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Child Safety is the Main Issue with Child Care Centers Bright Start Academy


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Our busy lives often lead to parents multi-tasking. We’re walking through the store, and talking on the phone. But with all that, our attention is divided. Bright Start Academy provides you some information about child’s safety.

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Child Safety is the Main Issue with Child Care Centers Bright Start Academy

  1. 1. Child safety is the main issue with Child care centers
  2. 2. Our busy lives often lead to us parents multi- tasking. We’re walking through the store, pushing the shopping cart, and talking on the phone, or we’re at the playground chatting with our friends while the kids play. But with all that, our attention is divided, and child safety isn’t at the
  3. 3. Our focus is sometimes on what we have to do, as opposed to what we are doing. Most people love to engage little ones in conversation, and it’s usually harmless: waving, making faces, even saying “hi”. But how, and when, do we teach our children to use caution around others?
  4. 4. Talking to children about the dangers of interacting with strangers can be a tough conversation for parents to have with their children. After all, it’s a fine line between telling your child to be cautious, and scaring them into thinking that everyone is out to get them. .
  5. 5. While it’s a good idea to teach young toddlers about their body, and about how no one should touch them without their permission, stranger danger isn’t really a child safety concept that children of that age can understand.
  6. 6. It’s after age three that children can start to differentiate who safe people are, the difference between strangers and safe strangers and where they can go if they need help. They can also learn basic action plans for if they get separated while out and about.
  7. 7. And that’s what child safety starts with: a conversation, followed by examples while you’re running errands or playing outside. Make it a game to identify strangers, play out scenarios, and problem solve it together.
  8. 8. The officer may have child safety tips that you haven’t thought of! Children tend to understand concrete concepts, so explain to them that strangers are like dogs they don’t know, some are nice and some aren’t, so it’s best to keep their distance and stay where they know it’s safe.
  9. 9. Remind them that good and bad strangers look the same, you can’t judge a person based on their appearance! Approach a police officer and explain that you are talking about stranger danger, so your child can watch you interact with the officer.
  10. 10. And, most importantly, no matter how independent your preschooler has become, keep a close eye on them and know where they are at all times. As the weather gets warmer and the sun is shining more, we spend more and more time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.
  11. 11. The playgrounds fill up with children, and the stores are crowded with parents pushing little ones in shopping carts. As we’re soaking up the warmth and sunshine, it’s easy to take child safety for granted in our safe community.
  12. 12. But as they weather warms up, it’s always good to remind ourselves, and our children, about the importance of being cautious and staying safe.
  13. 13. To know more about Child’s safety, Visit: Bright Start Academy