Project Scope Statement


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Project Scope Statement

  1. 1. ITEC-4750-01 Networking & Information Assurance Team Scope StatementProject Name: ITEC 4750 Senior Capstone Network ProjectTeam Members: Paul Szczepaniak, Teresa Barron, Brittany Gilstrap, Paul Spilman, Alexander Wang, Ronald Norton, Kimberly Pate & Jerry BryanProject Manager: Jerry BryanDate: Tuesday, August 30, 2011Prepared By Document Owner(s) Project/Organization Role Jerry Bryan Project Manager Brittany Gilstrap Scope ManagerProject Closure Report Version Control Version Date Author Change Description 1 8/30/11 Jerry Bryan Create document. 2 9/1/11 Brittany Gilstrap Update document. 3 Revise document.Confidentialprojectscopestatementupdated-13349664890436-phpapp02-120420190303-phpapp02.docxLast printed 4/20/2012 5:02:00 PM
  2. 2. Project Scope StatementProject Justification Kevin Floyd, CIO of FreeMax, requested this project to develop, and assist a company in meeting its networking goals. This will increase visibility of the company’s expertise to potential customers providing them a service, and improve profitability by providing standard tools, techniques, and project management knowledge to internal employees. It is very important to focus on the network to pay for itself within a year of completion.Project Product 1. Tools: The website will allow visitors to view listings, contact company, search listings, find an office location, and download files. These files will be in a PDF format. 2. Visitors: Visitors will be encouraged to e-mail questions, comments, etc. to the company. The company will then forward the input to the correct personnel, and will then give a response. 3. Listings: Listings on the website will have the correct and updated information with permissions from sellers. These files will be in a PDF format if downloaded or easily viewed within the web browser. 4. Requests: There will be a function within the website for visitors to request more information, in which a sales agent will contact them. 5. Links: All links on the website will be tested weekly, and all broken links will be fixed or removed. 6. Security: The intranet site must provide several levels of security. All internal employees will have access to the entire intranet site when they enter their security information to access the intranet. Portions of the intranet will be available to current employees, and portions available to independent agents. The website will be secure from any attacks. 7. Search feature: The intranet and website will have features to do searches through the databases that are appropriate to their needs. 8. The intranet and website must be accessible using a standard Internet browser. Users must have appropriate application software to open tools. 9. The intranet and website must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one hour per week for system maintenance and other periodic maintenance, and must be updated daily with new listings.Project Deliverables Project management-related deliverables: Business case, project charter, team contract, scope statement, work breakdown structure, budget, progress reports, Gantt chart, network system overview, ISP/hardware overview, company organizational overview, communications plan, final project presentation, final project report, lessons- learned report, and any other document required to manage the project. Product-related deliverables: 1. Website: A website will be put together for the company, such information it will have includes: listings, office locations, about the company, search, and a contact page for any questions or comments. 2. Database: A database will have all listings available with up to date information about houses for sell or rent, and will remove unavailable houses from inventory. 3. Software: Software will include spreadsheets, word documents, graphics, project management tools, and any other software needed for any work related tasks. 4. Intranet: The intranet will allow employees to view all listings, what listings are associated with an agent, what agents are employed, payments, technical support requests, security, and software. 5. Network: The network will be secure for full-time employees within offices, and an unsecured network for use by independent agents who stop by the office for any form of work. 6. Servers: There will be web, database, and e-mail servers for work related matters. 7. Phone: The Company will be using a VOIP telephone system by Cisco.Project Objective Define the network topology for each LAN that makes up the network, and define and describe the structure of the WAN to interconnect the various remote components of the network. Describe the types of equipment needed, and explain how to meet the performance reliability requirements. Discuss the relevant protocol choices for both the LANs and the WAN. Throughout each step of the project, address the three key areas in Networking: Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity.Confidential Page 2 4/20/2012
  3. 3. Project Scope StatementAssumptions/Limitations The assumption is that this network will be planned out within the three month period before implementing. The limitations of this project include: the budget amount allotted into setting up the network, the amount of time plan and implement the network, and the offerings from ISP in areas. Overall Project Priority: High Medium Low Comments: Approved By: _____________________________ Project Manager : _____________________________ Date: ____/____/______Confidential Page 3 4/20/2012