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Technology historypowerpoint

  1. 1. Brittany Machian
  2. 2.  Fame Individuality/Timelessness Excellence/Success Do I have these Tragedy qualities? Historical/Societal Impact
  3. 3. Let’s take a look at Elvis Aaron Presley! Developed a love Birthday for gospel and January 8, 1935 blues early in life Grew up in poverty
  4. 4. What do you think of his  How does he compare to performance? today’s performers and musicians?  Why do you think people of the time were so in love with Elvis Presley? watch?v=r97Z5CwfLgI
  5. 5. Timelessness & Individuality!
  6. 6.  He knew his fan base  He stayed loyal to them, creating music he knew they would love. He succeeded in branching out to the film industry  Despite some negative reviews, his movies made millions of dollars. Also exhibited an “excellent” personality  He was kind-hearted, generous, and had a sense of humor.
  7. 7. Early death Poverty Struggles Stopped with artistically His addiction challenging mother, the himself most important person in hisWhy is tragedy a necessary life, passes awaypart of an icon’s status?
  8. 8. American Values? He Has Those•He exemplifies the true rags to riches American Dream.•His military service demonstrated his commitment to the nation.•He was individualistic and brought a new kind of music to the nation.
  9. 9. Elvis is a true American icon! By exemplifying all of the qualities that make an icon, Elvis impacted history and society tremendously. His music continues to inspire countless performers and he will forever be the “King of Rock & Roll.”
  10. 10.  ock-and-roll-star-elvis-presley-drafted-today-1957- while-spending-christmas-graceland-shipp elvis_presley.html s_Presley.html g_of_rock__n__roll_3274552.htm