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Top colleges


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Top colleges

  1. 1. Rodolfo Brandon BernardinoP7Top CollegesUniversity of San DiegoLocation – San Diego, CaliforniaCosts of Attendance –The ideal estimate for one year is $38,150. The tuition for onesemester costs 19,000. The fees for health services and processing cost $216. On-campus housing costs 4,305 per semester. The meal plan costs 1,571 per semester.Admission requirements - “All applications for freshman admission are evaluatedthoroughly by a team of admissions professionals. A comprehensive review of a student’scourse selection across four years, grades in academic classes, and test scores allow theadmissions committee to evaluate a student’s academic preparation and achievement.Additional information is considered, including evidence of leadership, service andtalents. A letter of recommendation and essay are also considered in the admissionsprocess” A student’s highest SAT and ACT scores are also examined.Housing options – Average room and board costs approximately 11,000 dollars per yearfor campus housing. There are 6 on campus residential options. Students also have offcampus options. There are 3 off campus options that are located close to the campus.Coursework and prerequisites –4 years worth of courses are needed to attain a Bachelor’sdegree in Sociology.Lower Division Required (9 units)SOCI 101D Introduction to Sociology (3)Two of the following three lower-division courses (six units):SOCI 216D Contemporary Social Issues: Power and Inequality in Global Perspective (3)SOCI 217D Contemporary Social Issues: Crime, Justice, Law and Society (3)SOCI 218D Contemporary Social Issues: Community, Urbanization, and Culture (3)Upper Division Required Courses (9 units)Students should plan their upper-division courses in consultation with their major advisor. The courses will include:SOCI 322 Classical Sociological Theories (3) or SOCI 323 Contemporary Sociological Theories (3)SOCI 325 Quantitative Methods (3)SOCI 326 Qualitative Methods (3)Upper Division Elective Courses (18 units)In addition to the nine units of upper division required courses (322 or 323, 325, 326), students will also take 18 additionalupper-division units, 12 of which must be selected from the courses specifically listed under the student’s declared areaconcentration. Students are encouraged to select one of the three area concentrations outlined below and they should includethe 200-level course that serves as an introductory pathway to the area concentration they have chosen. (See SOCI 216D,217D, and 218D.) Students may also choose to have a generalist perspective in sociology rather than an area concentration, inwhich case they must select two courses from each of the three area concentrations.Important features: - Diverse Campus - Great sports program :O - Multiple café’s located across the campus - Great meal plan program - City of San Diego has many options for leisure 3/13/11 3/28/11
  2. 2. University of California San DiegoLocations – San Diego, CaliforniaCosts of Attendance – $27,000 per year for instate tuition and on campus housing.Housing costsAdmission requirements – Uncapped GPA, SAT and ACT scores will be reviewed.Prospective students must turn in an admissions application and personal statement. Aminimum of a “C” for all classes attended during high school. For the tenth and eleventhgrade of a student, the student must have at least a 3.0 GPA or above.Housing options – You can choose to attend the college while living with your parents.On campus, you can choose to rent a single, double, or triple room at the residence halls.It is less expensive to rent a double room for the year, and one can save more by renting atriple room and rooming with more people. The prices for on campus residence are: 11kper year for a single room, 10k for a double room, and 9.5k for a regular room. Theprices for off campus apartment’s are: 10,855 for single rooms, and 10, 055 for doublerooms.Coursework and prerequisites - Political Inquiry, Three of four(Political Science 10, 11,12, and 13), and twelve upper-division courses are needed for a Bachelor’s degree inPolitical Science.Important features: - SOCCER TEAM  - 7th best university in the USA - Renown Political Science program 3/14/11
  3. 3. University of California Los AngelesLocation – Los Angeles, CaliforniaCosts of Attendance – Admission Requirements – - Academic grade point average (GPA), calculated using 10th and 11th grade UC–approved courses only - Performance on standardized tests: the ACT Assessment Plus Writing or the SAT Reasoning Test, and two SAT Subject Tests in two different subject areas [English, history and social studies, mathematics (Math Level 2 only), science, or language] - The strength of your senior year program. - Quality, quantity, and level of course work taken throughout your entire high school program, especially course work completed beyond the minimum a–g courses required for eligibility to the University of California - The strength of the program taken within the context of the high school you attended - A progressively challenging academic program, including the number of and performance in college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and transferable college courses; passing scores on AP or IB exams; mastery of academic subjects as demonstrated by high grades and exam results; and presence of summer session/inter- session courses that enhance academic progress. - Sustained participation in activities that develop academic and intellectual abilities and Honors and/or awards in recognition of academic, intellectual, or creative achievement - Written personal statement that will help the college understand the prospective student.Housing options –Coursework and prerequisites -