Beer is so awesome


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This is a presentation on the many styles and types of awesome craft beer, including tips on tasting, cellaring, trading, and finding great beer. I ran a combined tasting/education session and tasted 14 beers during it.

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Beer is so awesome

  2. 2. FIRST QUESTION!• Anyone need to use the restroom?
  5. 5. Beer can actually have incredibleflavors and taste!
  6. 6. A bargain!Vs.$ $$$$$$$$
  7. 7. AND beer kicks wine’s backside• ….so there’s that
  8. 8. Craft Beer History• 1920 – Prohibition begins, brewing now sucks• 1933 – 21st Amendment, prohibition ends,everyone gets druuuuunk• 1965 – Fritz Maytag revives Anchor Steam• 1977 – Michael Jackson (not THAT one) publishesThe World Guide to Beer, begins craft beerrenaissance• 1982 – First Great American Beer Festival• 1984 – Jim Koch first brews Sam Adams• 1990s/2000s – Craft beer EXPLODES!• 2008 – Smithsonian magazine says, “The bestbeers in the world are being made in the USA”
  9. 9. The Market
  10. 10. The other thing that is increasing
  11. 11. Quick quiz!• What is the oldest active brewery in NorthAmerica?• Answer:• Molson
  12. 12. What do you drink at a fancy dinner?
  13. 13. Would you blink if someone ordered a…• $20 bottle of wine?• $30 bottle of wine?• $60 bottle of wine?• What about a $20 bottle of beer?
  14. 14. Quiz Time!• How many styles of beer are recognized in theUSA?• Answer:• 83
  15. 15. Tasting Beer• Suck it up!• No seriously, suck it up! The air really helps.
  16. 16. TemperatureBUTWHY?
  17. 17. Taste Buds MapThey don’t work well if they’ve been frozen numb, though…
  18. 18. Treat it like fine wine!• Look at it• Smell it• Taste it• Rinse, Repeat
  19. 19. Today’s Tasting Method
  20. 20. But the most important thing aboutenjoying beer…• Is to have fun while you drink!
  21. 21. Beer Style Map
  22. 22. One last thing…• Many of these beers are really strong• Drink plenty of water• Stop if you feel drunk
  23. 23. What do you want out of a beer?• Thirst quencher?– Drink cold Bud/Miller/Coors!– Or ice water, same difference• Decent beverage with taste and flavor?– Plenty of craft beer options!• Complex, ponderous, deep, mind-alteringexperience?– Hells yeah you need craft beer
  24. 24. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREBud/Miller/Coors PUREAWESOMENESSGuinnessSam AdamsSierra NevadaPURENERDINESS
  25. 25. LET’S TASTE #1 !• Anyone know what style it is?• Win a prize if you guess!
  26. 26. Style: American Amber Lager• Brewery: Jack’s Abby• Beer: Lashes Hopbock Lager• ABV: 7.2%• Origin: MA, USA
  27. 27. American Amber Lager
  28. 28. Jack’s Abby Brewery• In Framingham• They only brew lagers• Readily available in MA!
  29. 29. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREJack’s Abby
  30. 30. What’s in a beer?• Water, Hops, Grain, Yeast• The “grain” is usually malted barley• …at least, most of the time
  31. 31. Hops• BITTER BITTER BITTER!• Also a preservative• Big trend now is SUPER INSANE BITTER BEERS
  32. 32. BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW• Hops are the flower of a vine that is a memberof the marijuana family
  33. 33. What’s in a Budweiser?• Water, Yeast, Hops, Malt• aaaaaaand…• Prize for guessing!
  35. 35. The other things Bud/Miller do to theirbeers• FILTER THE HELL OUT OF THEM• PASTEURIZE THE HELL OUT OF THEM• …and with it, all the flavors disappear in thename of consistency and blandness
  36. 36. What other things can craft beers contain?• Sugars• Fruit• Coffee• Chocolate• Spices• Grapes• Honey• Herbs• Pumpkin• Rhubarb• Nuts• Vegetables
  37. 37. LET’S TASTE STYLE #2!
  38. 38. Style: Hefeweizen• Brewery: Weihenstephaner• Beer: Hefe weissbier• ABV: 5.4%• Origin: Germany
  39. 39. Hefeweizen
  40. 40. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREWeihenstephaner
  41. 41. Lager vs. Ale• What’s the difference?• Lager is made from lager yeast that ferments atcolder temps and doesnt float to the surface• Ale is made from different yeast that ferments atwarmer temps and floats to the top
  42. 42. Calories• Which has more?126145
  43. 43. Which country is the world’s largestbeer market?• Answer:• China• Snow Beerconsumption is twicethat of Bud Lite!
  44. 44. LET’S TASTE STYLE #3!
  45. 45. Style: Saison• Brewery: Brasserie Dupont• Beer: Saison Dupont• ABV: 6.5%• Origin: Belgium• “Saison” = “Season”
  46. 46. Saison
  47. 47. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHERESaison Dupont
  48. 48. BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW• We have Michael Jackson to thank forawesome beer!
  49. 49. Actually, THIS Michael Jackson
  50. 50. Michael Jackson’s Books
  51. 51. The Beer Hunter – TV Series
  52. 52. The other thing he influenced…Home Brewing!
  53. 53. Anyone here brew at home?
  54. 54. LET’S TASTE STYLE #4!
  55. 55. Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)• Brewer: Ithaca Beer Co.• Beer: Flower Power IPA• ABV: 7.5%• Origin: USA
  56. 56. India Pale Ale (IPA)
  57. 57. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREFlower Power
  58. 58. Aging Beer in a Cellar• REALLY?• I can do that?!??• WTF!!!
  59. 59. But doesn’t beer go off?
  60. 60. AMAZINGLY…• Beer can indeed be aged!• Does it make it better or worse?• Neither! It just changes it.
  61. 61. What happens to beer in a cellar?• Hop freshness disappears after a few months• Flavors become more balanced, dominantflavors mellow out• Stronger beers become more complex
  62. 62. What kinds of beer can be aged?• Don’t bother aging normal lagers– They really don’t change much, except taste lessfresh• Strong, unfiltered ales are best• Especially if they have yeast still in the bottle– For “secondary fermentation”
  63. 63. Yeast in the Bottle
  64. 64. Quick quiz!• How old was the oldest beer ever tasted?• Answer:• 160 years!• Allsop’s Arctic Ale
  65. 65. Check the label
  66. 66. Storage
  67. 67. Basementsare perfect
  68. 68. But expect tofill that space
  69. 69. LET’S TASTE STYLE #5!
  70. 70. Style: Dubbel• Brewery: Westmalle (Trappist Monks)• Beer: Dubbel• ABV: 7%• Origin: Belgium• “Dubbel” = “Double”• Ages well
  71. 71. Dubbel
  72. 72. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREWestmalle Dubbel
  73. 73. Trappist Monks
  74. 74. Trappist Beer• Started the “Abbey” style• Strong, chewy, boozy, complex, flavorful• Brew to make just enough money to keep theabbeys going• 6 brewing Trappist abbeys in Belgium, 1 in theNetherlands, 1 in Austria• There’s also Trappist cheese and marmalade!
  75. 75. The Trappist Beers• Achel, Westvleteren, Orval, Rochefort,Chimay, Westmalle, Koningshoeven
  76. 76. Quiz!• Where’s the newest Trappist brewery rumoredto be opening up?
  77. 77. Answer:Massachusetts!(Spencer, MA)
  78. 78. LET’S TASTE STYLE #6!
  79. 79. Style: Tripel• Brewery: Unibroue• Beer: La Fin Du Monde• ABV: 9%• Origin: Quebec, Canada• “La Fin Du Monde” =“The End of the World” • Specially chosen for 12/21!
  80. 80. Tripel
  81. 81. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHERELa Fin Du Monde
  82. 82. BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW• Beer strength used to be written on casks with“X” for each 3% ABV• X = 3%, XX = 6%, XXX = 9%• So you just drank some of this:
  83. 83. All About GLASSES!• Drinking out of a bottle SUCKS– You can’t stick your nose in and smell it like a realbeer geek– You can’t appreciate the true color of the beer– It won’t develop a foamy head– Beers are meant to be poured into glasses!FAIL
  84. 84. And plastic just BLOWS
  85. 85. Types of Beer Glasses• There are hundreds!• Craft breweries usually make their own– And some bars refuse to serve a beer if they don’thave the correct glasses available• Even the Trappist monks get in on the action• Some brewers even recommend wine glasses
  86. 86. Look at how FREAKING BEAUTIFULthese glasses are. Just look at them!!
  87. 87. My go-to glassStölzle Lausitz Tulip
  88. 88. My favorite weird glass
  89. 89. LET’S TASTE STYLE #7!
  90. 90. Style: Doppelbock• Brewery: Ayinger• Beer: Celebrator• ABV: 6.7%• Origin: Germany• Bock = Billy Goat
  91. 91. Doppelbock
  92. 92. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHERECelebratorDoppelbock
  93. 93. Quiz time!• What “skunks” beer?• Answer:• LIGHT• Especially through green glass
  94. 94. Beer Distribution in the USA• The USA is still suffering from antiquated anddumb prohibition-era alcohol laws• You can’t just sell beer to liquor stores if youbrew some• There’s this crappy and stupid 3-tier system…
  95. 95. 3-Tier Distribution System
  96. 96. Before prohibition…• Breweries used to own bars• And those bar owners were pressured by theowners to sell lots and lots of beer• Which increased consumption• Which increased drunkenness• And a backlash started in society• So alcohol was banned with the 18th amendment• 
  97. 97. The Middle-Man• So after prohibition ended, the government wanted toensure the serious partayyys wouldn’t happen again• So they forced beer to be sold first to a distributor, whowould then sell to retail outlets in areas of theirchoosing, hoping it would “temper” the market• But that just created corrupt middlemen, higher pricesand now means that some American beers can’t besold in certain states. WTF!• The wine industry found a loophole in 2005 and moststates now allow direct-to-consumer wine sales
  98. 98. The left = happyThe right = sad
  99. 99. For more info on moronic beerdistribution laws…
  100. 100. LET’S TASTE STYLE #8!
  101. 101. Style: Scotch Ale• Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.• Beer: Dirty Bastard• ABV: 8.5%• Origin: MI, USA
  102. 102. Scotch Ale
  103. 103. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREDirty Bastard
  104. 104. BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW• Alabama just lifted a ban on beers with theword “bastard” in their name• There are dozens of them!• And you still can’t legally brew at home in AL
  105. 105. Beer & Food• Ever cook with beer?• What about pairing beer and food?
  106. 106. Cooking with Beer• I have no idea.• This is me:
  107. 107. Pairing Beer & Food• Simple, just ask Internet:–• Here’s a quick and awesome pairing that’seasy to remember:– Roquefort cheese with Rochefort 10 ale
  108. 108. Beer & Food: Good Books
  109. 109. LET’S TASTE STYLE #9!
  110. 110. Style: Barleywine• Brewery: Weyerbacher• Beer: Blithering Idiot• ABV: 11%• Origin: PA, USA
  111. 111. Barleywine
  112. 112. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREBlithering Idiot
  113. 113. What’s a Barleywine?• It’s NOT a wine, durrrr• It’s just a really strong beer (8-12% ABV)• And since it’s as strong as some wines, it’s likea “wine made from barley”
  114. 114. New England and Beer• New England ROCKS for beer!• Some of the world’s best craft breweries arehere• Know of any?
  115. 115. Some of the Seriously AwesomeNew England Breweries
  116. 116. The best one in NE?
  117. 117. Hill Farmstead Brewery• In the middle of absolutely nowhere, VT• Tiny output of insanely well-made, fresh, trulyartisanal ales• Lines out the door every day they’re open– Cars from everywhere but VT• Their beers really are that good• Not sold anywhere but the brewery
  118. 118. A very close runner-up
  119. 119. The Alchemist• Next door to Ben & Jerry’s, Waterbury VT• Was a brewpub until flooded by Irene in 2011• Has since become a brewery and focuses on makingone beer – Heady Topper – incredibly well• Heady Topper now one of the world’s most sought-after beers• It’s also not sold outside of VT
  120. 120. Great book!
  121. 121. LET’S TASTE STYLE #10!
  122. 122. Style: Sweet Stout• Brewery: Left Hand• Beer: Milk Stout Nitro• ABV: 6%• Origin: CO, USA
  123. 123. Sweet Stout
  124. 124. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREMilk Stout Nitro
  125. 125. Milk in Stout?• It’s not actually milk that’s in it• It’s actually lactose, a sugar derived from milk• Lactose is unfermentable by beer yeast, so it addssweetness and body to the beer• And now we all know who in the room is lactoseintolerant
  126. 126. Beer Trading• Many great beers will never appear on localshelves• So you trade online!• No money, just beer-for-beer trade• You just hope the other person sends you thebox they promised– And that they pack it well enough!
  127. 127. Whales
  128. 128. Whales? WTF!• Whales are beers that are both– SUPER RAREand– SUPER AWESOME
  129. 129. LET’S TASTE STYLE #11!
  130. 130. Style: Imperial Stout• Brewery: Stone• Beer: Imperial Russian Stout• ABV: 10.5%• Origin: CA, USA• 2010 vintage,Aged for 2 years+
  131. 131. Imperial Stout
  132. 132. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHERE2010 Stone ImperialRussian StoutStone ImperialRussian Stout(when it’s releasedeach May)
  133. 133. Imperial Stout• Legend has it that Russia’s Catherine the Greatloved these strong stouts from England• And the high ABV meant it would survive OKin the arctic frozen tundra• So it’s now usually called Russian ImperialStout
  134. 134. Quiz time!• Which country has the highest per capita beerconsumption?• Answer:• Czech Republic• Followed by Germany, Austria, Ireland• USA is #12
  135. 135. Get ready for a big taste change!• We’re going….• SOUR!
  136. 136. LET’S TASTE STYLE #12!
  137. 137. Style: Flanders Red (Sour)• Brewery: Bockor• Beer: Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge• ABV: 5.5%• Origin: Belgium
  138. 138. Flanders Red Ale
  139. 139. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHERECuvee desJacobins Rouge
  141. 141. Now for my favorite style of beer inthe whole freakin’ worldLAMBIC
  142. 142. Lambic• A sour, tart and incredibly complex ale• Difficult to brew• You know that yeast stuff that is used toferment beer? It has to blow in from theSURROUNDING AIR
  143. 143. The Coolship
  144. 144. Blending Lambic to make Gueuze• Pure lambic will scrape your face off with sourness• It is blended to make “gueuze”, which is refreshing,thirst-quenching and generally mind-blowing• Oude Gueuze is a blend of 1, 2 and 3-year oldlambic• It has a really distinctive funky “horse blanket”aroma
  145. 145. Cantillon• THE• GREATEST• BREWERY• IN•THE•WORLD
  146. 146. Ceremony
  147. 147. Cantillon is a WHALE• I carried 9 bottles back from Europe– Wished I had space for more• Some beers fly off shelves, Cantillon basicallydoesn’t even appear on USA shelves
  148. 148. LET’S TASTE STYLE #13!
  149. 149. Style: Gueuze (Lambic)• Brewery: Lindemans• Beer: Gueuze Cuvée René• ABV: 5%• Origin: Belgium• Ages well
  150. 150. Gueuze
  151. 151. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHERELindemans GueuzeCuvee Rene
  152. 152. Westy• Westvleteren 12, to be exact• It’s a Trappist ale, the strongest of three typesthe abbey makes• But it’s not distributed or sold beyond theabbey in Belgium
  153. 153. And…• It happens to be the top-rated beer in theworld!
  154. 154. How do you get it?• Simple!• Fly to Belgium• Drive to West Flanders• Phone the brewery, pray you get through• Give them your car license plate #• Hope the same car didn’t buy beer there in the last 60 days• Then drive there in the same car to pick up 1 case of whichever type ofbeer they’re offering that day• Pray they’re offering the “12” beer style• Buy it, drink it!
  155. 155. Why the crazy controls?• Because Trappist monks are againstcommercialism and only brew enough to keeptheir monastery going• And then…• Their monastery needed a BIG renovation
  156. 156. So just once,it CAME TO THE USA!$85 for a6-pack!
  157. 157. And it sold out in hours!
  159. 159. Style: Quadrupel• Brewery: Abbey of St. Sixtus• Beer: Westvleteren 12• ABV: 10.2%• Origin: Belgium• Who loves ya?
  160. 160. Quadrupel
  161. 161. The GraphAvailabilityQualityAWESOMECRAPRAREEVERYWHEREWestvleteren 12
  162. 162. All the styles from today
  163. 163. Final Note:The Real Best Beer In The World
  164. 164. The best beer is to be found whereyou enjoy yourself the most, andwhere you create the best memories.
  165. 165. For more info…••• Say the word “beer” near me and listen for anhour or two as I talk uncontrollably
  166. 166. THANK YOU!