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Teenage Pregnancy


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i did this project in my academy class. i did it to raise awarness on teenage pregnacy

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Teenage Pregnancy

  1. 1. Teenage Pregnancy
  2. 2. Facts about Teenage Pregnancy • Teenage pregnancy has raised a lot since 2007 • About 10% of all U.S births in 2006 were to woman under the age of 20 • 67% of births are to teenage girls 18 and 19 • More then 750,000 teenagers get pregnant each year • About 3 in 10 teenage girls become pregnant at least once before age 20
  3. 3. Facts continued…. • About 1 in 4 mothers under the age 18 have a second baby within 2 years after their first baby • Teen mothers are more likely to give birth prematurely than mothers over the age of 20
  4. 4. Sexually Transmitted Infections • More then 9 million affect young people ages 15 to 24 • Some STI’s include Chlamydia, which can cause sterility in the affected individual and eye infections and pneumonia in the newborn • Syphilis, which can cause blindness, maternal death and infant death. • HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Treatment during pregnancy greatly reduces the risk of an infected mother passing HIV to her baby.
  5. 5. Abortion I think Abortion is very wrong, because its killing a poor unborn baby. Yes I understand that not wanting to keep the baby can play a part in your decision, but give the baby up for adoption, don’t kill it! There are some things that I could understand when it comes to abortion. If your raped and you don’t want to remember that night then get an abortion. Any other time is wrong!
  6. 6. Health Risks For A Baby Born To A Teen • A baby born to a teen is at higher risk of being premature, low weight, or death • Babies of a teenage mother are more likely to die in the first year of life then a baby born to a mother in her twenties or thirties • The risk’s of the baby dying is higher for a teen mother under the age 15
  7. 7. Health Risks Continued…. • In 2005 16.4 out of 1000 babies to woman under 15 years of age died • In 2006 10% of mothers age 15-19 had a low- birth weight baby, compared to 8.3% of mothers of all ages • 11.7 percent of 15-year-old mothers had a low-birth weight baby in 2006; 18,403 babies were born to girls this age, with 2,153 of low birth weight
  8. 8. Health Risks Continued…. • 9.5 percent of 19-year-old mothers had a low- birth weight baby in 2006; 172,999 babies were born to these women, with 16,362 of low birth weight (2). • Babies that are premature and under weight are at higher risk for their organs to be under developed
  9. 9. Other Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy • Teen mothers are more likely to drop out of school • Only 40% of teen mothers under the age of 18 go to graduate high school, compared to 75% of teens from similar backgrounds • With any teenage mother that dropped out of school she may lack certain job skills so she won’t be able to support her child
  10. 10. Consequences Continued…. • Teenage mothers aren’t very independent, they become financially dependent on family or on public assistance • 75% of all unmarried teen mothers go on welfare within 5 years of their first born child • 7% of children born to women over age 20 who are married and high school graduates
  11. 11. Recommendations • If you smoked before you got pregnant, you should stop • Get early and regular prenatal care • Eat a nutritious and or balanced diet • Stop drinking alcohol and doing illicit drugs • Alcohol and drug use limit fetal growth and can cause birth defects • Avoiding all prescription and over-the-counter drugs, unless recommended by a health care provider who is aware of the pregnancy
  12. 12. Links For Getting Help • • • • /14332_1159.asp