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Visa Go World Campaign


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Public Relations group project on Visa's Go World Olympic Campaign

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Visa Go World Campaign

  1. 1. VISA’SBrittany Taylor and Heather Mooren
  3. 3. ORIGINS• 25 years as an Olympic sponsor• Visa will be the exclusive payment services sponsor and the only card accepted at Games venues through 2020• Branch off from 2008 Beijing Olympic campaign
  4. 4. THE CAMPAIGN• Go World encourages consumers to cheer via social media sites to inspire Team Visa athletes at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.• Media-Olympics
  5. 5. PURPOSE• The campaign is not about Visa being one of the sponsors, but about the athletes, their hard work and best moments of the games• The ads do not promote a specific product• Get fans to be involved with the world wide event by cheering on the athletes
  6. 6. A GLOBAL CAMPAIGN• Go World has been customized around the world in over 70 markets including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Japan, and China• Visa is supporting 69 Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls (Team Visa London) along with national teams from more than 30 countries• Since 1986, Visa has empowered more than 1,000 Olympic hopefuls to achieve their dreams by providing financial support and valuable marketing exposure to assist them in pursuit of their Olympic goals• Social media and videos include athletes from all countries
  7. 7. CHEER APP• Visa created a Facebook Cheer app where fans can see relevant information on athletes that they like based on their likes and preferences, offering a personalized user experience.• The app provided data on the number of cheers for each athlete, sport, and global cheers.
  10. 10. FACEBOOK• 1.9 million fan “Likes” on Visa’s Facebook page• 400,000 cheers for 69 Team Visa athletes in the form of a one- click cheers and text, photo or video submissions
  11. 11. TV• Training videos/interviews• Hopefuls• Best Olympic moments• Achievement videos
  12. 12. TWITTER
  13. 13. YOUTUBE• 25.7 million views of Visa’s Go World commercials, behind-the- scenes athlete content and consumer-generated cheer videos
  14. 14. TACTICS• Main platform social media• The integrated campaign included advertising, public relations, internet and television commercials.• APP• Brand consistency
  15. 15. EVALUATION• Measuring the Campaign• Pros • Got global involvement using social media platforms • Used user generated content to make fans feel connected • Personalized experience with App • Athlete appreciation • Used existing social media accounts• Cons • Some videos now private • Did not include all countries at the Olympic Games • Paralympic coverage for Team Visa
  16. 16. QUESTIONS? 