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Wild Action


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"Wild Action" visited Hawkesdale P12 College on the 15th and 16th of September. Students had the opportunity to see and touch a variety of Australina native fauna including lizards and snakes.

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Wild Action

  1. 1. Wild Action The Zoo comes to Hawkesdale P12 College
  2. 2. Lauren and a squirrel glider
  3. 3. Grace and the squirrel glider
  4. 4. Sharna and Tango, the rainbow lorikeet
  5. 5. Darcy with Freddo, a Green tree frog
  6. 6. Jack with a black-headed python
  7. 7. Terri, Clem, Georgie and Kyra with the python
  8. 8. Mrs Butters with the ‘baby’ Olive python
  9. 9. Year 8 students holding the python
  10. 10. Emalee and Messiah and Crunchie, the saltwater crocodile
  11. 11. William with a lacy monitor
  12. 12. Grace and a short-necked turtle
  13. 13. Ben and the stumpy-tailed lizard