45 Ways To Build Your Online Brand


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This presentation about personal branding was delivered to advertising students at South Dakota State University on April 16, 2014. Contact me on Twitter (@benlippert) or by email (ben299lippert [at] gmail.com) if you have questions about social media, starting your own personal blog or building your personal brand online.

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45 Ways To Build Your Online Brand

  1. 1. 45 Ways To Build Your Online Brand / benlippert
  2. 2. About the Presenter • SDSU grad (obviously) • 1st job at Robert Sharp & Assoc. • 2nd job at Fused Interactive • Currently employed at Vision Video Interactive (VVI)
  3. 3. Networking Tips from The Onion
 ! 1) First impressions last forever. Immediately after shaking someone’s hand, take a bottle of antibacterial sanitizer from your pocket and clean your hand thoroughly so that they know you have good hygiene. ! 2) People are often quite busy during the workday, so always approach potential contacts by visiting their homes at night. ! 3) Dress appropriately. A single tie is fine for business casual networking events, but a minimum of three ties should be worn to formal interviews. ! 4) Asking, “So how did you get the job you have now?” is a great way to learn about some of the outdated, unhelpful ways people used to get jobs 15 years ago. ! 5) The keys to success at any networking event are eye contact, a firm handshake, and five to 10 years of work experience that perfectly align with what your prospective employer is looking for. ! 6) No matter how insincere you are, try the best you can to hide the fact that you’re only talking to someone because you want to use them.
  4. 4. “You don't ‘belong to’ any company for life, and your chief affiliation isn't to any particular ‘function.’ You're not defined by your job title and you're not confined by your job description. Starting today you are a brand.” ! Source: The Brand Called You by Tom Peters
  5. 5. Join Twitter ! This Is Why No One Follows you On Twitter by Mashable
  6. 6. Google yourself ! “ben lippert”
  7. 7. Consider cleaning up or “locking down” your Facebook. ! (Photos of drinking are not necessarily bad.)
  8. 8. Make sure your profile pic is easily identifiable.
  9. 9. Consistent profile photo
  10. 10. Consistent vanity URLS
  11. 11. Complete, consistent bios and profile information
  12. 12. Make it stupid easy for someone to contact you.
  13. 13. Purchase your name domain (YourName.com)
  14. 14. Start a blog to share your talent or passion. ! pokemonxniccage.com beerlabelsinmotion.tumblr.com
 honestslogans.com 4sqsodak.com
  15. 15. Blogging platforms for writing/portfolio ! Tumblr, WordPress.com, Squarespace, Blogger, Medium
  16. 16. Setup your Google Plus page
  17. 17. Create an About.Me page
  18. 18. Attend an event and tweet using the event hashtag. ! e.g. 9 Great Quotes From OTA 14
  19. 19. Include links on business cards ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YBxeDN4tbk
  20. 20. These aren’t cool anymore.
  21. 21. Profiles should be public ! Transparency is (usually) a good thing.
  22. 22. The key is transparency
  23. 23. Upload your resume/ projects to SlideShare
  24. 24. Create a unique Pinterest board ! http://www.pinterest.com/benlippert/605/
  25. 25. Theme your Instagram feed ! ! http://instagram.com/jasonmpeterson http://instagram.com/draplin http://instagram.com/onmyplate
  26. 26. Join a niche social network ! e.g. RunKeeper, Flickr, Dribbble, Pack, Vimeo, Untappd, Foodspotting
  27. 27. Learn (some) code ! <a href=“http://www.codecademy.com target="_blank">Codeacadamy</a>
  28. 28. Check your LinkedIn settings
  29. 29. Review your “Public Profile”
  30. 30. Explore new media & learn their intricacies ! (even if you don’t intend on using the platform)
  31. 31. Don’t feel like you need to be everywhere.
  32. 32. Be diligent about keeping accounts up-to-date.
  33. 33. Follow industry news ! • Pocket ! • Feedly
 • Google Alerts
 • RSS feed
 • Twitter list
 • Facebook list
  34. 34. Use a URL shortener ! Bitly, Buffer
  35. 35. Share industry news
  36. 36. Tweet at industry professionals, but do it sparingly and tactfully.
  37. 37. Think like an SEO
  38. 38. Keep language clean and positive.
  39. 39. Consider grammar and punctuation
  40. 40. Easy on the hashtags
  41. 41. Get a certification (Do work outside of class. Go the extra mile!)
  42. 42. Educate yourself ! Find and subscribe to resources. e.g. Moz Whiteboard Friday, Google Webmasters
  43. 43. Start a podcast
  44. 44. Freelance write
  45. 45. Learn from personal branding professionals like Gary Vaynerchuk and Patt Flynn.
  46. 46. Share links to everything you do, but try not to come off as a narcissistic jerk.
  47. 47. Key Takeaway: Be known for something.
  48. 48. Be real. People hire people.
  49. 49. BONUS TIPS! • Apply for not-for-credit internships • Disconnect at times • Volunteer your time and ability • Beef up your resume (something to talk about in your interviews) • Ask if you can tour or shadow
  50. 50. This deck is available on SlideShare
  51. 51. What questions do you have for me? ! “Hey Ben, what is agency life like?”