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Fibre and Medicine


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A year 7 project about five garden plants for fibre and medicine

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Fibre and Medicine

  1. 1. Fibre and medicine are very important to us. Here are some reasons stomach pains, steam bath for respiratory Complaints Antiseptic sap antiskin cancer
  2. 2. ROOTS A plant’s roots collect and store food and water from the soil and anchor the plant in the ground. Most roots grow underground. STEM The stem supports a plant and helps give it shape. The stem also moves water from the plant's roots and food from the leaves to the rest of the plant. FRUIT Some plants produce fruit, which contains seeds. Fruits protect the seeds until they are ready to grow into new plants. Some fruits are tasty, such as tomatoes, apples, and oranges. Other fruits should not be eaten, including cotton and milkweed. LEAF Leaves grow from the plant’s stem. Leaves collect energy from sunlight and change it into food. FLOWER Some plants have flowers. These structures contain the reproductive organs of the plant. In non flowering plants, such as pine or juniper trees, the reproductive organs of the plant are found in cones.
  3. 3. Scientific name : Marsdenia flavescens uses : Tuber, leaf, stem Potatoes A tuber is a food-storing stem of a plant that grows underground. The tasty part of a potato plant, pictured here, is a tuber. Other types of tubers include yams and water chestnuts.
  4. 4. Scientific name: scaevola.sp Uses: Root decoction for stomach pains, steam bath for respiratory complaints
  5. 5. Scientific name: Cissus sp Uses: Fruit, root medicinal
  6. 6. Scientific name: Gahnia sp. Uses: Leaf buds; seeds antiseptic
  7. 7. Scientific name: dioscore trans versa Uses: Tuber, leach to detoxify; sap antiskin cancer
  8. 8. I think all these websites were very good websites it had all the information that I needed