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FDR Essay Rodolfo and Garret


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Published in: Education
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FDR Essay Rodolfo and Garret

  1. 1. Rodolfo Brandon BernardinoGarret HolcroftFranklin D. Roosevelt Essay Franklin D. Roosevelt was a strong leader and president during the Great Depression.Unfortunately, his New Deal policies failed to sufficiently stimulate the economy. Roosevelturged the government to have more involvement in handling the economy. His plan to utilizetechnology in reversing the Great Depression was flawed. Roosevelt’s pump priming created anational deficit by attempting to help the economy by spending money the USA did not have. Roosevelt established a numerable amount of government agencies within days of takingoffice. Some of these include: the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Civil WorksAdministration, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. These and many otherorganizations were effective in handling the causes and problems associated with the GreatDepression. However, there were many critics who opposed the governmental interference.Other critics, mainly proponents of the Populist movement, believed that his New Deal programwas ineffective.