Brigitte’s web skill ppt


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Brigitte’s web skill ppt

  1. 1. How to explain:•country lores,•quotations,•brand names,Train adjectives and adverbsBrigitte Falkner, Feb 2013
  2. 2. The A.B.C.D methodAffective! Given the opportunity to work in several peers Condition afer a vocab & grammar session Lesson start Audience the students will discuss brands and its symbols & Behaviour Characteristics Degree and create a useful list of adjectives and adverbs which they can use confidentally. End of lesson
  3. 3. Assessment/rubrics 1 (16 – 15) 2 (14 – 13) 3 (12 – 11) 4 (10 - 8) 5 (7 - 0) grade A B C D E fail Speaking. Writing, Creativity, Homework Total score Conversation Grammar, ideas in class reading %/score Correct use of Correct use of Very Creative Completed and 100% / 16 pts.Credits 4 adverbs & fluency grammar, rdg , thoughts, ideas and correct, on time in speaking writing good tone Confident in use of Almost everything Creative thougt and Completed and few 85%Credits 3 adverbs & language correct in writing, ideas errors, on time rdg, gram., writing Most of spoken Slight difficulties Creativity and new Completed with 75%Credits 2 sentences, vocabs with grammar and thoughts can be some difficulties, are correct writing, good readg noticed on time Can do some Difficulties with Little creativity, a 90% completed , 50%Credits 1 correct, most needs wrt., gram., few ideas errors , on time improving Need to learn Big difficulties with No ideas, not Less thank 90 % Lower than 50% vocabs and redo redg, grammar, creative many errors,Credit 0 grammar fluencePlace for delayed text
  4. 4. Rhymes, lores, quotes,…A) Money makes 1) perfect.B) Old love 2) the other. Connect halvesC) One hand washed 3) the world go round. and explain meaning!D) Practice makes 4) but silence is golden.E) Speech is silver 5) never dies. Add your ideas to the electronic blackboard/word doc!
  5. 5. Is it true?????What do you think? Discuss in class? The early bird catches the worm, and the second mouse gets the cheese. Do you agree?
  6. 6. Mouse trap Step 1 Step 2 Step 3  Watch the video to the end.  Will you be able to  Start this youtube video and stop it at 0:29 sec. retell this story using Think about the your list of adverbs  In peer-groups think about possible adverts, items and bird/mouse quote, and adjectives? the story behind. whether it was true Orally? or false.
  7. 7. Homework – follow upEnter your subheadline here
  8. 8. In case you do not have access to internet oder difficulties to upload your file or forward your project. Just call me, put all data onto a flash drive. Ask your classmates to upload it for you or pass it on to me. To success!Plan B
  9. 9. Thank you For joining! Brigitte Falkner