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Kings of Code Hack Battle


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LinkedIn is sponsoring the Kings of Code Hack Battle at the 2013 Next Web Conference. What will you do for the "business hack" challenge?

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Kings of Code Hack Battle

  1. 1. ChallengeKings of Code Hack Battle, Next Web 2013
  2. 2. About LinkedIn
  3. 3. The worlds largest professional network
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Yevgeniy BrikmanStaff Software Engineer ShoupHacker in residence GuptaEngineering Manager KorcuskaLeading International Product Management at LinkedIn
  7. 7. The Challenge
  8. 8. Build the best"business hack"
  9. 9. Any hack that helps professionalsbe more productive and successful
  10. 10. ● Connect professionals with opportunities● Hacks that make you better at your job, make your job easier, or more fun.● Website, mobile app, data visualization, game, learning resource● Build something that could improve the careers of millions of people
  11. 11. The Prizes
  12. 12. T-shirts for anyone that attempts a business hack.
  13. 13. iPad minis for the best business hack (max 3/team)
  14. 14. The APIs
  15. 15. You can use the LinkedIn APIs in your business hack, but its not required.
  16. 16. Useful resourcesAPI Documentationhttp://developer.linkedin.comTry the RESTful APIs in your browser the JavaScript APIs in your browser libraries
  17. 17. Happy Hacking!