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  1. 1. Blogging by: Britni
  2. 2. Blogging is... a way to create book discussions post prompts for writing communication with parents and students journal writing online publish student work
  3. 3. What sites can you use? KidBlog (free) Google Blogger (free) Tumblr (free) Blogspot
  4. 4. Caution... make sure to obtain proper parent/ guardian permission before blogging use first names, numbers, or some other codes for protection these guides are to protect student identity and privacy on the internet
  5. 5. “Thorez Thinkers” uses for out of class projects her personal bio a way for students to talk back and forth
  6. 6. “Tigersphere” uses as examples prior to student work gives the students opportunities to critique other work for improvment uses blog for questions on the book they are working on
  7. 7. “Sabillasville 1” gives first graders practice reading and answering questions in 3-4 sentences short entries for them to read videos to watch and respond to
  8. 8. “TPSroom107” uses it for critical thinkinggaining information about the studentsgives students a chance to becomefamiliar with computers
  9. 9. Other uses... chats between students instant feed back on work great use of technology
  10. 10. Who Can Use Blogs?any one!the examples are from first grade to fifthgradewould be great for high school studentsas wellgreat for introducing computer skills
  11. 11. Sources