Common causes of plumbing noises


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Are you hearing noises in your plumbing system? There are a number of noises that can occur in your home's plumbing, some serious and some not so much. This article will look at some common noises and their likely causes.

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Common causes of plumbing noises

  1. 1. Common Causes Of Plumbing NoisesNoises in your plumbing system can be scary. Not because you think your home is haunted, but becausemost people are as afraid of their local plumber as they are their dentist. It is unfortunate that plumbershave this nasty reputation because there really are a lot of great plumbers available and at some point,your plumbing system is going to make noises. Some of these are potentially serious issues and someare not really a big deal. But before you can know the potential impact of whatever is causing the noises,you have to identify just what is causing the noise in the first place. Lets take a look at three of the mostcommon noises - hissing, rattling, screeching - and the cause of each. Keep in mind that not every noiseis caused by the same problem and a plumbing failure can wreak havoc on a home. So a professionalplumber is always recommended.Hissing SoundsA hissing sound is one of the more common noises one might encounter in their home. This will happensometimes when you turn on a faucet. The cause of this noise is usually a water pressure that is toohigh. The solution is to install a valve that will reduce the water pressure and get rid of this noise.Rattling Pipe SoundThis shaking rattling sound which takes place when shutting off a faucet is often causes by waves ofwater pressure and is a problem that occurs more in older homes than newer ones. This sound can alsohappen when water rapidly enters a pipe that doesnt flow freely, possibly due to a change in directionin the piping such as an elbow connection or a "T" joint. In cases where the cause is water pressurewaves, air chambers and shock absorption fittings are usually a fix.ScreechingAnother problem that you might experience is a sharp screech as you open a faucet. The screech is briefand will often stop as soon as the faucet is completely open. In this case, the usual suspect is a bad partin the faucet. You can attempt to rebuild the faucet but a replacement is often a better solution,especially if you are paying to have this done. Plumbers have a lot of overhead and have to charge fortheir time, so it is probably cheaper to replace than pay to have your current faucet repaired. plus,wouldnt a new faucet just look nicer anyway?There are many sounds that can emanate from your plumbing system. These are three common onesbut there are many more and depending on where the noise is coming from and the type of noise, thecan signal a major problem or a simple repair. If you are not sure of what the cause is, a professionalshould be consulted. You dont want to take a chance with your plumbing since the impact of a bustedpipe on your home and the resulting cleanup effort can be significant.For plumbing system noises or any other residential or commercial repair or installation need, yourtrusted Deerfield Beach plumber is available 24/7. Get the areas best value backed by a warranty on allwork performed, both parts and labor. And nobody beats our Deerfield Beach water heater installationrates!