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India quiz prelims


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India Quiz prelims of Anandotsava 2013 at NMAMIT, Nitte

India quiz prelims

  1. 1. NMAMIT, Nitte Presents India Quiz PrelimsA quiz by – Dhanraj and Special thanks to Dany James Raghavendra Kamath and Krishnananda Baliga
  2. 2. 1Plans for a hydroelectricproject that threatened theparks high diversity of wildlifestimulated an environmentalistSocial Movement in the 1970scalled X which resulted incancellation of the project andcreation of the park in 1980.
  3. 3. Silent Valley
  4. 4. 2Mizo National Front (MNF) is a regionalpolitical party in Mizoram, India. MNFemerged out of the Mizo National XFront, which was formed by PuLaldenga to protest against the inactionof the Indian central governmenttowards the X situation in the Mizoareas of the Assam state in 1959. Itstaged a major uprising in 1966,followed by years of undergroundactivities. In 1986, it signed the MizoAccord with the Government of India,renouncing secession and violence.
  5. 5. Famine
  6. 6. 3It is believed that once, Duravasa Rishi cursedIndra because he recklessly threw away a garlandgifted very generously by the Rishi. You dont dothat. The gods were hence cursed with age. Theywould become mortals. The Devas, as usual, ran toVishnu. Vishnu suggested that they churn theocean of milk to yield the nectar of Immortality.The gods lacked manpower and hence they had toask for help from the Asuras. Vasuki would be therope, and Mount Sumeru would be used to churnthe ocean. After 12 days, in the process of whichLakmshi, Kamdhenu , Airavat , the Apsaras, andHalahal among other things, appeared with theAmrita (nectar). The Devas and Asuras both wentto war over getting it first. In the midst, in anattempt to save the Amrita from being misusedVishnu stole the _____ holding the Amrita, andflew. While he flew, he dropped four drops of thenectar at four places.Story behind what?
  7. 7. Kumbh Mela
  8. 8. 4What was Operation Polo?
  9. 9. Operation Polo code name for The HyderabadPolice Action was a military operation inSeptember 1948 in which the Indian ArmedForces invaded the State of Hyderabad andended the rule of Nizam, annexing the stateinto the Indian Union.
  10. 10. 5Dashrath Manjhi, also known as X. Dashrath Manjhis wife, Falguni Devi, died dueto lack of medical treatment because the nearest town with a doctor was 70kilometres away from their village in Bihar, India.Dashrath did not want anyone else to suffer the same fate as his wife, so hecarved a 360-foot-long through-cut, 25-foot-deep in places and 30-foot-wide toform a road through a mountain in the Gehlour hills, working day and night for 22years from 1960 to 1982. His feat reduced the distance between the Atri andWazirganj blocks of the Gaya district from 75 km to 1 km, bringing him nationalacclaim.He died on August 17, 2007.He was given a state funeral by the Government ofBihar.
  11. 11. Mountain Man
  12. 12. 6ID this famous politician.
  13. 13. Ullal Srinivas Mallya
  14. 14. 7To encourage inter-tribal interaction and topromote cultural heritage of Nagaland, theGovernment of Nagaland started organizingthe _____________every year in the firstweek of December.Organized by the State Tourism and Art &CultureDepartments, _____________showcases amélange of cultural displays under one roof.This festival usually takes place betweenthe 1st and the 7th of December every yearin Kohima.The aim of the festival is to revive and protect the rich culture ofNagaland and display its extravaganza and traditions.
  15. 15. Hornbill Festival
  16. 16. 8• This place near Ahmednagar was established in 1923 and contains the tomb and other institutions created in memory of Sheriar Irani.• It attracts over 30,000 pilgrims on his death day (January 31).From July 1925 till his death in 1969 he did not speak a word and communicated through an alphabet board and gestures.• Which place?
  17. 17. Meherabad(Named after Meher Baba)
  18. 18. 9Written and directed by Mani Ratnam and starring Kamal Haasan. Itis based on the real-life Bombay underworld don Varadaaka Varadarajan Mudaliar, and sympathetically depicts the struggleof South Indians living in Bombay.In 2005, the Time Magazine included __________ in its list of "All-Time 100 Best Films"
  19. 19. Nayagan
  20. 20. 10• The place had disappeared from the tourist map due to its inaccessibility, but in 1931, Frank S. Smythe, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth, all British mountaineers, lost their way while returning from a successful expedition to Mt.Kamet and happened upon the valley, which was full of flowers. He was attracted to the beauty of the area, he named it the “X." He later authored a book of the same name.• In 1939, Miss Margaret Legge, a botanist deputed by the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, arrived at the valley for further studies. While she was traversing some rocky slopes to collect flowers, she slipped off and was lost. Her sister later visited the valley and erected a memorial near the spot.• The X was established as a national park with effect from 6 November 1982.
  21. 21. Valley of Flowers
  22. 22. 11 October 1963 at the ceremonyto mark the dedication of the XProject to the Nation, PrimeMinister Jawaharlal Nehru said,"This has been built with theunrelenting toil of man for thebenefit of mankind andtherefore is worthy of worship.May you call it a Temple or aGurdwara or a Mosque, itinspires our admiration andreverence".
  23. 23. Bhakra-Nangal Dam
  24. 24. 12• _________ is a traditional folk dance developed by the Bhil tribe. It is performed by women in swirling robes, and accompanied by men and women singing together.• This folk dance gets its name from pirouetting which displays the spectacular colors of the flowing „ghaghara‟, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped during this dance.
  25. 25. Ghoomar
  26. 26. 13Name the fort.
  27. 27. Fort of Nani Daman
  28. 28. 14. Andaman and Nicobar Islands• An ad by which organization and name the tribe.
  29. 29. • Survival International• Jarawa
  30. 30. 15• In the southern most X islands Y language is spoken by about 10,000 people, which is a variant of Divehi Language, spoken in the Maldives.
  31. 31. X- MinicoyY- Mahl
  32. 32. 16X Y Football Club is a I-Leaguefootball club from X, Meghalaya. The club wasestablished in 1983 with the prime objectiveof improving the diminishing standard offootball in the state, and to spot, train andnurture local talent. In the local Khasilanguage Y translates to “our own”.
  33. 33. Shillong Lajong FC
  34. 34. 17 Dadra and Nagar HaveliWhat post did Mr. K.G.Badlani, an IAS officerhold for a single day? Why?
  35. 35. Badlani was, for one day, designated thePrime Minister of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, sothat, as Head of State, he could sign anagreement with the Prime Minister ofIndia, Jawaharlal Nehru, and formally mergeDadra and Nagar Haveli with the Republic ofIndia.
  36. 36. 18X refers to a militia in Chhattisgarh, India, which isaimed at countering the naxalite violence in theregion. The militia consisting of local tribal youthreceives support and training from theChhattisgarh state government. On July 5, 2011,the Supreme Court of India declared the militia asillegal and unconstitutional. The court directed theChhattisgarh government to recover all thefirearms given along with the ammunition andaccessories. It also ordered the government toinvestigate all instances of alleged criminalactivities of X. The use of X by the government foranti naxal operations was criticized for itsviolations of human rights, use of child soldiersand poorly trained uneducated youth for counter-insurgency roles.
  37. 37. Salwa Judum
  38. 38. 19X is a large river island in theBrahmaputra river, in Assam,India. X had a total area of1,250 square kilometres (483sq mi), but having lostsignificantly to erosion it has anarea of only 421.65 squarekilometres (163 sq mi) in 2001.X is the largest river island inthe world.
  39. 39. Majuli
  40. 40. 20Name the stadium and also the city.
  41. 41. HPCA stadium, Dharmashala
  42. 42. 21ID keejiye.
  43. 43. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
  44. 44. 22• X studied in Loyola High School, Margao. He completed his secondary education in Marathi and went on to graduate in metallurgical engineering from IIT Bombay.• X was awarded by IIT Bombay with the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2001. X and Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of the new Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) have graduated together from IIT Bombay in the year 1978.• CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in politics category in 2012.
  45. 45. Manohar Parrikar
  46. 46. 23Name the four parts of Puducherry.
  47. 47. Pondicherry, Mahe, Yanam and Karaikal
  48. 48. 24ID thisbusinessman andthe company hefounded.
  49. 49. Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh, founder of DLF.
  50. 50. 25The city was the cultural capital of ChandelRajputs, a Hindu dynasty that ruled this part of Indiafrom the 10-12th centuries. The _______ temples werebuilt over a span of 200 years, from 950 to 1150. Thewhole area was enclosed by a wall with eightoriginates, each flanked by two golden palm trees. Therewere originally over 80 Hindu temples, of which only 25now stand in a reasonable state ofpreservation, scattered over an area of about 20 squarekilometres (8 sq mi). The erotic sculptures were craftedby Chandella artisans. The temples, maintained by thelocals, were pointed out to the English in the late 19thcentury when the jungles had taken a toll on themonuments. Today, the temples serve as fine examplesof Indian architectural styles that have gained popularitydue to their explicit depiction of sexual life during
  51. 51. Khajuraho
  52. 52. 26• ________ , born in royal family of Tripura and is a famous sportsperson.• He is the grandson of Tripuras late royal scion Bikramendra Kishore.• He had a career best ranking of 139.
  53. 53. Somdev Devvarman
  54. 54. 27"Be sure to lay wide streets plantedwith shady trees, every other of a quickgrowing variety. Be sure that there isplenty of space for lawns and gardens;reserve large areas for football, hockeyand parks; earmark areas for Hindutemples, Mohammedan mosques andChristian churches.“Who said this? And what was hetalking about?
  55. 55. Jamshedji Tata about Jamshedpur.
  56. 56. 28Why is Druk White Lotus School famous?
  57. 57. The school in the movie 3 idiots.School was shown in the Cisco“humannetwork” ad.
  58. 58. 29*• The movement for a separate state of X land gained serious momentum during the 1980s, when a violent agitation was carried out by X National Liberation front led by Subhash Ghising. The agitation ultimately led to the establishment of a semiautonomous body in 1988 called the Y X Hill Council to govern certain areas of Y district. However, in 2008, a new party called the X Janmukti Morcha raised the demand for a separate state of X land once again. On 18 April 2011, GJM signed an agreement with the state and central governments for the formation of X land Territorial Administration.
  59. 59. West BengalGorkha
  60. 60. 30*This state boasts of possessing the worlds largestknown rookery of Olive Ridley sea turtle. Thespectacular site of mass congregation of Olive Ridleysea turtles for mating and nesting enthralls both thescientists and the nature lovers throughout the world.This unique phenomenon is hardly seen anywhere inIndia. That rarity of mass congregation and the crueltymeted out to these innocent marine creatures, pavedthe way for declaration of the stretch of water bodyfrom old light house near Batighar to Maipura rivermouth as X (Marine) Wildlife Sanctuary.
  61. 61. OdishaSagarmatha
  62. 62. 31*• This is the country‟s only assembly segment that has no territorial boundary.• The X electorate, comprises of 3021 monks and 37 nuns, are spread over the four mountain districts of the state.• The X seat was constituted by the erstwhile ruler, the Chogyal, in 1955 when the electoral process was introduced in the otherwise feudal system of governance.• To preserve the distinct identity of the X, only registered monks and nuns can contest the seat. Political parties put up their nominees from among the clergies.
  63. 63. SikkimSangha constituency
  64. 64. 32*• The X House of Worship was first mentioned in Baháulláhs book of laws, the Kitáb-i-Aqdas .• X literature directs that a House of Worship should be built in each city and town, and emphasizes that its doors must be open to all regardless of religion, or any other distinction. The X laws emphasize that the spirit of the House of Worship must be a gathering place where people of all religions may worship God without denominational restrictions.• The Y is a X House of Worship completed in 1986. It serves as the Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent and has become a prominent attraction in the city.
  65. 65. New DelhiBaháí Lotus Temple.
  66. 66. 33*• The X Road (from X, Assam, India to Kunming, Yunnan, China) was built during World War II so that the Western Allies could supply the Chinese as an alternative to the Burma Road which had been cut by the Japanese in 1942. It was renamed the Y Road (named after General Joseph Y of the U.S. Army) in early 1945 at the suggestion of Chiang Kai-shek. It passes through the Burmese towns of Shingbwiyang, Myitkyina and Bhamo in Kachin state.
  67. 67. Arunachal PradeshLode or Stilwell Road
  68. 68. 34*ID maadi!
  69. 69. ManipurSangai
  70. 70. 35*• X is a structure built in Y by legendary architect, Le Corbusier. Y hosts the largest of Le Corbusiers many X sculptures. It Stands 26 meters high, the structure was designed to in the wind. It is located in sector 1 in the Capitol Complex in Y.• X is a recurring motif in Le Corbusiers architecture, a sign for him of "peace and reconciliation. It is open to give and open to receive." It represents the give and take of ideas.
  71. 71. ChandigarhOpen Hand Monument.