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Introduction to Bright Green Forssa Region

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. BRIGHT GREEN FORSSA REGIONIntroduction to green business area
  2. 2. Forssa region’s vision on 2025Bright Green Forssa Region is in 2025 attractive, successfully utilizing anddeveloping environmental know-how. It is creative and providing good life, areaof 50 000 inhabitants, where quality of green logistics and recyclingtechnologies are the top of the world.Vital technology business fields, countryside and health food production createspecial competitive edge. Operational environment of the companies fulfil theprinciples of sustainable development.
  3. 3. Why Forssa region is eco region? To Helsinki about 110 kms Source: LHJ
  4. 4. Why Forssa region is an eco region?The strengths of Forssa region Location in the centre of the Southern Finland’s golden trianlge Food supply chain’s top know-how research centre MTT Agrifood Research Finland, over 500 employees Top experts environmental business area, over 200 people Forssa Envitech business area is a pioneer in multiple recycling projects, first in Finland, Europe and even in the whole world Waste and by-products from whole Southern Finland are collected and dealt utilizing top technology Working networks with food industry, agriculture and green construction businesses as well as research and education Accepted joint Bright Green business development strategy High quality business services close to entrepreneurs and efficient communication
  5. 5. The municipalities of bright green Forssa regionForssa• Centre of environment business and environment educationHumppila• Environment friendly logistics centreJokioinen• International level food chain and environment research centreTammela• Oasis of diverse nature, environment friendly tourism and leisure livingYpäjä• Pioneer of ecological and ethical sustainable equine industry
  6. 6. Bright Green Forssa Region - top business areasEnvironment and energy Green logisticsWell-being Technology
  7. 7. The top players in environment know-how
  8. 8. Pioneering work in environmental business1983 Envor Recycling Oy and Saint Gobain Construction products (Isover) start utilizing recycled glass in insulation production1995 The glass cleaning plant by Uusioaines Oy is the only one of its kind in Finland and technologically the most advanced in Northern Europe1995 Vapo Oy (ex. Forssan Energia Oy) CHP –bio power plant starts in Forssa Kiimassuo to use wood, peat, straw and recycled fuel.1996 The landfill opened by LHJ Waste management is the first landfill in Finland to meet UE requirements for landfill ground structures1997 The composting plant opened by Envor Biotech Oy is among the first industrial scale composting plants in Finland
  9. 9. Pioneering work in environmental business 1999 The integration of LHJ Waste management’s REF plant and power plant was regarded to be very advanced, even on an international scale 2001 Envor Processing Oy builds recycling paper and cardboard processing plant and start plastic recycling 2003 CRT-Finland Oy became the first company in the world to use laser technology for recycling cathode ray tube glass 2003 Niska&Nyyssönen Oy began using Finland’s first mobile thermal desorption plant 2004 Watrec Oy, focused on biogas technology, waste and process water treatment processes, and consultancy services for the both environmental and energy related issues, starts in Forssa.
  10. 10. Pioneering work in environmental business2005 Suomen Erityisjäte Oy begins contaminated soil treatments2005 Cool-Finland Oy starts treating Finland’s and Estonia’s refrigerators2007 Suomen Tietoturva Oy begins handling data security materials2007 J. Syrjänen Oy builds construction waste treatment plants in Kiimassuo2008 Envor Group Oy builds truck wash facilities according byproduct regulation and centralises office and hardware maintenance to Envitech area.2009 Envor Biotech Oy’s biogas plant is first one in Europe to be able to treat packaged food waste.
  11. 11. Pioneering work in environmental business2010 Uusioaines Oy’s glass-recycling plant uses latest modern technology for cleaner, purer cullet answering to glass industry’s demands on purity. Company has also invested in unique foam glass production plant that produces light, granular building construction insulation.2010 Envor Biotech Oy is chosen Finland’s Environmental Company of the year2010 Wind power company Voimavapriikki Oy is established and plans for year 2013 wind park in Forssa – Tammela area for 24 turbines are made2010 Saint-Gobain Rakennustuotteet Oy:n (ISOVER) Forssa plant is set to become the world’s first glass wool plant where renewable energy replaces fossil fuels, provided by Envor Biotech Oy
  12. 12. Pioneering work in environmental business2011 Envor Biotech Oy’s biogas plant’s third reactor is built (= Finland’s biggest biogas plant) and plans for integrated bioethanol production plant are made = bio hybrid refinery2011 Forssa based Mitron Oy wins The Green ICT award by Tekes2011 Production plant by energy company St1 is opened in Jokioinen producing ethanol from the starch waste of the Genencor International Oy’s sugar plant2011 Bright Green Forssa Region is the Finnish champion of municipality marketing2012 Forssa Print becomes Finland’s biggest printing house using eco energy marked electricity. Electricity is produced using biogas by Envor Biotech Oy2012 Wind power company Voimamylly Oy is established in Humppila and plans for year 2014 include 33 turbine wind power park in Humppila – Urjala area
  13. 13. Pioneering work in environmental business2012 -> Future is moulded around - Traffic bio gas - Electric cars - Wind and solar power - Energy efficient green houses - Industrial aquaculture - Eco building - Textile recycling - Green logistics - Bio economy - Environment based electronics applications - Ecologically sustainable food - Recycling material based green green production, feed and fertilizers covers Bright green business according sustainable development principals is extended to all business areas in the region
  14. 14. Products and services by theenvironment and energy businessesENVIRONMENTAL MAINTENANCE CONSULTING AND PLANNING• Comprehensive environmental maintenance • Environmental impact assessments services • Permit processes• Data security services • Environmental systems• Logistics and industry services • Technical and economical reports• Truck wash • Odor gas spreading simulations • Noise measuringRECYCLING AND TREATMENT • Biogas plants planning and delivery• Bio waste • Waste water treatment planning and delivery• Energy waste• Special and challenging waste RENEWABLE ENERGY• Waste maintenance services • Biogas• Glass • Bioethanol• Silts • Biodiesel• Metal recycling • Synthetic diesel• Plastics • Recycling fuels• Cardboard and paper • District heating and electricity• Contaminated soil treatment• Construction waste• Electric and electronic scrap REUSE RAW MATERIALS • Glass refinement products• Municipality waste • Compost products • Metal • Plastic
  15. 15. Forssa region’s strong research and educational know-howResearch programs: Degree programmes:• Countryside of possibilities • Sustainable development• Tomorrow’s farm • Nursing• Wellbeing through food • Logistics• Responsible food industry • ICT• From fossil to renewable • Agricultural and rural• Changing climate and agriculture industries• Water system friendly agriculture • Supply Chain Management• Sustainable usage of gene assets Environmental degree Vehicle technology vocational education
  16. 16. Forssa region top r&d projects• Envi Grow Park – eco industry park, trailblazer for bio economy and environment technology• FORTE - Forssa region business development• VIHI - Forssa region’s green competitiveness and innovations development for companies• Food industry development cluster in national expertise programme• Foodprint – food chain’s footprint collection and measure methods and tools development• BIOVIRTA – bio stream – productizing biogas process material flow• From waste to traffic fuel – bio fuel from waste• LCA in landscaping - sustainable green cover management using waste derived materials• Tykkää Tyykikylästä – development of city centre• Forssa region for entrepreneurship and living
  17. 17. Welcome to build joint future for Forssa region! Facebook:Bright Green Forssa Region