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Friends&social media


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The popular American sitcom,Friends, can teach us a thing or two about social media.

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Friends&social media

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA LESSONS FROM FRIENDS Britttany N. Bluford (Writing for a Cause)© October 2012 Brittany N. Bluford
  2. 2. MONICA GELLERBossy, competitive, and a perfectionist
  3. 3. LESSONSLook at what your competitors are doing and do better.Engage your audience with contests and trivia.Don’t be afraid to tell your Facebook and Twitteraudience exactly what you want them to do.Include a call to action with each post. Example: “Like” if you love chocolate. “Share” this picture to show your support.
  4. 4. ROSS GELLERGeeky, awkward and good humored
  5. 5. LESSONSSocial media is not all about business.Social media is fun.Show your personality.If you have an interesting fact, share it through a post.
  6. 6. PHOEBE BUFFAYEccentric, street smart, and caring
  7. 7. LESSONBreak through the social media noise by beingdifferent.Be aware of what’s happening outside of yourbusiness.Show your followers that you care by listening totheir needs and respond even if it’s not a serviceyou offer.
  8. 8. JOEYTRIBBIANI“How you doing?”
  9. 9. LESSONTake it from Joey and ask them “how are youdoing.”Simple posts such as the examples below can giveyou a lot of feedback.What are your weekend plans?Fill in the blank: I feel like _____ today.Social media is two way communication and usersare ready to talk.
  10. 10. RACHEL GREENA girl’s best friend and a guy’s best girlfriend
  11. 11. LessonBe the social media page everyone likes and wantsto visit.Keep your page and posts active, fresh,engagingand fun.Your audience’s lives should somehow be easierbecause of the information you give out.
  12. 12. CHANDLER BINGLoyal, amusing, and flexible
  13. 13. LESSONConnect with people who share your humorand viewpoint.Be consistent, but don’t be predictable.Try a variety of posts each day.Be loyal to your followers.
  14. 14. Britttany N. Bluford (Writing for a Cause)© October 2012 Brittany N. Bluford