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Brittani long Portfolio


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Brittani long Portfolio

  2. 2. “The creative ‘act’ is a process, not a moment.” Unknown2
  3. 3. CONTENTS Jazzology Records 8 Reflection Space 18 Corporate Office 24 Luxury Bath 32 Perutopia Retail Shop 42 Digital Textile Design 52 Sketches 54
  5. 5. RECORDING STUDIO: NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A five week project design of a jazz recording studio. The program consisted of the design of the entry/reception area, studio, lounge and connecting hallways. The challenge presented with this project was to express the vibrant character and light quality of New Orleans through the selection of colors and materials while also remebering the impact that hurricane Katrina had on the music community. Installation at reception desk by artist Cornelia Parker commemorating the rich history and heritage of jazz musicians in New Orleans. 1 Reception Lobby 2 The reception walls abstractly acknowledge the waterline of Hurricane Katrina. 1 Reception 2 Lounge 3 Studio 4 Control Room 3 4 Reception Lobby10
  6. 6. Control Room & Recording Studio Control Room12
  7. 7. Commissioned wall mural in studio lobby by artsist Mark Evans known for his carved leather murals. The mural is a focal point upon entering the recording studio. Studio Lobby Lounge14
  8. 8. Lounge Sound absorbing panels Lounge Furniture & Fixtures Finishes16
  9. 9. REFLECTION SPACE 200918
  10. 10. LEHIGH VALLEY HOSPITAL: A PLACE FOR REFLECTION A three week project designing a space for quiet reflection that could appeal to any culture or religion. The space occupies the second floor of Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The challenge of this project was to design an interfaith reflective space through form making and light. The basis for the concept was formed through thinking about spiritual spaces in the natural world, specifically mountains and Finishes sunrises. These inspired the forms of enclosure and light creating a peaceful respite where users could reflect. Early concept models20
  11. 11. Entry Reflection Room22
  12. 12. 2010 CORPORATE OFFICE24
  13. 13. WUSS RADIO STATION OFFICE PROJECT: NEW YORK A three week project designing the offices of WUSS radio station owned by a large media corporation CMC (Carousel Media Corporation). Two floors have been leased to occupy the station on the 20th and 21st floor of a Manhattan office tower. The design was inspired by the genre of music chosen (world music) as well as programmatic requirements, including studio space for live broadcasts, studio space for live audiences, executive offices and support staff. Reception 20th Floor 21st Floor26
  14. 14. Main Studio Breakout Space28
  15. 15. The chosen materials were warm earthy colors and wood.30
  16. 16. 2010 LUXURY BATH32
  17. 17. LUXURY BATH VILLA: BERGAMO, ITALY A three week project designing the inner courtyard of a 450 year old villa in the Lombard region of Italy. The villa enclosed several courtyards, for this project one was chosen to surround a luxurious bath and garden adjacent to the clients bedroom. The owners of this villa, an affluent couple with idiosyncratic interests; required a dressing room as well as garden areas for meditation, sunning and lounging. 3 2 4 1 1 Dressing 2 Bathroom 3 Outdoor Terrace 4 Sunning/ Fencing Space history I was particularly inspired by the eccentric interests of the couple while designing the spaces. I wanted to develop ways in which the spaces, detailing and materials reflected the couple’s personalities, lifestyle and realtionship. The male was a Swedish industrialist that enjoyed theatrical productions, swordsmanship and medieval magic. His wife was a tempermental Chilean stage actress who enjoyed body light art and Arabic calligraphy. -A small bridge connecting the indoor bath and the the outdoor space inspired by the clients love for medieval castles. pattern -An elevated shaded area with filtered sunlight allows for the clients lounging and creates natural body art via the sun and arabic geometric pattern overhead. transparency shadow34
  18. 18. The dressing room has his and her areas with a Dressing Room makeup vanity and clothing and shoe storage. Exterior View36
  19. 19. The bathroom features a mosaic tile portrait of the client on the main bathroom wall and a replicated and scaled down geometric pattern screen over the tub that is lit from behind. Luxury Bathroom38
  20. 20. Furniture & Finishes40
  21. 21. 2010 RETAIL DESTINATION42
  22. 22. PERUTOPIA RETAIL SHOP: BROOKLYN, NY A two semester project that began with the selection of the site, program and ultimately the concept for the design of the space. The site is near a waterfront in Brooklyn, NY chosen for its proximity to a park and scenic views. The goal of this project was to create a retail destination that encouraged gathering, learning and shopping. As a destination, the program contained a cafe, a gallery/exhibition space and a workshop where weaving methods would be taught. The building presented a unique design opportunity as it was previously a coal burning industrial warehouse. A 72 ft. trough remained spanning most of the space. I imagined the trough as an oversived weaving loom running throughout, relating the space to the products and concept. Ground Floor Mezzanine The products sold are made by Peruvian women using ancient and modern weaving techniques. These techniques along with the ancient terracing Peruvian ruins of Machu Picchu inspired the design of the interior.44
  23. 23. T he building is divided into three key spaces for gathering, shopping and learning. Each space is visually connected, but separated via vertical circulation. The entrance contained the gallery, cafe and terraced display under a ceiling of woven ropes. The sales floor is on the main level along with the cashwrap and support spaces. Lastly, the workshop is on the mezzanine overlooking the salesfloor. East-facing Section South-facing Section North-facing Section46
  24. 24. The gallery is a space where vistors are introduced to the brand and the story behind the products in the store. It is also a space where Peruvian artists will be featured. Fitting Room Gallery Sales floor Cashwrap Fixtures48
  25. 25. 50
  26. 26. DIGITAL TEXTILE DESIGN FOR CONTRACT USE A six week project designing three textile patterns at three scales, creating color lines and explaining underlying inspirations for each. My inspiration came from the architecture and concept of my retail destination project. When looking at the section of the building, I was inspired by the trough structure and I used it to make a large and medium scale pattern. The small scale pattern was inspired by threads that become unwoven, resulting in wavy lines. As a collection, this design would best be used for hospitality. The patterns were created using half drop, overlays and all-over pattern design techniques. Cut pile Fabric Woven Fabric Woven Fabric52