The Scottie Chronicle: How to launch a school newspaper in elementary school


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The Scottie Chronicle: How to launch a school newspaper in elementary school

  1. 1. The Scottie ChronicleThe making of a school newspaperfor Scotland Elementary, Chambersburg, PA - USABy Brigit Law, Chairperson Scottie Chronicle Committee, January 3013 http://www.linkedin. com/in/brigitlaw/
  2. 2. Project BackgroundMany elementary schools in the US and abroad produce a school newspaper. Itis a playful way to stimulate young students to soak up information wheneverand wherever. Working on a newspaper enhances their imagination, curiosityand ambition, ingredients which make up a young person’s naturalleadership DNA.Today we are living in a time where parents and caretakers watch news ontheir computers and tablets, children no longer actually see their role modelsread news and hence receive less opportunities to copy this academicallystimulating behavior.That is why the PTA Academic Enrichment panel decided to launch this newinitiative.
  3. 3. Project DescriptionThe Scottie Chronicle is:○ a quarterly school newspaper○ made by and for students○ to stimulate their natural leadership and creative skills○ in a fun and rewarding way.
  4. 4. Project Process1. Presentation of project at PTA meeting2. Letter to Teachers3. Launch of the The Scottie Chronicle Club ( 1 studentper class of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, selected by teachers)4. Three lunch meetings per issue, organized by Mrs Law5.Gathering and writing news articles, stories andconducting interviews by club members with help of MrsLaw and Mr Hull6. Editing & Layout by Mrs Law7. Print production by School District8. Distribution to all students through the school office
  5. 5. Project Execution● Duration of project: Jan-Dec 2013● 3 to 4 working lunches prior to each publication● Publication dates ○ Q1 (Jan-March 2013) - day before Spring Break ○ Q2 (April-June 2013) - day before Summer Holiday ○ Q3 (Aug-Oct 2013) - day before ○ Q4 (Nov-Dec 2014) - day before Christmas Holiday
  6. 6. Participation Awards● Be cool, be a Scottie Reporter! (member of school Scottie Reporter Club)● Scottie Reporter Survival Pack at 1st meeting (Folder with Tips & Tricks, Agenda, Letter to parents, pen, blocknote)● Award certificates for all club members● Special prizes for ‘Best Quarterly Reporter’ in three categories: ‘correct spelling’, ‘compelling story writing’ and ‘fun & entertainment
  7. 7. Student Gain■ Open outlook to school community and beyond■ Leadership skills: imagination, curiosity, ambition, planning, team work, presentation, sharing of information, engaging followers■ (Story) writing skills■ Research skills
  8. 8. School Gain● Practice of writing and reading● Stimulance of creative thinking● school club attractive to new parents● new avenue for contact with wider school community (local businesses, local politicians, sport and art education, local media)● new way for raising funds (sponsorship, advertising)
  9. 9. Letter to Teachers !!!!!New School Project!!!!! The Scottie ChronicleScotland Elementary PTA is launching a new initiative: a school newspaper made by and for students.For this we are asking all 3th, 4th and 5th grade teachers to nominate one class representative to join THe scottie ChronicleClub and be a school news reporter for the next 3 months until the first issue is published in March. You may wish to appoint, do aclass voting or lottery, or use any other way you feel fits best in nominating a student in your class. Attached is a flyer to exciteyour students for this project!The newspaper is a quarterly print publication and for each issue we will form a new team. This way we can offer as many highergrade students as possible a chance to participate in this project. Kindergarten and lower grade students will be invited tocontribute to the newspaper but cannot join the club. They have to wait until they are in 3rd grade. Below you will find moreinformation about the project.3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers need to email the name of your class rep to by Wednesday, January16th.Brigit LawThe Scottie Chronicle Committee Chair7 January 2013
  10. 10. Agenda Q1 2013Jan 25: First lunch meeting - introduction + 3Ws (Who is Writing What?)Feb 8: Second lunch meeting - meeting with professional journalist (t.b.c.)Feb 22: Third lunch meeting - deadline stories/interviews/news/gamesFeb 24-April 8: Layout & print production by parent or teacherApril 3: distribution (day before Spring Break) by school officeAt the first meeting the kids will get:- Letter for their parents- Reporter Survival Pack (notebook, pencil, Interview Tips & Tricks etc)Bring some real newspapers to show and browse through.
  11. 11. Project CommitteeBrigit Law - Chairperson, parentKris Hull - teachert.b.c. - PTA volunteer(s)