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Mozilla Add-Ons Evolution 2011 in review and Upcoming in 2012


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Mozilla Add-Ons Evolution 2011 in review and Upcoming in 2012

  1. 1. Mozilla Add-ons Evolution2011 in Review and Upcoming in 2012 Brian King Mozilla Croatia Community Meeting - Zagreb 7 January 2012
  2. 2. Image by fligtar
  3. 3. Watch the Video!about:addons -> Get Add-ons -> Learn MorePopcorn.js drivenexperience...WebDev gives thedetails
  4. 4. Why Add-ons?● Core to the Mozilla mission of “choice & innovation”● Huge momentum versus other browsers.● Deep customization is one of the key differentiators for Firefox and helps users feel like Firefox is “mine”● Innovation incubator● 1st class deployment infrastructure at Mozilla Add-ons (AMO)
  5. 5. Add-ons in 2011 Recap
  6. 6. Developers and Reviews● New Developer Tools● Editor Tools enhancements● Overhaul of review process (sandbox no more, and more)
  7. 7. DiscoverabilityDiscovery pane (Get Add-ons) in Add-ons Manager (AOM)- driving 30,000 downloads a daySearch- AOM search driving 300,000 downloads a day- Site search overhauled (ajax, search suggestions dropdown,inline results in page)
  8. 8. And Much MoreRead fligtars post...
  9. 9. Jetpack Status Add-ons SDK
  10. 10. Picture by jurvetson on Flickr
  11. 11. What is the Jetpack SDK?● An extensible library of capabilities and APIs for writing Firefox add-ons, as well as stand-alone web-technology based applications.● A set of command-line tools that package and security- harden your code into distributable packages.● Goals: ○ Web-Based : Attractive to Web Developers ○ More secure ○ Remixable ○ Robust - Versioned API ○ No restart / Silent updates
  12. 12. Core APIsIntegrated set of API modules for common use case in add-ons ● System (clipboard, notifications, file) ● Browser (private browsing, tab-browser) ● UI (widget, context-menu, panel) ● Requests (xhr) ● Web Content (pagemods) ● And more...
  13. 13. Add-ons Builder (Beta) The Add-ons Builder will enable the community to rapidly, collaboratively develop extensions.
  14. 14. Status ● SDK officially launched in 2011 ● 1.4 Beta at time of writing ● Add-ons Builder Beta ● Fast-track queue on AMO for SDK based add-onsNew Roadmap coming soon...Expect deeper integration moving forward.
  15. 15. Uptake 27% of new add-ons submitted to AMO each month use the SDK.
  16. 16. Apps and Marketplace ... and other goodies for 2012
  17. 17. Apps"bring HTML5 app experiences built using Web standards andopen technologies to all your devices, wherever you are"Why? ● Discoverability ● MonetisationDo it better and more open than others
  18. 18. BrowserIDis an easierway to sign inComing toAMO in2012
  19. 19. Performance Performance testing of Add-ons Significant progress in 2011, look for more in 2012.
  20. 20. Compatibility Firefox 10 - Compatible by default
  21. 21. Thanks! Get in touch @brianking