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Mozilla Add-ons Universe: The Next Level for AMO


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Mozilla Add-ons Universe: The Next Level for AMO

  1. 1. Mozilla Add-ons Universe The Next Level for AMO Mozilla Balkans Public Day, Skopje - 22 May 2010
  2. 2. 1.5+ Billion Add-ons!
  3. 3. Why Add-ons Core to the Mozilla mission of “choice & innovation” Huge momentum versus other browsers. Customization is one of the key differentiators for Firefox and helps users feel like Firefox is “mine” Innovation incubator 1st class deployment infrastructure at Mozilla Add-ons (AMO)
  4. 4. Fun Facts 1.5B downloaded from AMO 167M+ add-ons in use 57,093 Collections 4.5M registered users 33-50% of Firefox installs have at least one add-on Average number of add-ons per user is 5 More...
  5. 5. Vibrant Startup Ecosystem
  6. 6. The Big Guys
  7. 7. For Users
  8. 8. Collections Add-on Sharing Launched with site re-design in August 2009 Encourage participation from non-developers Ultimately, increase # of downloads.
  9. 9. Personas Integrated
  10. 10. For Developers
  11. 11. Developer Hub Documentation, tutorials, code samples Case Studies Taggable, searchable code repositories Queue Metrics Best Practices Forums Metrics More...
  12. 12. Forums
  13. 13. Verification Suite
  14. 14. Contributions
  15. 15. Picture by Kai Hendry.
  16. 16. Mobile Add-ons Picture by Madhava Enros
  17. 17. What's Next (A Sampling)
  18. 18. Shiny New Add-ons Manager
  19. 19. Zamboni - aka The Big Rewrite Moving away from a CakePHP driven site to the Django framework Scaleability Stability Reliable Statistics New Features Seen in the wild:
  20. 20. Revamped Statistics
  21. 21. Review Changes Coming process-proposal/
  22. 22. Add-on Store Finding a Business Model for add-ons is hard. Typically needs to be backed by a compelling Web Service. Hobbyist add-on authors and companies alike deserve a chance to make a few dollars. Follow progress in bug 562790.
  23. 23. Get Involved
  24. 24. Thanks! Get in touch @brianking