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Denmark powerpoint


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Denmark powerpoint

  1. 1. Denmark
  2. 2. Cities Copenhagen Aarhus Kolding
  3. 3. Copenhagen • Hotel Resorts • Entertainment • Sightseeing >Home Copenhagen , in Danish København, is the Capital of Denmark. It is the most populous city with around 1,230,728 people. It is known for it’s; architecture, Beaches, Culture, History and Urban Nightlife. A popular tourist attraction is a statue called ‘The little mermaid’ it is an icon of the city.
  4. 4. Copenhagen: Hotel Resorts >Copenhagen • The Copenhagen Marriott Hotel • Phoenix Copenhagen • Copenhagen Star Hotel
  5. 5. Hotel Resorts: The Copenhagen Marriott Hotel The Copenhagen Marriott Hotel is a 5 star, luxury hotel with great resources and people. The hotel is a 10 minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station and the Tivoli Gardens. Strøget shopping street is within 20 minutes walk of the Copenhagen Marriott. All rooms have either a city or Sydhavnen Harbour views. There are resources such as; Sauna, Stream room, 24 hour gym, satellite TV channels, Minibar and Spa and wellness Centre. This hotel is a good choice for people who want to relax on their trip to Denmark. >Hotel Resorts
  6. 6. Hotel Resorts: Phoenix Copenhagen Phoenix Copenhagen is a 4 star hotel, that dates back to the 17th century. It is a 3 minute walk Amalienborg palace and the Nyhavn water front. The historic atmosphere, gives a friendly feel with its marble floors and Louis XVL-era décor, the rooms feature golden chandeliers, draped curtains and Antique style furniture. This hotel has special qualities that you wont find in any other hotel, such as; Cycling and bike rental, Restaurant and Bar, VIP room facilities and Pets are allowed on request. This hotel is an excellent choice for those who want a relaxing stay at Copenhagen. >Hotel Resorts
  7. 7. Hotel Resorts: Copenhagen Star Hotel >Hotel Resorts The Copenhagen Star hotel is a comfortable 3 star hotel. It is 100 meters from Copenhagen central station. All rooms include a privet bathroom, a 32-inch LED TV with international channels and free high speed Wi-Fi internet is included. The famous Tivoli gardens is only a five minute walk away, and Copenhagen's main street, Strøget and City hall square is only 800 meters away from this hotel. There is a bar included in this hotel, to relax in after a day of touring the city. This hotel is perfect for a family to visit, it has a relaxing a friendly environment.
  8. 8. Copenhagen: Entertainment >Copenhagen • The Danish National Gallery • Tivoli Gardens • European Beer Festival • Royal Danish Theatre
  9. 9. Entertainment: The Danish National Gallery >Entertainment Statens museum for Kunst is the Danish National Gallery. It is filled with rich art from the 13th century to the present day. The works on display include paintings, sculptures, installations and every other form of art on paper, both from Denmark and abroad. The Danish National Gallery has a children's area, specially designed for the children to; put up their art works, to get inspired, to hear story's. Statens museum for Kunst is a great place for leaning about culture, seeing beautiful art from all over Europe. There are many Exhibitions going on, such as: Flowers and world views, March 22nd-October 20th 2013; FREEDOM! 6th September-3rd August 2014.
  10. 10. Entertainment: Tivoli Gardens >Entertainment The Tivoli Gardens is one of Europe's best known Amusement parks, and pleasure centres. The park opened August 18th 1843, and is the second oldest amusement park in the world, after Dyrehavsbakken near Klampenborg. It is the most visited park in Scandinavia, and the forth in Europe. This 21-acre park is beautifully landscaped for a relaxing feel. Some buildings in the park include: the concert hall, the glass hall theatre, Plænen and the Chinese tower. This park is known best for its wooden roller coaster, Rutschebanen, built in 1914. Tivoli gardens has a wide range of rides, suitable for anyone, including: Roller coasters, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, kiddie rides and galley ships.
  11. 11. Entertainment: European Beer Festival >Entertainment European Beer festival for Denmark is held in Copenhagen, on the 22nd,23rd and 24th of may 2014. This year is the 14th Beer festival in Copenhagen, which will once again take place in Tap1 on the former Carlsberg Brewery. The guests that attend the Festival will get a chance to taste a great variety of beers together with several novelties never presented before in Denmark. There will be more than 70 different exhibitors, with a range of 700 different beers at the festival. You will get an opportunity to experience the rare beer types from Danish and foreign breweries and also try the beer’s good qualities together with food. På dansk, tak!
  12. 12. Entertainment: Royal Danish Theatre >Entertainment The Royal Danish theatre, Det Kongelige teatre, is the national Danish performing arts institution. The theatre was founded in 1748, first serving as the theatre of the king, and then as the theatre of the country. The theatre presents opera, the Royal Danish Ballet, classical music concerts by the Royal Danish Orchestra, which dates back to 1448, and drama. Det Kongelige Teatre is located in Kongens Nytorv, which is a public square centrally located in Strøget. The Theatre has 1600 seats inside and has beautiful architecture by Vilhelm Darhlerup. The theatre presents; Opera, Classical music concerts, Royal Danish ballet and drama.
  13. 13. Copenhagen: Sightseeing >Copenhagen • Rundetårn • Langelinie • Frederik's Church
  14. 14. Sightseeing: Rundetårn The Rundetårn is a 17th Century tower, located in central Copenhagen. It is one of the many architectural projects of Christian IV, it was built as an astronomical observatory. It is most known for its 7.5-turn helical corridor leading to the top, and for the expansive views it affords over Copenhagen. Today the Round Tower serves as an observation tower for expansive views of Copenhagen, a public astronomical observatory and a historical monument. In the same time the Library Hall, located above the church and only accessible along the tower's ramp, is an active cultural venue with both exhibitions and a busy concert schedule. >Sightseeing
  15. 15. Sightseeing: Langelinie Langelinie is a pier, promenade and park in central Copenhagen, it is also home of the icon ‘the little mermaid,’ which is a popular tourist attraction. The Langelinie pier ,in Danish Langeliniekajen, is an area of statues or memorials. Some of these include a cast bronze sculptured polar bear and her clubs for MS Jutlandia, Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen. The polar bear has some bullet holes at the head. They were made by a German soldier under the Occupation of Denmark. The Langelinie Park ,in Danish Langelinieparken. The park contains numerous monuments, buildings, a marina, statues and a playground. Among these are the Gefion Fountain, the Ivar Huitfeldt Column and The Little Mermaid. >Sightseeing
  16. 16. Sightseeing: Frederik's Church Frederik’s Church ,in Danish Frederiks Kirke, also known as The Marble Church ,Marmorkirken, for its architecture, is an Evangelical Lutheran church in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located just west of Amalienborg Palace. Frederick's Church has the largest church dome in Scandinavia with a span of 31m, though there are three larger domes elsewhere in Europe. The dome rests on 12 columns. The inspiration was probably St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The church is also known as the Church of Denmark ,Den Danske Folkekirke. >Sightseeing
  17. 17. Aarhus • Hotel Resorts • Entertainment • Sightseeing >Home Aarhus ,in Danish Århus, is the second- largest city in Denmark. The principal port of Denmark, Aarhus is on the east side of the peninsula of Jutland. Aarhus is with unofficial title ‘Capital of Jutland. Aarhus has the second- largest urban area in Denmark after Copenhagen.
  18. 18. Aarhus: Hotel resorts >Aarhus • Helnan Marselis Hotel • Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus • Hotel Royal
  19. 19. Hotel resorts: Helnan Marselis Hotel >Hotel Resorts On the beach in Aarhus over looking Aarhus bay and Kattegat sea, Helnan Marselis Hotel is close to Marselisborg Palace, NRGi Park, and NRGi Arena. Additional attractions near this hotel include Tivoli Friheden and Bruun's Galleri. Helnan Hotel Marselis is 15 minutes’ walk from Marselisborg Palace and 10 minutes’ drive from Aarhus city centre The Helnan Marselis Hotel has resources such as: an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant Marselis, a sauna and a fitness suite. All rooms have: a privet bathroom, television, French balcony or terrace. The restaurant specialises in seafood, but offers both Danish and international food.
  20. 20. Hotel resorts: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel >Hotel Resorts The Radisson Blue Scandinavia hotel is a 4 star modern hotel. It is within walking distance of Musikhuset Aarhus, Den Gamble By and Aarhus city hall. This Hotel has 234 rooms arranged over 6 floors. There are resources such as: Ballroom, 2 restaurants, fitness centre, billiards, Bar/lounge. This Modern hotel has designer rooms, multiple conference rooms and even currency exchange. This luxurious hotel has excellent reviews and beautiful city views. The Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel has a great location for people who want to explore the city.
  21. 21. Hotel resorts: Hotel Royal >Hotel Resorts Located in the heart of Aarhus, the Hotel Royal is a 4 star hotel. The hotel is close to: Royal Casino, Den Gamble By and Aarhus Cathedral. This hotel was built in 1838. This luxury hotel has many things to offer for a comfortable stay, for example: sauna, casino, game room, bar/lounge and the restaurant ‘Queens Garden’. The Hotel Royal has all the things you need for a comfortable stay, it allows pets to stay ,dogs only, and has a beautiful city view. The spacious hotel has 66 rooms, spread out over 5 floors, with each room designer made for a comfortable stay.
  22. 22. Aarhus: Entertainment >Aarhus • Viking Moot Festival • Den Gamble By • The Aarhus Festival
  23. 23. Entertainment: Viking Moot Festival >Entertainment The historical event takes place on the last weekend of July every year. This Viking festival is Scandinavia’s largest. Vikings and non-Vikings alike can experience a historical market like Scandinavian history when it happened, and watch traditionally clothed craftsmen, traders, warriors, and Viking-style riders. Besides 25,000 visitors, this annual event attracts countless performers from Denmark, the other Scandinavian countries, and even the British Isles. The highlights of this Danish event, are the warrior fights and the riding shows, which you can come to see at 12 pm and 3 pm. The Viking Moot festival is free, so you will not need tickets. It is hosted by the Moesgård Museum, a major attraction.
  24. 24. Entertainment: The Aarhus Festival >Entertainment Every year from late August into early September, Aarhus offers Denmark travellers a major cultural event: The Aarhus Festival. The Aarhus Festival takes place for 10 days each year and always offers a fresh theme with new performances and entertainment. Over 300 events are included in the Danish city's cultural celebration, such as dance, films and exhibitions. The musical side of the Aarhus Festival offers Denmark visitors something for every taste, ranging from classical music and operas to rock and jazz concerts performed by Danish and international special guests. The festival's performances are located at concert halls in Aarhus, churches, parks, and many other local venues. The patron of the Aarhus Festival is Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
  25. 25. Entertainment: Den Gamble By >Entertainment Den Gamble By ,in English The Old Town, is a open-aired town museum located in Aarhus Botanical Gardens. It consists of 75 historical buildings. In 1914 the museum opened as the world's first open-air museum of its kind, and to this day it remains one of just a few top rated Danish museums outside Copenhagen serving some 3.5 million visitors per year. There are 5 regular exhibits, The Danish Clock Museum, the Toy Museum, a silverware exhibit, a pottery exhibit and the Textile Museum, in addition to several smaller exhibits. Spread throughout the small town, six shops including a bookstore, a post office and a bakery. In addition, five diners and cafés provide food and drink for visitors, and double as miniature exhibits showcasing the work methods of latter-day life.
  26. 26. Aarhus: Sightseeing >Aarhus • Marselisborg Palace • Aarhus Botanical Gardens • Viking Museum • Church of Our Lady
  27. 27. Sightseeing: Marselisborg Palace >Sightseeing Marselisborg Palace ,In Danish Marselisborg Slot, is the residence of the Danish Royal Family in Aarhus and it has been the summer residence of Queen Margrethe II since 1967. There is a Palace Park in connection to the Palace itself and outside the grounds, stretching to the coast of the Bay of Aarhus is another large park Mindeparken ,English The Memorial Park, popular with the citizens of Aarhus for recreational activities in the warmer months of the year. Just south of Marselisborg Palace is Aarhus Forestry Botanical Garden and a Deer Park, as part of the extensive Marselisborg Forests. Just west and north of the Palace is Aarhus Racecourse and the Atletion Stadium.
  28. 28. Sightseeing: Aarhus Botanical Gardens >Sightseeing It is located north of the Old Town open-air village museum and was founded in 1875. It covers an area of 53 acres, with 12 acres for the Old Town. The park provides an attraction of interest to those who wish to inspect the thousands of plant species on display here. All are labelled in the Danish and Latin. The landscape presenting the plants, are quite varied and there is also a large tropical greenhouse, where guided tours are available. The gardens have an open-air amphitheatre, two small lakes, a children’s playground and it is all in all a popular location for picnics, gatherings and events of all kinds year round. The Botanical Gardens originally started in 1873 as an experimental place for fruit trees and other useful plants. this place later became The Garden Society of Jutland.
  29. 29. Sightseeing: Viking Museum >Sightseeing This Viking museum ,Vikingemuseet, is a big part of the Moesgård Museum. The exhibition is based on the discoveries made on the very site where Nordea’s building now stands. Archaeologists worked their way down through the remains of medieval houses and rubbish heaps and below these, 3 m below street level, they found a small part of the Viking town. The most curious discovery was the headless skeleton of a man the town’s earliest murder mystery. The exhibition at the Viking Museum is a permanent display which tells the story of the earliest Aarhus ,Viking Aros, based on archaeological discoveries made on the very spot where the museum now stands.
  30. 30. Sightseeing: Church of Our Lady >Sightseeing The Church of Our Lady ,in Danish Vor Frue Kirke, is one of the largest churches of Århus, Denmark. It is situated in the centre of the city not far from Aarhus Cathedral ,Århus Domkirke. The church's crypt contains a stone church dating to 1060 AD. The crypt church is the oldest extant stone church in Scandinavia. Built in 1060 after the old wooden church had been burned in an assault on the town, the church is situated under the main building of the Church of Our Lady. During the restoration by the Danish National Museum, two graves were found, one of a child and one of an adult, and 23 coins from the 14th century. Five of these coins were from Lübeck and the rest from Hamburg.
  31. 31. Kolding • Hotel Resorts • Entertainment • Sightseeing >Home Kolding is a Danish seaport located at the head of Kolding Fjord in the Region of Southern Denmark. It is the seat of Kolding Municipality.. The manufacturing of machinery and textiles and livestock export are other economically significant activities. With a population of 89,412, the Kolding municipality is the seventh largest in Denmark.
  32. 32. Kolding: Hotel Resorts >Kolding • Kolding Byferie Apartments Hotel • Hotel Koldingfjord • Hotel Saxildhus Kolding
  33. 33. Hotel Resorts: Kolding Byferie Apartments >Hotel Resorts This apartment hotel is in Kolding’s Old Town, on the shore of Lake Slotssøen. It offers free internet access. Koldinghus Castle is a 5-minute walk away, while Kolding Station is 700 metres away. Each apartment at Kolding Byferie includes a seating area and a kitchen with dishwasher. All have designer furniture and cable TV. Discounted admission is offered to the nearby Slotssøbadet Water Park and Fitness DK Gym. Legoland Amusement Park and the Givskud Zoo are both 50 minutes' drive from the apartments. This hotel has facilities such as: a sauna, fitness centre, solarium, spa and wellness centre, hot tub, indoor pool, water park and bike rental. Guests have the option a street-view apartment or views of the quiet gardens or courtyard.
  34. 34. Hotel Resorts: Hotel Koldingfjord >Hotel Resorts This 4 star hotel, surrounded by forest, Hotel Koldingfjord is set in an impressive 1911 building, just a 12-minute drive from central Kolding. It offers rooms with flat-screen satellite TVs and free Wi- Fi. All rooms at Koldingfjord Hotel have a work desk and minibar. Some rooms offer views of the Kolding Fjord In Hotel Koldingfjord, you get facilities such as: garden, terrace, restaurant à la carte, sauna, fitness centre, indoor pool, hiking, cycling. The languages spoken in the Hotel Koldingfjord are English, German and Danish. Hotel Koldingfjord is 1.5 km from the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art. Slottssøbadet Water Park is a 15-minute drive away from the hotel.
  35. 35. Hotel Resorts: Hotel Saxildhus Kolding >Hotel Resorts The Hotel Saxildhus Kolding is set in a refurbished 19th-century building, this hotel is opposite Kolding Station. It offers free Wi-Fi and a popular breakfast. The Helligkorsgade pedestrian shopping street is 5 minutes’ walk away. All rooms at Hotel Saxildhus Kolding feature a flat-screen TV with satellite TV access, as well as free film channels. Most rooms have exposed wooden beams and traditional décor. Hotel Saxildhus Kolding is only 500 metres from Koldingshus Museum and the walking path surrounding Lake Slotssøen. Staff can provide tourist information and other services. The hotel includes facilities such as: Italian restaurant, bar, family rooms, currency exchange.
  36. 36. Kolding: Entertainment >Kolding • Slotssøbadet Water Park • Givskud zoo • Toner på tværs
  37. 37. >Entertainment Entertainment: Slotssøbadet Water Park Slotssøbadet offers fun for the whole family. The many pools and the tropical climate can be used all year. The water park can also be used as a relaxation place; there is relaxation furniture in the area. In Slotssøbadet you find a barefoot cafe and it is the only place in Denmark that has a sand beach with light therapy. In Slotssøbadet Water Park you will find; • A 55m slide. • Fun-pool • Whirlpool • Outdoor terraces • Hot-tub. In addition, saunas, steam room, cold water pool. There will be a variety of events all year round.
  38. 38. >Entertainment Entertainment: Givskud zoo Givskud zoo opened in 1969 under the name of ‘Løveparken’ ,the lion park, with lions as the only animals. In 1970 elephants arrived and today the park has more than 700 animals representing more than 70 species. The zoo is one of only ten attractions to be awarded 5 stars by the Danish tourist guide Jyllands Attraktioner and receives about 325,000 visitors a year. It is part of the LEGOLAND Billund Resort. Some of the most famous attractions here are the lions pride, it is the largest lion pride in Europe, also Samson the silverback gorilla. He was the first gorilla in the world to have his own Facebook profile, he has appeared on Danish TV several times before. This zoo has attractions such as: Safari, a playground, a teepee tent where you can bake bread and try your luck at panning for gold, picnic and BBQ areas, a pancake house and restaurant.
  39. 39. >Entertainment Entertainment: Toner på tværs Toner på tværs ,Cultural Voices, is an annual cultural event, featuring songs by individuals and groups; musical renditions through various musical instruments, community singing, dances, poetry reading and International buffet. It is celebrating life together in its cultural diversity in spite of differences in language, culture and religion. Toner på tværs 2013 holds an offertory/collection of money during the unique concert to support the war victims in Syria. It is open to all individuals or groups of whatever ethnic or religious background who are willing to share their talents for building up a fellowship and affirming the common humanity in spite of differences in language, culture and religion.
  40. 40. Kolding: Sightseeing >Kolding • Koldinghus Castle • River Kongeå • Geografisk Have
  41. 41. Sightseeing: Koldinghus Castle >Sightseeing Givskud zoo opened in 1969 under the name of ‘Løveparken’ ,the lion park, with lions as the only animals. In 1970 elephants arrived and today the park has more than 700 animals representing more than 70 species. The zoo is one of only ten attractions to be awarded 5 stars by the Danish tourist guide Jyllands Attraktioner and receives about 325,000 visitors a year. It is part of the LEGOLAND Billund Resort. Some of the most famous attractions here are the lions pride, it is the largest lion pride in Europe, also Samson the silverback gorilla. He was the first gorilla in the world to have his own Facebook profile, he has appeared on Danish TV several times before. This zoo has attractions such as: Safari, a playground, a teepee tent where you can bake bread and try your luck at panning for gold, picnic and BBQ areas, a pancake house and restaurant.
  42. 42. Sightseeing: River Kongeå >Sightseeing The River Kongeå is a river that separates the border of northern and south Jutland. It rises southeast of Vejen and Vamdrup and after about 50 km flows into the North Sea north of Ribe. In the Middle Ages it was called Skodborg after the royal castle Skodborghus that was at a crossing south of Vejen. For centuries, there was a customs border near Kongeå that separated the Kingdom of Denmark from the duchy of Schleswig. In 1864-1920 it was the border between Denmark and Germany.
  43. 43. Sightseeing: Geografisk Have >Sightseeing The Geografisk Have ,geographical gardens, is a large botanical garden that covers an area of 12 hectares. The geographical aspect is that the trees, shrubs and herbs are all grouped by country of origin. One example is China, where the Chinese dove tree ,Davidia involucrata, is surrounded by Chinese rhododendrons, next to Chinese spring-flowering primulas, followed by the Chinese rodgersia. The geographical sections flank the wide stretch of lawns that extend down through the Gardens. North America, Japan, China, South America, Manchuria, Korea, Siberia and Southwest Asia are all represented. On the other side of the oak avenue are the Gardens' three large hothouses, as well as animal pens and two playgrounds, and a collection of the thematic gardens of various sizes.