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The Future of Banking is Bright: A Community Bank's Solution for Generating Fee Income


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Community banks across the United States are struggling to generate fee income due to intensified government regulation and insufficient resources needed to adapt. Large national banks and a number of big-box retailers recognized an opportunity created from these regulations and introduced new products targeting the growing population of underbanked and unbanked consumers. Community banks can capitalize on this growing trend in banking, and Brightlane can provide the necessary resources needed to do so. If your community bank is in need of a fee income boost, view this slide show to see how Brightlane can help.

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The Future of Banking is Bright: A Community Bank's Solution for Generating Fee Income

  1. 1. These individuals are looking for attractivealternatives to traditional bank accounts
  2. 2. Community banking mustevolve to attract thisemerging class
  3. 3. NEW Fee IncomeOpportunity
  4. 4. By addressingconsumer needsandofferingnon-traditionalbankingproducts
  5. 5. NEW CUSTOMERSStraight AheadQWhat is the bank’s plan to attract and retain new customers?AVisit and request a FREE case studyQUESTIONS TO CONSIDER
  6. 6. QUESTIONS TO CONSIDERQHow will your bank replace unprofitable accounts with fee incomegenerating products being offered by emerging competition?ABy offering a complete suite of alternative products speciallydesigned to fit all the needs of the unbanked and underbanked
  7. 7. QUESTIONS TO CONSIDERQDoes your bank have the time and personnel necessary toresearch, contract, implement, train, roll out, manage and effectivelymarket a new product suite?ABrightlane does. You can be profitable in less than 90days, and we take care of everything
  8. 8. To schedule a webinarorto receive a free case study on the fee incomeopportunity in your