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Brightlocal - Master Class Webinar - Local Search Rank Checker (Nov 2012)


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Brightlocal - Master Class Webinar - Local Search Rank Checker (Nov 2012)

  1. 1. Master Class Webinar Series:Local Search Rank Checker Hello & welcome to the webinar. The webinar will start in a few minutes.
  2. 2. Agenda✓ Overview & Top 5 FAQs✓ Packages & report quantities✓ Setting up ranking reports✓ Analyzing ranking reports✓ Sharing reports with customers✓ White-label reports✓ Summary reports✓ Rank Checker API
  3. 3. ‘Rank Checker’ ✓ Google, Yahoo & Bing ✓ Organic & Local rankings ✓ Top 50 results ✓ Scheduled & Adhoc reports ✓ Online, PDF, CSV ✓ White-label reports
  4. 4. FAQs✓ Do we need to include a keyword in our search terms?✓ Can i set my location when setting up a report?✓ Does tool use our IP? Can we get blocked?✓ Why do my reports sometimes fail?✓ reported by your tool? Why do the results I see differ from what is
  5. 5. Packages & Reports✓ Single Business 3 scheduled / 30 searches✓ Multi Business 6 scheduled / 100 searches✓ SEO Pro 100 scheduled / 300 searches
  6. 6. Scheduled Report vs. Ranking Run Automated run Manual run Regular reports 1-off / Periodic Is saved to account Is saved to account Does not use run Does use run credit credit
  7. 7. Business name issuesX Austin Pest Control✓ Radical Pest IncX San Diego Dentist✓ Perfect Smile Clinic
  8. 8. Saved report vs. Quick search 1 search credit 1 search credit 25-100 keywords 10 keywords Saved to account Not saved 5-10 mins <5 mins
  9. 9. Result Types✓ Organic For client website✓ Places/Local For client Local listing✓ 3rd Party Listings on 3rd party sites
  10. 10. Advanced Insights✓ We cache results for 12 hours✓ (or we’ll do it for you) If reports fail - wait 10 mins & re-run
  11. 11. Rank Checker API✓ Use the API to return ranking data into your own reporting dashboard or SEO tools✓ Returns raw data &/or links to your PDF & external URL reports✓ Add/edit/delete reports from your own system✓ Use for internal reporting / commercial external use✓ Cost - on a per request basis (US$0.01)
  12. 12. What are we working on✓ ‘Location emulation’✓ PPC track tracker✓ Tracking multiple URLs in 1 report✓ White-label Rank Checker tool (2013)
  13. 13. ThankYou
  14. 14. Questions?