • Assemble employees who generation spends more than seem to fit the Millennial others? profile. Ask them what they think, what they would do 4. What could you do to appeal to differently if they were you. other generations that have spending power? • Consider becoming more involved in a charitable cause 5. How could lead employees you’re passionate about. differently if you considered their generational differences?Small 1. How much time do you spend • If you don’t have aScreens with a smartphone or tablet? smartphone or tablet, go buy one. Or both. 2. How would you change your marketing approach if the only • Download and install the top place you advertised and five business brand interacted with customers was applications in the Apple App
  3. 3. on a smartphone? Store or Google Play Store. 3. What entirely new product, • Start using your smartphone service or customer experience for all office functions – free could you develop for a tablet or yourself from the desk and the smartphone? PC. Avoid saying the word “can’t.” 4. Say you ran a TV ad – what would you want customers to do • Develop one new business on their smartphones while they idea that only uses a watched the ad? smartphone app. 5. What customer service functions could you channel toward tablets and smartphones?See related slides at the Barry R. McCann LinkedIn page.Prepared and copyrighted 2013 Barry R. McCann.Contact: brm@barryrmccann.comTwitter: @barryrmccann