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Faberge egg ppt


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Faberge egg ppt

  2. 2.  Easter is the most joyful celebration of the Orthodox faith inRussia. After church services, families gather to exchange gifts ofdecorated eggs, symbols of renewed life and hope. The Easter of 1885 marked the twentieth anniversary of CzarAlexander III and Czarina Maria Fedorovna, and the Czar neededan exceptional gift for his wife. He commissioned a young jeweler, Peter Carl Faberge, who’swork had recently caught his wife’s eye. On Easter morning, Faberge delivered to the palace whatappeared to be a simple enameled egg. To the delight of the Empress, inside was a golden yolk; withinthe yolk was a golden hen; and concealed within the hen was adiamond miniature of the royal crown and a tiny ruby egg.
  3. 3.  His wife’s delight was all that Czar needed to reward Faberge withan egg commission every year. The requirements were straightforward: each egg must be unique Each must contain a suitable surprise for the Empress With consummate craftsmanship and an inventive spirit, Fabergerepeatedly met the challenge, borrowing inspiration from thegilded lives of Czar and Czarina. In October of 1894 the Czar’s health failed. He died suddenly in the prime of life and his son Nicholas IIascended the throne. Not prepared to be a Czar, Nicholas decided to just continue onwith all the things his father had done, including the tradition ofthe Easter Egg.
  4. 4.  Nicholas continued the commission for his mother’s egg andadded another order for his new wife, Czarina AlexandreaFedorovan. So imaginatively conceived and opulently executed, Faberge’swork elevated jewelry to a decorative art unequaled since theRenaissance. At the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris, the Imperial eggs wereshown in public for the first time. The eggs astounded the jury, which showered Faberge withhonors and his fame spread throughout Europe. Faberge’s workshops became flooded with commissions,transforming an ordinary goldsmith shop into the famous “Houseof Faberge.” Year by year, Faberge’s Imperial Easter Eggs reached newheights of invention and extravagance, expressions in miniatureof the imperial privilege. Ultimately, these eggs would become painful reminders of thetragic events to come.
  5. 5.  All of the elements of the Romanov story came together mostelegantly in the Fifteenth Anniversary egg (1911). It was a family album just over five inches tall. Exquisitely detailed paintings depicted the most notable events ofthe reign of Nicholas II and each of the family members. There are his five children, all these sort of glamorous eventssurrounding their lives, and there they are looking happy andunknowing what was going to happen to them just a few yearslater.
  6. 6.  During the first months of Russia’s involvement in World War I,the simmering discontent of the troubled nation is cooled bypatriotic unity in defense of the motherland. Russia’s dismal economic conditions made it impossible forNicholas to sustain the war effort against powerful, industrializedGermany. By 1917, famine threatened the country, riots and strikesdemanding bread were common in Moscow and St. Petersburg. When the Imperial troops joined the demonstrators, thegovernment collapsed to the revolution. On March 15th with neither the support of the people n0r thearistocracy, Nicolas was forced to resign.
  7. 7.  The next day a decree was passed, ordering the arrest ofNicholas II and all other members of the Romanov family. The Czar and his family were eventually removed to Siberiawhere they were held captive for over a year. On July 17th, 1918 Nicholas, his wife, and his five children werehearded into a basement and executed. Of the immidiate family, only Nicholas’ mother escaped theassassins. As she made a hasty departure from her homeland, she broughtwith her the Order of St. George egg, the last Faberge ImperialEaster egg she would ever receive from her son.