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  1. 1. Brittany Beaumont Communication Teacher Keys Performance Standard 10
  2. 2. Standards Display Brittany has created a set of posters that display each of the Common Core standards and the related essential questions and enduring understandings. Posting these and referring to them during instruction helps to communicate learning expectations to students. These are used by all of the 1st grade teachers at SPARK as well as teachers at 7 other APS schools whose teachers Brittany has worked with to model standards-based planning and instruction. Posters
  3. 3. FROGS Binders Brittany has created a FROGS (Fully, Responsible, Organized, Growing, Student) binder for each student. These serve as important communication tool between home and school. The binder has sections for communications from the school, reading log, behavior log, homework, and graded work. The FROGS binder helps parents to stay informed about news from school and their child’s performance.
  4. 4. Behavior Log Students bring home a behavior log each day. The log records their behavior number (1-4) and parents are expected to review it each day. This helps to keep parents informed about their child’s behavior, and also helps students to be accountable for their behavior as well.
  5. 5. Communication Technology Brittany uses a variety of technology resources to communicate with parents. •Email - Brittany has daily correspondences with individual parents, as well as sends weekly updates to the whole class. •Remind101 - Brittany uses the Remind101 app to send text messages to parents about important class reminders and updates. •Blog - Brittany maintain a blog at http://www.peachy-teaching.com where she posts about activities from her classroom. Parents frequently visit the site to read updates and view pictures.
  6. 6. Academic bulletins Brittany prepares a 1st grade academic bulletin for her team every two weeks. This is sent to parents and posted on the school’s web site. The bulletin contains information on the content being taught in each subject area. This helps parents to be informed about what their child is learning at school.
  7. 7. PLC Minutes Brittany records minutes for the 1st grade team’s weekly Professional Learning Community meetings. These minutes outline the teams discussions on planning, Assessment, Intervention, and Professional Development. Brittany shares these minutes with her teammates and the school administration as a way to communicate about the collaboration that is taking place.
  8. 8. Communication with Professional Peers Brittany is in constant communication with her teaching peers as they collaborate to plan lessons, interventions, and execute other tasks. Brittany maintains the utmost professionalism in these communications. She uses her communication skills to lead her grade-level team, engage with other leadership members at the school, and support the school’s administration. Successful and happy 1st grade team, led by Brittany
  9. 9. Parent Conferences Brittany hold frequent parent conferences to discuss student growth. At these conferences, she shares information about the student’s academic performance, learning goals, behavior, and answers any questions or concerns that parents may have. Brittany typically completes the form pictured below prior to conferences and uses it to help guide the discussion.