Looking for How to keep your Child Safe in Playground? Bright Start Academy


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Kids love playgrounds and when you take them to playground, they just run away from you for playing. You always think that your child should be safe and should hurt themselves while playing. Bright Start Academy helps you by providing your child’s safety in its preschool playground.

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Looking for How to keep your Child Safe in Playground? Bright Start Academy

  1. 1. Playground Safety is must for Preschoolers
  2. 2. Now that the sun is shining and the weather is nice, there’s no better time to enjoy being outside with your child! After all, what could be more fun than helping them explore and enjoy the fun at the playground? It’s a great time for them to get their sillies out, run off some energy, and try out some new skills. But as fun as the playground can be, it is also filled with lots of opportunities for your child to get hurt. 
  3. 3. No matter how close you are and how cautious you’re being, playground safety is big concern. With older kids, dangerous equipment, and the hard ground beneath them, it seems impossible to keep your child safe! Although you can’t avoid every bump and ding, there are a few steps you can take to ensure playground safety, giving you and your child a fun, relaxing time outside!
  4. 4. Bright Start Academy, a pre school in O’Fallon MO that provides playground safety for your kids. If you’ve taken your child to the playground, chances are you’ve seen it before:  The bigger kids have a habit of bulldozing over the little ones! Of course, they’re just showing off their skills and not even looking where they’re going, but that doesn’t stop your little one from getting caught up in the chaos!
  5. 5. Children have an irresistible urge to explore their surroundings, and to show off their new skills, so they are all trying to have fun exploring and playing. But being careful and considerate of others is a learned skill, and one that takes time to develop. It’s not carelessness that makes most older children run over the smaller kids, it’s just that sometimes their mind is so wrapped up in what they are doing, or what they can do, that they don’t notice how their actions affect those around them.
  6. 6. Fortunately, many parks have noticed this problem too! Most playground equipment now comes with recommended age ranges on them, separating the older kids from the younger ones. Although this isn’t a guarantee, it’s a great guideline that helps keep kids in the areas that fit them best. Those age guidelines can also help you determine what type of equipment is suitable for your child’s age and stage. 
  7. 7. After all, when it comes to playground safety, all equipment may not be suitable for all age ranges. On a playground specifically aimed at babies and toddlers, the older children may not be challenged. Because they’ll consider that equipment too boring to waste time playing with, those early movers and shakers are in a more secure place to play. Even more so, your little one isn’t trying to use equipment that his little body isn’t quite developed enough to use.
  8. 8. When you choose a playground with equipment geared for your child’s stage of development, you are giving them a chance to try out those new skills, and be successful, in a safer and less overwhelming environment. No matter the playground or the equipment, your child is going to have his share of spills. Paying attention to what’s under that equipment is essential for ensuring playground safety. You want to make sure that there is a soft landing zone underneath as your child is climbing and exploring.
  9. 9. Playground equipment that is on top of concrete, or even hard earth, can be damaging if your child falls from a higher point. Rubber pads or mulch that cushions the fall will help prevent serious injury, keeping your little one safe. And if you know that they have a cushion beneath them, you can breathe a little easier as your little daredevil takes off testing their limits! There’s nothing like going to the park on a nice day. Most kids can’t wait to get to the playground, ready to try out their skills and burn off some energy
  10. 10. However, with all that running and climbing, it’s inevitable that your child will have a tumble or fall. While we can’t protect our kids against every nick and ding, there are some details for playground safety that we can pay attention to, making their environment as safe as possible. Choosing an age-appropriate playground with soft landing zones will help give you the relaxing day at the park you’ve imagined. Then you can sit back and enjoy watching your child learn and grow!
  11. 11. Contact us at: (636)-379-2600 Bright Start Academy bsaofallon@yahoo.com Or Visit us at: 864 Homefield Blvd. O’Fallon MO. 63366