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VP of Public Relations Training Aug 5 2012


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VP of Public Relations Training Aug 5 2012

  1. 1. Vice President of Public Relations Who, What and How Presenter: Barry McCannSouthern Division TLI Aug 2012
  2. 2. AgendaIntrosRole and responsibilitiesChecklistSituations you may faceResources for successQuestions/Discussion
  3. 3. Presenter: Barry McCann Advanced Communicator Silver Pikes Peak Toastmasters VP of Public Relations District 26 Southern Division Area 1 Governor New Initiatives Leader at Current USA and PaperDirect LinkedIn and Twitter: just search for Barry R. McCann Fav music group: Porcupine Tree Aspiration: become a self-sufficient small business owner 3
  4. 4. Your turn! (30 seconds each)NameClub infoWhat you do for work (or not)Favorite musical groupYour aspiration 4
  5. 5. Role & Responsibilities Toastmasters Club Constitution for Member Clubs, Article VII: Duties of Officers, Section 4 The vice president public relations is the fourth ranking clubofficer and is responsible for developing and directing a publicityprogram that informs individual members and the general public about Toastmasters International. 5
  6. 6. Kion KIU signifi? 6
  7. 7. Role & ResponsibilitiesYou’re the club link to the outside world  notify the public of your club’s existence  wield the club communication tools  communicate from TMI to the club 7
  8. 8. Connect with the local communityPublish club meeting times & locationMake club visible in local event calendarsCreate the club newsletterPost on social media sites 8
  9. 9. Create & maintain the Web siteCore club information for visitorsNews & events for membersRecognition for achievements 9
  10. 10. Manage the club brand imageMake consistent with TM InternationalEnsure professional look in publicFacilitate members’ use of brand 10
  11. 11. But what are your real goals?attract new visitorscreate opportunities for outside speakingestablish a positive reputation 11
  12. 12. Exercise 1: Setting GoalsCount to 1,2,3Create three PR goalsHow will you do this?How will measure success? 12
  13. 13. Common Situations  “Nobody seems to notice ....”  “I just don’t have a lot of time for this ....”  “I don’t know if this is working ....” 13
  14. 14. Exercise 2: Overcoming Barriers List the three biggest challenges in your club How can your role as VP of PR work to overcome these? 14
  15. 15. Resources Achieving Success as VP of PR The VP of PR Role PR FAQs Developing a PR Calendar Toastmasters Branding Web sites Logos Images 15
  16. 16. Questions/Discussion 16
  17. 17. 17