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489 visual walk thru

  1. 1. BE BRILLIANT MEDIA We asked business owners, “What type of website will work for their online needs?” pamela@bebrilliantmedia.com / Web Consultant Agency / www.BeBrilliantMedia.com
  2. 2. “We want something affordable…” ● Business owners consistently want a website that looks amazing and at the same time doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. ● Our team came up with a solution that satisfies most businesses with professional looking website at an affordable price and get this, you get a website in 48 hours.
  3. 3. Solution ● We deliver an excellent selection of starter WordPress CMS themes that customers get to pick a color, choose a font and add a logo. ● 48 hours later they get a website ready to load onto their hosting account all for $489 – a perfect fit for most businesses’ budgets.
  4. 4. Content ● The process is pretty easy. In the first 24 hours, you provide us with content about your products or services; sales / marketing copy and images. ● The content is uploaded via a convenient form.
  5. 5. Content Entry Form ● Home Page - Landing and sales page. You have 3 seconds to capture your audience. Make it count. We recommend professionally written by someone who. Enter your content here... ● About Us - Tell your audience about you and the business. Enter your content here... ● Product or Service - Description of services or products offered Enter your content here.. ● Contact Us - Ways to contact you if they ordering online is not an option. Enter your content here..
  6. 6. Upload Images Home Page - 4 Image minimum required About Us Product No image requirement - Option up to 3 images per page - No image requirement - Option up to 3 images per page
  7. 7. Select a Theme… (only two of seven sample layouts shown)
  8. 8. Pick a Color… ● Color Scheme: an arrangement or combination of colors used on your website
  9. 9. Choose a Font…
  10. 10. 48 Hours and $489 Later! You get a beautifully crafted website ready to promote your business online.
  11. 11. Focus on Your Business… ● One of the common pitfalls we see is that business owners get bogged down by trying to build their own websites. ● Then months later the site it is not working as they intended. That’s lots of valuable time that can be spend on creating revenue for the business.
  12. 12. BE BRILLIANT MEDIA Next Steps ● Thank you for your time and attention. We hope this is of value. It is our mission to deliver services that support your business growth. ● Perhaps you have a few questions or you are ready to dive in. Either way contact Pamela Bey today at pamela@bebrilliantmedia.com. pamela@bebrilliantmedia.com / Web Consultant Agency / www.BeBrilliantMedia.com