Final detailed flat plans ready to upload


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Final detailed flat plans ready to upload

  1. 1. Final Detailed Flat Plans By Brigit Gunton
  2. 2. Brief description- TextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextText Mast Head ARTICLE Mast Head ARTICLE HEADING HEADINGBrief description Brief description ARTICLETextTextTextTextT TextTextTextTextT ARTICLE HEADINGextTextTextTextTe extTextTextTextTe HEADING Brief description xtText xtText Brief description TextTextTextTextT TextTextTextText extTextTextTextTe Picture TextTextTextText xtText TextText (whole page) Picture ARTICLE ARTICLE (whole page) HEADING HEADING Brief description Brief description TextTextTextTextT TextTextTextTextT extTextTextTextTe extTextTextTextTe xtText xtText FREE ITEM ARTICLE Brief description ARTICLE ARTICLE HEADING TextTextTextTextTextTextTex HEADING HEADING Brief description tTextTextText Brief description Brief description TextTextTextTextT TextTextTextTextT TextTextTextTextT extTextTextTextTe extTextTextTextTe extTextTextTextTe xtText xtText BAR CODE xtText ARTICLE HEADING Brief description- TextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextText My final design is a mixture between these two of my original flat plans.
  3. 3. UK’s No.1 DJ Music Magazine DJ FRESH ANNOUNCES NEW TOUR INTERVIEW WITH Brief description DJ PHENOMANOM TextTextTextTextTextTextText MEDIK• This picture is not the final TextTextText Brief descriptionphoto but the style I have used TextTextTextTextTextText TextTextTextTextit similar, the main subject on D & B vs. DUBSTEP Brief descriptionthe right and mise en scene of TextTextTextTextTextTextTextTDjing. extTextText GLOBAL GATHERING• I am going to use the cover RELEASE KILLER HEADLINERlines inside as well for the Brief descriptioncontents page. TextTextTextTextTextTextTextTex tTextText•Also the white around the textwon’t be there.•I think I need to use a photowith a less busy backgroundand more clear or in focus WIN THE LASTEST BOSE HEADPHONES, FIND OUT HOW INSIDE
  4. 4. Headings CONTENTS Writing of the contents•This is the flat plan I havechosen to use.•This is the basic outline, in the Writing ofnext slide you will see this flat the contents Pictureplan with small alterations andin more detail.•I have chosen to use this flatplan because it is easy on the Writing ofeyes, as well as having all the the contentsinformation required it lays itout in a simple yet interestingway. Picture Writing of the contents Editors Note/contact details
  5. 5. ON THE COVER Interview with Medik This week in DJ phenomanom Medik tells Wired all the latest P18My final contents page with Writing ofadded detail. the contents Writing of the contents FEATURES Writing of P6 the contents Writing of the contents Editors Note/contact details
  6. 6. TitleBrief description Picture “Quote from interview” Quote from the interview Information (Interview)
  7. 7. Medik in action at Leeds O2 arena TitleBrief description Picture Interview with Medik “Quote from interview” Interview with Medik
  8. 8. Pictures styleFont Colour Scheme