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4-H: What is 4-H?


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Ever wondered just what 4-H is? This presentation will tell you just what 4h is.

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4-H: What is 4-H?

  1. 1. Why Choose 4-HWhy Choose 4-H Baffs Media
  2. 2. What Is 4-H?  4-H is a youth development organization that promotes leadership, citizenship, and life skills.
  3. 3. What do you do?  Compete (speech, portfolio, photography)  Projects  Make friends!  Help others!
  4. 4. What are some of the projects?  Photography  Communications  Computers  Line and Design (Art)  Animals  Food and Nutrition  And More!!!!
  5. 5. What lifeskills do I learn? Learn how to:  be interviewed  help others  create a resume  do research  apply what you have learned  work with others
  6. 6. Citizenship??  Citizenship and leadership are important skills  4-H teaches you how to be a good citizen and leader, and gives you opportunities to practice  Looks great for colleges!
  7. 7. More Information?  Think 4-H may be for you?