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Music producers


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Music producers

  1. 1. Brittany White
  2. 2. DescriptionThe music producers job is to create, shape, andmold a piece of music. A music producer getsideas for projects, chooses songs andmusicians, coaches the artists in thestudio, controls recording sessions, andsupervises the mixing and mastering of the music.They are also responsible for thebudgets, schedules, and negotiations. Being amusic producer is more like a career then a job.
  3. 3. SalarySince there isnt many people employed in thisoccupation music producers spend most of theirfirst few years volunteering to build up theirreputation. The average salary once they get ontheir feet is around $45,000 a year. If your onet=of the higher ups you could get $1 million ayear.
  4. 4. Required EducationKnowing how to play the piano is importantbecause it’s the primary tool when writingmusic. You also have to be good when itcomes to technology. There are 4-yearbachelors degrees available for thosewanting to be a music producer.
  5. 5. LocationAnywhere its needed.
  6. 6. BenefitsOne benefit is being able to release goodmusic to the public. Another is getting intoevents and parties for free, where themusicians they have signed are playing.They also have the opportunity to joinexclusive unions and guilds.
  7. 7. DrawbacksOne of the drawbacks is that it’s a competitive business.You only get paid for the hours you work. The first fewyears might be a struggle.
  8. 8. Chances of getting a jobSince you can self employ, it can be easy tobecome a music producer, but you have to keep alookout your self for potential musicians.
  9. 9. Part-time/Full timeFull time because your always working with musicor money.
  10. 10. InterestIf I wanted a career in music then I would beinterested in this career. But I don’t want a careerin music.
  11. 11. Sources