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Moodle online course management system

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  • Moodle

    1. 1. MoodleBy Berhanu Abebe
    2. 2. Making Moodle Work for You Strategies for Classroom Use – An Open Source Learning Management System Presented by: Dr. Dan McDougall Receive future educator’s discount of10% off your next purchase at
    3. 3. Ideal Learning Environment PortfoliosTraditional Learning Virtual Learning Component Component (F2F) (VLE) Products
    4. 4. Introduction to Moodle• Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment• Moodle is a software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites• Social Constructivist Pedagogy
    5. 5. About Moodle • Moodle is a web-based virtual classroom designed to help educators provide quality learning experiences • Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment • Moodle is a web-based software package designed to help educators create quality online courses1 • Social Constructivist Pedagogy2 – Constructivism – Constructionism – Social Constructivism• Moodle. Retrieved from on June 28, 2006.• About Moodle: Philosophy. Retrieved from on June 28, 2006.
    6. 6. Moodle Advantages• Access (24/7)• Extended Education Time• Resources at your fingertips• Activities• Collaboration• FREE!!!!!!!
    7. 7. Pedagogical Considerations• Advantages • Limitations – 24/7 Access – Not all Students – Expanded have Internet Access Collaborative – Student artifacts are Opportunities locked up in Moodle – Variety of Online where outside users Activities available cannot view them
    8. 8. Applications of Moodle• Virtual Classroom• Blended Learning/Hybrid• Freestyle Course – Self Motivated Learning• Forum-based Discussion Course• Single Activity Focused Courses (portfolios, semester projects, etc).
    9. 9. Applications of Moodle“Online learning is really about how traditional schools use online services to expand educational options and opportunities for students.” – John Bailey, former director of Office of Educational Technology, Dept. of Ed.Michigan is the first state to require online learning for graduation
    10. 10. Moodle, Learning, & NCLB“Your school district should have an online learning strategy to help enhance the educational options for your students and for your district to meet the goals of No Child Left Behind (NCLB)” – John Bailey, former director of Office of Educational Technology, Dept. of Ed.
    11. 11. Usage• Elementary• Secondary• University• Also, business training• Personal sites/resources
    12. 12. Moodle - Virtual Swiss Army Knife• Assignment • Lesson• Blog • Quiz• Chat • Resource• Choice (Poll) • SCORM• Database • Survey• Forum • Wiki• Glossary • Workshop
    13. 13. Typical Moodle Classroom
    14. 14. General Good Practices• Reasoning – What are the advantages to using the VLE in this case? – Can I accomplish this activity more efficiently using F2F?• Preparation/Training – What tasks are the students to complete? – Do my students have the skills to accomplish the required tasks?• Accountability• Grouping
    15. 15. VLE Good Practices• Expectations• Organization – K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple for Students)• Integration
    16. 16. Add-on Modules• Certificates • Questionnaire• iPodcast • Netpublish• Choice Block • Presentation• Dfwiki • Portfolio• Conditional Activities • Quickmail• Import PPT • InternalMail• Feedback
    17. 17. Internet Access• No “One fits all solution”• Suggestions – Learn about your students – Enlist parental support – Identify additional access opportunities – Consider/Plan alternative options
    18. 18. Discussion Forums• Suggestions – Use robust, open-ended questions – Provide response expectations • Include sample responses (at least initially) – Participate, don’t Dominate! – Groups
    19. 19. Ways to Moodle• Online Courses• Blended Learning/Hybrid (Virtual Classroom)• Freestyle Course – Self Motivated Learning• Forum-based Discussion Course• Single Activity Focused Courses (portfolios, semester projects, etc)• Shared Curriculum Activities
    20. 20. For More Information:••••• E-mail:• Presented by: Dr. Dan A. McDougall, D.D., M.O., Ph.D., M.S., M.A., B.S., Sec.Cert., Voc. Cert., Online Cert.