Technology in 2022


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Brittany Taylor

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Technology in 2022

  1. 1. The Future of technology Brittany Taylor
  2. 2. Welcome to 2022…• WE all would love doing little work for the best benefit(profit), right? Finally in 2022, little will be the standard. Technology will literally rule the world in the future. Some of the most important aspects of our lives such as cars, education and communicative and entertainment devices will be totally transformed. Are you ready???
  3. 3. Vroom, Vroom. BEEP Beep• Cars are some individuals most prized possessions.• Cars that can fly, send an alert to your phone when unregistered finger prints touch door handles and cars that only start with retina identification.• Voice control temperature control and radio programming.
  4. 4. Benefits of cars of the future• Flying cars means less travel time and cheaper expenses while traveling.• Retina identification to start the car will drastically cut down on theft of motor vehicles and keep underage drivers off the road.• Breathalyzer machines will also be required to start the car, saving many lives.• Digital meters of fuel levels.
  5. 5. Roger’s Diffusion of InnovationsRogers’ believed, “Diffusion is the process inwhich an innovation is communicated throughcertain channels overtime among the membersof a social system (Rogers)”Diffusion of Innovations is a framework oftransformation.
  6. 6. Hello class.• Education in the future will take on a new perspective of technology.• Learning will be a new experience. Each student will place a helmet over their head in which they select their chosen subject and start the lesson.• Each helmet is sound proof, during lectures a virtual teacher will appear on the screen inside the helmet. Learning will become paperless all textbooks will be on a tablet and look similar to an e-textbook.
  7. 7. Purpose of education in 2022• Benefits of education in the future appeal to each student. You have the choice of which subject you want to start on and the pace at which you move along in the lecture.• Instead of the traditional raising your hand in class, you simply click on the professor link and speak or type your question, then the professor will appear on the screen and answer the question.• This appeals to visual, audio and/or both types of learners.
  8. 8. Uses and Gratifications Theory• “Uses and gratification theory suggests that media users play an active role in choosing and using the media. Users take an active part in the communication process and are goal oriented in their media use. The theorist say that a media user seeks out a media source that best fulfills the needs of the user. Uses and gratifications assume that the user has alternate choices to satisfy their need”.(Blumler and Katz )• Uses and gratification theory is applicable to entertainment because there are many choices available.• This drives manufacturers to produce the most appealing products to consumers with updated technology with many unique features.
  9. 9. Entertainment devicesEntertainment is something we all share incommon. In 2022, due to demand allentertainment devices will appeal to all.The tablet and television will take on many ofthe same features. On both device you will beable to set your home temperature, call andtext, turn on/off lights in your home, start yourcar and for the television you will be able to surfthe internet.
  10. 10. Moore’s Innovation Adoption Rate• “The rate of adoption is defined as the relative speed with which members of a social system adopt an innovation. It is usually measured by the length of time required for a certain percentage of the members of a social system to adopt an innovation”(Vincos).• In our society if five people like a product over time five million will. This trend will always be the norm especially if a celebrity endorses a product.
  11. 11. Communicative devices• The cellular device will totally be transformed.• Videochat will become 3D. This makes the conversation more lifelike.• You can also text on videochat making the application more like Skype. You have the option to type if others are around.• The cell phone will become even more than what we know today such as a home video security system, remote lock your home from your phone and watch television.• Landlines will virtually disappear because of all the task the cell phone will be able to do.
  12. 12. Communicative device takeover.• As discussed, the cellphone, television and tablet will be the reason behind many devices disappearing such as landlines and computers.• On all devices you will be able to communicate orally(voice and video chat) and written(text, email, etc)• Along with many added features these will become the three most compatible, convenient and popular products in 2022.
  13. 13. References• Blumler J.G. & Katz, E. (1974). The uses of mass communications: Current perspectives on gratifications research. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage.• Rogers,E.(1995). Elements of diffusion. In diffusions of innovations (4th ed.) New York, Ny. The Free Press.• Vincos Blog. Media Social Statistics. Web. Retrieved 6 December 2012.