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Benefits of cold lamination over hot laminations


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Benefits of cold lamination over hot laminations

  1. 1. Benefits of Cold Lamination Over Hot Laminations Cold Laminators are used when important documents can be destroyed due to extremely high temperatures. A cold laminating machine will be able to protect your documents during the process of laminations and throughout the years. This fast and easy to use machine is perfect for schools, in the home and for your daily office needs. Following are some points that define the benefits of Cold Laminator over hot laminator: 1. Eco Friendly Operation: First, there is no electricity required to operate so there is no heat or warm up required. Whenever you want to laminate, the machine is ready for your use. No electricity consumption makes it a green tool and safe for the environment. 2. Simple and Easy to Operate: The laminator is precisely designed to make its operation as simple as turning the handle which moves your materials through the laminator as fast or slow as you want. Because there is no motor, it also assures no downtime or breaking like a hot laminator. 3. Less Expensive and no Wastage: There is no waste as you stop laminating your materials where you
  2. 2. want and can trim easily, where you want. The film is an adhesive similar to tape so you can easily trim into items and up to the edges and it will never peel up. 4. Safe to Use: As this laminator don't require for heat, there is no odor or smelling up the building. Even, kids can also operate the laminator without a concern of burning themselves. Bright white paper is the well-known company in the US who are providing Xyron cold laminators and a number different films and adhesive choices. You can place your order by email or fax and can get a suitable one for you.