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Dr Britt Borden MD Honduras Medical Mission


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Dr. Britt Borden MD shares experiences about his medical mission to Honduras.

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Dr Britt Borden MD Honduras Medical Mission

  1. 1. Dr. Britt Borden MD Observations on his Medical Mission to Honduras
  2. 2. Putting Faith Into Action Britt Borden MD, a leading Chicago area neurosurgeon donates his time to FAME, a faith- based organization that provides medical care in underprivileged countries. Dr. Britt Borden recently returned from a humanitarian medical missionary trip to Honduras.
  3. 3. Sharing is Living Dr. Britt Borden knows that we truly live when we share our bounty with others. Britt Borden MD and other caring doctors donate their time to FAME to provide life saving and sustaining medication, and desperately needed medical supplies.
  4. 4. Quality Health Care is a Right During a recent trip to Honduras Britt Borden MD and a team of other charitable doctors saw more than 300 patients. This dedicated group set up four clinic days in community churches and schools in order to reach the most people possible during their stay.
  5. 5. Simple Solutions Though Britt Borden MD is a skilled neurosurgeon, many of the problems plaguing those in poverty require simple solutions that those in wealthier nations often take for granted. Over half of the Honduran people live in poverty. Malnutrition is the source of many of their most challenging medical problems.
  6. 6. People are What’s Important Dr. Britt Borden works with FAME because of the people. He tells a story of a toddler suffering from Rickets who couldn’t walk properly due to bowed legs. While his suffering was a mystery to his family, Dr. Britt Borden recognized it as the result of a simple Vitamin D deficiency and gave the family supplements to stop the progression of the disease.
  7. 7. Environmental Dangers Hookworms and tapeworms are another a serious health concern in Honduras. Both are caused by the unsanitary and challenging conditions in which most Hondurans live. The serious risks caused by worms can be almost eliminated by simple medication – medication not readily accessible by most Hondurans.
  8. 8. Honduran Life Americans generally cannot envision life for the average Honduran. Dr. Britt Borden has greeted many Honduran patients who are physically compromised due to eating food that has not been properly refrigerated or stored, and drinking dirty or contaminated water.
  9. 9. Small Gifts Bring Big Changes Some of us may look at a problem as overwhelming and widespread as the lack of medical care in Honduras and wonder how we can possibly help. However, Dr. Britt Borden says that even a simple multi-vitamin, worm pill, and a basic knowledge of hygiene can have a positive medical impact in an impoverished society.
  10. 10. Compassion for Others Life in Honduras is difficult. Death, sickness and pain are an everyday part of life. Organizations like FAME help us see just how lucky we are in America, and challenge us to open our eyes to ways we can help.