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Join Empower Network

  1. 1. How Blogging on the Empower NetworkCan Earn You Thousands of DollarsDo you wish you could actually make more money with your online marketing operation? There havebeen many who were attracted to the almost unlimited marketing potential of the Internet, only to discoverthat hard work alone isn’t enough to generate profits. Even if you extend your hours dedicated to yourendeavor you may still have very little to show for your efforts.
  2. 2. The problem isn’t the lack of effort or the lack of time—it is the lack of a viable marketing strategy uponwhich to base your selling operations. What you need is an effective platform that enables you to reachmore people, and training to sell to them much more effectively. Apparently, more than 40 thousandaffiliates think so too, and they have all used Empower Network to generate more than 12 milliondollars in commissions after less than three months.With the help of Empower Network, you can reach out to more people with more established tools andmore refined training techniques. Those tools and training methods also become part of the products youcan sell, and the great need for these products can assure you of steady commissions for a long time.Your blogger contacts involved in the selling operations can benefit as well through your efforts.With Empower Network, the tools you use can help you generate profits. You can also help others usingthese tools, and still receive profits. It’s a win-win scenario. Why Choose Empower Network?You can be a part of one of the fastest growing networks on the Internet today—since its inception thin October of 2011, it has reached the 209 ranking in the US and within the top 500 globally. If you canimagine the millions of websites online, to have reached this rank so quickly is an awesome achievement.You will be able to use a viral networking blogging platform already configured to be searchengine optimized, and with full integration to social networks as well. It has already been set up for youruse, though you may tweak it to your own specifications, and it has the tools you need to commence yourmarketing operations immediately.The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership also becomes available to you, and through this you canavail of proven marketing methods. These aren’t hypothetical advice like you may get from countlesswebsites. These are actual methods that were used by industry giants to achieve the success that theynow have. Trial and error regarding effective marketing methods will now be in your past, as thesetechniques have already been tried out, and have found to be effective.The latest offering is the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive training course, which outlines how theEmpower Network itself was established and made to grow by its creators. This is the only blueprint youmay need to follow to build a viral network of your own. It’s that comprehensive.
  3. 3. Empower Network and SEOThe simplicity and effectiveness of these tools is quite impressive. The blogging platform you get to use is fully recognized by search engines like Google to be an authority site. This allows your blog entries to be seen by many more people, which increases your customer potential.The membership fee is comparable to what you will pay for hosting alone on other platforms, yet you getto receive so much more. With the proper SEO already in place, you can blast your rankings through theroof for your particular keywords and key phrases.This enables you to reach more people, and with the tools in place you can become much more effectivein marketing your products. Profits are sure to increase considerably.This is especially true when you avail of the training courses that the Empower Network offers, so thatyou can use the tools at your disposal for maximum impact. That said, growth for your marketingoperation will be almost inevitable.You can also learn to establish a business of your own, whether online or offline, by making use of evenmore specialized training tools. Outsourcing can become an important facet of your marketing operations,and personal branding can even be more effective. You may even avail of courses that can speed up theprocess considerably, and by increasing your efficiency the money you generate in sales and profits canenter your bank account much more quickly.
  4. 4. The other main way you can earn money is by leading other bloggers in your own network towards theEmpower Network. When they also realize the great value that the Empower Network adds towards theirown blogging effort, they may also be convinced to sign on as member themselves.You can actually help other bloggers you know or are connected with to become more effective in theironline marketing operations. Though the satisfaction of being able to help may be nice in itself, every timeyou are able to sign a new member, you earn a commission as well. Your profits grow as you begin torecruit new members, and you profit as well when they too begin to establish their own little networkunder your sponsorship.The same thing happens when they avail of the various training tools that Empower Network has to offer.The bloggers you recruit become more effective sellers, and when they purchase the training tools andcourses, some of that money goes into your bank account as well.So there’s no good reason to delay making all these sales and receiving your commissions. This is toogood an opportunity to pass up—and thousands of paying members think so, too.As long as you keep on working as hard as you have always been, and with the time to dedicate, there’sno obstacle you cannot overcome with the training you can avail with Empower Network, especially withthe tools already available for your use.The commissions are yours, and you only need to take the first step by clicking on the link to begin yourjourney towards thousands of dollars of income month after month.
  5. 5. How Can You Earn Money with Empower Network?Do you want to join a company that gives you a 100% commission when you sell their products? Most ofthe companies can only give their members no more than 30%. Some will give 50% but they are onlyvery few of them. If you join Empower network, however, you are assured of 100% commission everytime.Empower network had a very humble beginning when it was launched in October 31, 2011. But in lessthan two months, they were able to recruit more than 13,000 affiliates and directly paid these affiliatesmore than $2,000,000 in commissions.If you join this company, you will also reap the benefits that the pioneering affiliates were able to enjoy. Ina sense, you will be able to solve all your money problems in a very short time. The Empower Networkoffers their members a unique opportunity to develop their businesses easily because they use the latestcutting edge business methods. They also refer their products and services to other affiliates under a fullresale agreement, which enables them to give 100% commissions.In today’s very competitive world, no company can give that much commission, even if it belongs to thetop 500 Fortune companies. There are a lot of expenses that a typical company has to settle first beforethey even release the commissions that a typical salesman is entitled to. Thus, no matter how hard thesalesman works, he would not be able to reach the amount of money that an affiliate earns in EmpowerNetwork.Employing the concept of affiliate marketing, Empower Network will pay you 100% commission instead ofjust 20-30% that most companies do. Empower Network is actually an educational company, offeringeducational tools, materials and resources that helps businessmen and entrepreneurs in developing andexpanding their businesses. You can use all their products to any kind of business because they aregeneric in nature.At present, there are 4 products that Empower Network is offering their clients. They are:$15K a month courseThis is a training course, which will show you how to earn $15,000 a month. You will be trained ondifferent marketing strategies and the fee to avail of this highly intensive training is $1,000.Inner Circle audio trainingThis is a program given in audio recordings by leaders in the industry. In this audio training, they sharethe things that they did to become successful in their fields. The cost of this program is $100 per month.Costa Rica Mastermind IntensiveThis is a 12-hour video recording that will train you how to build your business, whether it is an onlinebusiness or an offline business. The training sessions were recorded in Costa Rica, in the summer of2011 in which 10 people paid $3,000 each to attend. If you are a member of Empower Network you canget the whole package for only $500.A blogging platformThis requires no set-up but is already optimized for SEO. It is an established blog, which started 8 yearsago. The fee is $25 per month.
  6. 6. FAST ACTION Bonuses With The EmpowerNetwork Blogging System:The Empower Network Core Blogging System: $497 ValueA core ‘done for you’ blogging system, INSTANTLY set-up with all the ‘bells and whistles’…. to be readytogenerate traffic and leads !High Converting Lead Capture Pages:$297 ValueYou’ll receive high converting lead capture pages to capture leads with amazing design.8-Part Fast Start Video Training Series:$397 ValueIn this high-value video training series, You’ll learn the most effective ways to leverage the blog, the core‘must have’ principals to effective online business building, and a downloadable PDF ‘Core Checklist’ .Website Hosting, Design, Theme and Plugins:$247 ValueTo get directly into marketing,sales and making money fast, your blog is already PREPARED ! Freehosting for blog, a free theme with a sleek design (complete with profit pulling sales psychology),plus valuable paid plugins to avoid set-up can be very valueble for everyone.
  7. 7. Plus, You can choose to become an affiliate and get ‘re-sell’ right to offer this product to others and earn100% commissions on ALL the customers that pay ME directly! (Yes, they actually pay you directly)Related sources: – Empower Network Videos – Warrior Special Offers List aka WSO